August 29, 2010

Ebb and Flow

Yes, its been over a week since we last posted something.  It seems like my Muse sometimes overflows with ideas and sometimes goes through a 'dry spell'.  Well, today the Muse came up with an inspiration.   And I got spanked!

As indicated by the last two posts, I did earn a spanking for a previous event and it was finally delivered, although several days late.  Shortly after receiving a rather 'moderate' spanking about a week ago, I found myself needing something more.  This sometimes happens and I have written about this previously.

If you are familiar with our Notice of Discipline form, you may have noticed there is a box for 'maintenance'.  The form can be initiated by either Cora or myself for this specific issue.  Well a few days ago, I handed Cora a form with the box for maintenance, checked.  The discipline was scheduled for that afternoon.  However, I guess it did not register with Cora, as the time came and went and .... no spanking.

So, today while I was picking up the clutter generated over the weekend, I encountered this form.  It was next to the form which Cora had issued which was described in the August 17 post.  So, I placed the August 17 form on her desk, and thinking she had forgotten about the other form, placed it in our shredder.

So later, while I was doing a chore, Cora asked me, "What happened to the other form?"  I replied that I had shredded it. 

OK, I thought that was that.  However, a few minutes later, I was handed another form stating that I was to be spanked for shredding the previous form.  I guess I can't win!  (LOL). 

Now, often Cora will schedule a discipline session for the next day or so.  Not this time.  In the box for the scheduled time, she had entered, "NOW".  She then proceeded to march me over to our kitchen area table and instructed, "Drop your pants and bend over!"  Naturally I complied.  Once she had me right where she wanted me, she stepped over to her 'Rack' to select her first implement.

She then proceeded to use each and every one of the implements on her 'Rack';  all ten of them.  And this included her new Cocobolo and Bocote paddles.  For the first time.  Indeed, these are two very serious paddles, especially the Bocote paddle.  I described them in a post on August 10, and you may note that these two paddles are significantly heavier.  While she was taking the wood to me, I was wondering, "What was I thinking when I decided to make them?"  They are rather pretty ....  but pretty effective.

So I sit here (finally) writing this post with a very well paddled bottom.  I think I will be feeling it for some time to come!

August 20, 2010

Delays and Distractions

Well, I thought I would be reporting on the state of my behind as a result of the spanking from Cora that was scheduled a couple of days ago.  Instead, its been delayed.  On the evening of the scheduled spanking, we got caught up in the live coverage of the last combat troops leaving Iraq.  This history making event was just too interesting to pull away from.

Then last night, our friend Michelle had planned to visit us.  Shortly after her arrival, she and Cora decided to adjourn to Cora's closet so that Cora could share some of her wardrobe ideas with Michelle.  Well, after about 45 minutes of showing and telling, these two Ladies came down the stairs.  Wow!  I was in the presence of two absolutely beautiful Ladies. 

Its a good thing I wasn't spanked then and there, by both of them.  Or was it???

August 17, 2010

In Trouble - Again!

One of the blogs I am honored to share with the followers of our blog is 'Underling's Humblings'.  You will find it listed along the right side of our blog.  The latest post (as of August 17, 2010) features his latest drawing.  For the past few weeks he has solicited input from the followers of his blog and planned to compose a drawing from the results.  And the result is very, very good.  I had the pleasure of making a few suggestions and in his post, he said that some of the 'glamorous lingerie' was in honor of Cora.  If you haven't seen this wonderful work of art, I would suggest making a visit to his blog and check it out.

Well, in my enthusiam to share his post with Cora, I disconnected our laptop from the power and set the computer on our kitchen counter.  Big mistake!

Cora was preparing to return some merchandise (she loves to shop both 'on-line' and through the many, many catalogs she receives in the mail).  She had two packages spread over the counter with the return labels, invoices and a whole bunch of other papers layed out.  I am sure that she had things organized just the way she wanted.  However, I was not aware of her sorting system.  I didn't realize it, but I set the computer on one of the return labels.

Shortly after I set the computer on the counter, Cora discovered that she was missing the return label.  She began to engage in an all out search which rivaled an FBI dragnet.  I joined her in her search and began to extend the dragnet to the upstairs area.  Finally, I heard her call, 'Ken, come here.  NOW"!

The look on her face told me I was in trouble.  In her own search of the counter, she lifted the laptop and promptly found the missing document.  Then she proceeded to issue a document of her own: one of those little 'Notices of Disipline' slips.  Here she is filling it out.

I compose this post convicted of 'Lack of Responsibility' and the sentence is to be carried out tomorrow evening.  I am to receive a 'moderate' spanking for my crime. 

Of course, she is right and I gladly respect her decision and will happily report for my spanking tomorrow evening.  What is special about this process is that the mistake has been identified, appropriate action has been set in motion and most of all, she feels vindicated and forgiveness is already happening.  Oh how I LOVE this woman!

Note: Yes, the pictures of Cora are of her wearing a panty girdle and yes, I love it when she does.  She was preparing for me to take her to lunch when the above incident occurred and was not finished dressing.  (Did I mention how much I LOVE this woman?)

August 11, 2010

Ron's Story - A Follow Up

First, an announcement.  Most of you know that I like to illustrate our blog posts with our own photographs.  I have been blessed with the OK from the good people at Nu-West/Leda in recent posts to use their photographs, but this is an exception.  Now, I can announce that I have access to a very talented artist who will be providing illustrations to go along with posts for which I don't have access to photographs.

Oh, by the way, this newly found talent just happens to be Cora!  She has not done drawing for several years, but finally became inspired.  Her first work in included in Ron's story.  (Thanks, Ron for helping to inspire her!)

In July, I posted a two part post about Ron (July 9 and July 11, 2010).  Ron's story was particularly interesting as it described a man who had been trying to get his wife to adopt the Female Led Relationship lifestyle, including spankings as consequences for mis-behavior.  Ron seemed to be similar to so many men who have tried to get their wives to spank them, but with unsuccessful results.  Usually this leaves a very frustrated man.  However, in Ron's case he kept trying, inspired in part by the descriptions of Cora and I in this blog.

Ron provided a follow up in an e-Mail he sent on July 18, where he described a rather severe spanking that his wife administered to him the day before.  Ron was ecstatic with the joy of his wife 'taking charge' and spanking him hard.  Ron had expressed concern that she would hesitate to administer a 'good, hard' spanking.  However, it did not take long for his wife to quickly adopt the role of a strict wife.

To set up what happened, Ron had received some initial spankings from his wife, as described in the previous posts.  Ron and his wife attended a concert and (like most of us men) was having fun checking out the other women in attendance, and for Ron, checking out glimpses of their panties.

Ron travels for his job and he and his wife exchange text messages.  Ron shared the following exchange (as before, I will show Ron's words in bold italics):

Just got in from a long evening with my client but received a text from my wife: " you better be on best behaviour, but either way you will get your first FLR punishment spanking very soon" She finished with " thank you for loving me so much to allow me to spank you". I responded that she always turns me on! Her response, " I will be turning you over my knee real soon, sleep well knowing soon you will be spanked again"

A later exchange went as follows:

Had fun on our date at the concert. She sent me two text messages with threats of a spanking if I did not stop checking out the ladies panties and butts!!!

Finally on July 18, 2010 I received the following e-Mail from Ron.  Note that Ron and his wife have enhanced the 'Notice of Discipline' - Ron's wife fills it out in red ink when he is to be truly punished:

Well we went to the beach and had a nice day.  After returning home we found ourselves alone as our children had left to hang out with friends. I showered, came out in my usual summer white underpants and t shirt. There was a Notice of Discipline laid on my shorts, simple and in red. "Report to the basement now, no shorts, lock the door and if the color is not green, just simply blink the lights". Well my heart was beating and I could not breathe. The Notice ended with in caps, NOW. The reason, my continued panty peek episodes at the concert.

Well I practically ran down the stairs, gave the pup a treat and then slowly walked down the basement stairs. My wife, in the half slip and a bra, was sitting in the chair, in the middle of the room with the fanny paddle. She told me to come over here and I did. She scolded me severely for the panty peeking, did not yell, was awesome.

She whisked down my white underpants and practically tossed me over her lap, and I was in heaven. She moved me around and lowered my head to the ground more so my bottom was up on her lap. She slowly lifted the tail of my shirt off my bottom. No warm up, nothing, she started to spank fast and I mean fast and very hard with the fanny paddle. I was yelping by the third spank, she spanked non stop for I have no idea how long, I was lost over her lap draped in the slip she was wearing. I was moving and legs kicking; she really spanked me.

I was in the total zone when it suddenly stopped and she rubbed my bottom while still scolding me about the panty peaks. I was so lost. Well not sure what she said but she moved my higher on her lap, I had a hold of her ankle the entire time, she loves that by the way, and she then proceed to spank me with her hand, sit spot, thighs and bottom until I almost cried, it was really hard. Seemed from my pain, that it was hours but she admitted that it was 2 minutes of non stop, full swing OTK hand spanking.

When she was done, no rubbing, I was sent to the corner and she left. I touched my bottom and swear it was swollen, it stung, hurt and was on fire. Was terrific. After about 5 minutes she told me to come up, I did and at the top of the stairs, she was now dressed, we hugged, and I was sent up to our room to clean up and get ready for dinner.

I can't sit today, it was an incredibly hard spanking, loved it.

My thanks to Ron and his wife for sharing this wonderful story.  And, as it turns out, Ron appears to be in trouble again and it looks like he is in for another session over his wife's lap for another very hard spanking.  It seems as though Ron's wife has caught him once again peeking at other Ladies panties. (But then I have to admit that I look, too).

Here is a message I received on Friday:

Want to share text messages from my wife today.

First one, tells me at 9am tomorrow, Saturday, I am to go take my morning shower. When done I am to put on white underpants and a particular golf shirt. I am to wait until I hear a knock on the bathroom door. I am to wait no more than 2 minutes and then go immediately down to the basement and stand in the corner and wait for her.

Second note said kids are both working tomorrow till noon or so and there will be some instructions for me to follow in the basement

Third note said there will be a surprise waiting.

Next note said, " tomorrow you will receive the hardest punishment spanking on your bare bottom that you have ever had for your panty peeking.

Oh my, I am wondering what I have gotten myself into tomorrow but this is so exciting and yes scary. She is awesome and I love it.

Ron has shared what happened and I will share it in a later post.

August 10, 2010

Out of the Workshop

It seems like I just can't make enough paddles and straps.  My most recent projects are three paddles.  I decided to use three 'exotic' woods: Cocobolo, Bocote and Purpleheart (yes another Purpleheart paddle).  I decided to make them in an assembly line process which saved some time in the set-up part of the process.  I also have obtained a narrower blade for my band saw (1/4 inch instead of 1/2 inch) which allowed me to make much more accurate and smoother cuts.

The above picture shows all three.  I used the same pattern for each, so they have an almost identical profile.  From top to bottom the first one is the Purpleheart, the second is the Cocobolo and the bottom is the Bocote paddle. They weigh 8.88 oz., 9.14 oz, and 10.44 oz. respectively.  It appears the Bocote paddle will have a considerable impact.  By the way, it was the purchase of the stock to make these paddles that Cora had some fun with the Woodworking store staff ("Impact Therapy Tools").

The last picture is a 'family portrait'.  I made all ten of the items in this picture.  From left to right they are:  Heavy Wooden Handled Strap, Wooden Handled Tawse, Medium Wooden Handled Strap, Leather Strap, Cocobolo Paddle, Bocote Paddle, Latest Purpleheart paddle, Cora's daughter's Purpleheart paddle and finally the very first paddle I made, also out of Purpleheart.  Sitting above the rack is Cora's Purpleheart Purse Paddle.

August 7, 2010

Nu-West/Leda - Part Two - Leda Ladies

It appears there is a large amount of interest in Nu-West/Leda.  When Part One was posted we received several comments and e-Mails and we also had the highest volume of page load activity (hits) which exceeded 3,000. 

Before getting into the subject of 'Leda Ladies', I have some information to share.  Ed at Nu-West/Leda has invited me to announce that he will be publishing a series of 'Coffee Table Books' featuring their photographs.  He is not sure of the exact publication dates but expects that they will be available through bookstores both here and in Europe.  They should also be available on Amazon.

It appears that the first edition will address our favorite subject: "Leda Ladies - Women Who Spank and Discipline Their Men". The picture above features Leda Lady, Jodi Cline.  Thanks to Ed for allowing me to be the first to share this information.

Leda Ladies

As mentioned in the previous post, the reference to "Leda" first occurred when they announced their video, "Beatings '86".  Later the term "Leda Lady" was coined as a term to refer to the beautiful women depicted as disciplinarians of men.  The first reference to the term "Leda Ladies" I could find in my archives occurred in the September, 1994 issue of "The LedaGram".  In "Ma'am" number 7, published in October, 1994 opened with the following amazing description of a Leda Lady:

"Watch it America, a new breed of woman has arrived at your doorstep.  She's confident, capable, strong, healthy and in shape, and she's growing in numbers every day.

She knows your weaknesses and most important, she knows the power she has over you.  It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, big or small, a cop, college professor, plumber or four star Admiral.  If you're a submissive male, she knows how to get to your tail.

She's a Leda Lady"

"Ma'am" number 7 went on to describe a number of "Leda Ladies" who have been part of the Nu-West/Leda elite.  This included some of the Disciplinarian Goddesses such as Tessara, Brenda, Jennifer, Tanya, Kelli-Raye, Louise, Jeanette, Junie, Eve, Chelsea, Julia, Joanne, Karen, Vanna, Katie and Christine.  In "Ma'am" issue number 8 were added, Bonita, Debra, Mallory, Jamie, and even more.  I think you get the idea; these are awesome and beautiful women who would not hesitate in spanking your ass.  Hard!

The above picture depicts three beautiful and strict Leda Ladies, Debra, Julia and Vanna.  These are three of my favorites and Cora has found that watching videos of these ladies have assisted her in developing her own 'style'.  This picture (published with permission) is from the Nu-West/Leda video, "Girdle Spanking Mamas".  This DVD is included in our library and its one of our favorites.  The (lucky) guy gets spanked over the knees of all three of these Goddesses with hand, paddle and hairbrush.

In any event, a new 'standard' had been established and is reflected in the changes where more and more women were (and are) spanking their men.  In "Ma'am" number 8 (published in November, 1999), an article titled, "Husband Spanking - More and More Wives Are Doing It" was published. I have described my reasons for believing that today, the trend of  women spanking their men, is still on the rise.

Cora, Honorary 'Leda Lady'

I am not going to even hint that my own Lady, Cora would be able to stand up with the above list of Leda Ladies.  Or would she?  I had the pleasure of an exchange of e-Mails with Leon at Nu-West/Leda that began with sharing a picture of Cora on June 5, 2010.  It was one of the pictures from our May 25, 2010 'picture story'.  It portrayed Cora with her hairbrush held high ready to apply a firm swat to my bottom which was placed over her lap (its the picture shown above this paragraph).  The response I received was:

 The gal fits the description of Leda Lady to a "T"!

So while I wouldn't attach a label of an 'Official' Leda Lady to Cora, I think the term 'Honorary' Leda Lady does apply.

August 5, 2010

Caught - And Spanked!

On August 3, 2010 I described being issued a Notice of Discipline by Cora for 'panty stealing'.  As I have indicated in the past, this is a 'game' we play and a way to 'ask' for a spanking without actually asking.  I was to be 'severely' spanked this afternoon.

After a day of enjoying some of Cora's culinary arts (an amazing omelet) then some movies (did you know there is spanking in the Disney movie, "Dumbo"?), I reported to Cora in our bedroom at about 3PM.  I presented the Notice of Discipline to Cora and announced that I was ready to be disciplined.  Cora then set up her OTK implements (small paddle, Purpleheart purse paddle, SMTR paddle, Ferule and her hairbrush) on the bed for easy access.  She then called me to the foot of the bed as she positioned herself.

Over her lap I went.  However, Cora asked me to put the DWC video on the TV as she wanted to review how Dana Specht positioned her naughty boy in the video (See post of July 2, 2010).  Yes, its been over a month since I was last over Cora's lap.

Cora requested I turn off the sound to the video and turn on one of the local 'Classic Rock' stations (she likes to spank to music). Once Cora had reviewed the position she likes best (see attached picture), she proceeded to spank.

Now, the Notice of Discipline indicated that I was to receive 100 swats total (25 per panty stolen).  However, any consideration of counting was soon out the window as Cora began to time the strokes of her implements with the beat of the music (beat to the beat!). 

The songs that came up were, "Do Wa Diddy", "Under My Thumb", "Jet", "Dreams" and finally "Jive Talkin'".  If you look up the time of each song you will find that the total time of the five songs is 17 minutes, 57 seconds.  And I am sure that if you add up the downbeats of each song (or in the case of the last song, all the beats), the count will probably result in the hundreds.

Cora was really getting into the music and would change out her implements in order to change the cadence and generate different impact sounds.  Now, Cora is a very artistic Lady and her art was becoming very apparent on her 'canvass' (my bottom!).  During the last song ("Jive Talkin") Cora decided to exclusively use her small paddle (its the one she is holding in the adjacent picrure).  Now, its probably the lightest paddle in her bedroom arsenal, but 4 spanks to the bar can really add up.  And she was really enjoying the smacking sound and was applying the paddle with a great amount of enthusiasm.  (I am still looking forward to the day I can make some videos and will be able to share the sounds I hear when being paddled by Cora).

Finally, Cora stopped.  We were both exhausted.  Cora felt fantastic and shared that 1). Her shoulder was fine and 2). She really missed spanking me.  As was the specification on the Notice of Discipline, I did receive a 'Severe' spanking.  Our definition of a 'Severe' spanking is one that results in her blistering my bottom.  I can share with you that there was a definite observation of  'Leather Butt' along with some 'weeping' from the blisters. And today, (the day after I was spanked), I am sporting some serious bruises and other evidence that she really 'blistered' me.  Its the most severe spanking that she has ever given and shows that she is no longer reluctant to spank me hard.  And the look on Cora's face in the last picture clearly shows a happy and satisfied Lady.

August 4, 2010

Nu-West/Leda Part One

In my post on April 29, 2010 regarding my own 'Beginnings' I made a reference to Nu-West. NuWest was one of the earliest publishers of items that dealt with more of the 'Domestic Discipline' subjects instead of the 'BDSM' subjects that were more plentiful at the time. I am not sure how I found Nu-West but it was probably an ad that they ran in one of the 'adult' magazines in the early 1980's. I keep all the 'good stuff' I have collected over the years and have a trunk dedicated to the storage of my 'treasures'. Included in my collection are all of the publications I have received from Nu-West (and later Leda).

The oldest publication in my collection is NuWest 'Catalog Number Four'. It appears this catalog was published sometime in 1982, 28 years ago! Looking back at this catalog is like opening a time capsule. Many of the offerings were 'Photo-Cassette' sets. These consisted of packages of photos (12 to 18) along with an audio cassette-tape. These were priced at between $25.00 to $35.00. Also included in this catalog were Super-8 films. These were 8 mm films that required a projector to display on a screen. These were priced at $50.00 for each selection. And in the final pages of the catalog were offered VHS video tapes, which were priced at $89.95.

The majority of the subject matter of the selections in this catalog were either Female spanks Female (F/F) or Male spanks Female (M/F) but there were a few which dealt with Females spanking Males. At the time, I don't believe there was any source of Females spanking Males in a domestic discipline setting. This was truly a break-through.

At the time, I purchased their 8mm film, "Spanked Males" which is still in my collection. I also purchased one or two of their audio Cassettes which were titled, "You are Disciplined" and one of their publications, "The Complete Guide to Home Discipline and Petticoat Punishment". Note that in searching through my collection of items from Nu-West (and Leda) I came across this publication and laid it on Cora's pillow. She made a comment and will undoubtedly be reading it tonight!

However, there apparently was not as much demand for the F/M stuff and a note in Nu-West Catalog #6 (1984) stated, "The reason for this sparse supply of female dominant videos is simple - very little demand for such tapes". Yet this forward thinking company kept making them. I am guessing on the time frame but I believe it was about 1986, Nu-West sent a flyer announcing 'Beatings '86'. This was a video tape that included 7 scenes of women spanking men in a domestic discipline setting. This was truly a 'dream come true'. While some of the offerings from Nu-West previously were ground-breaking, this was truly the culmination of 'real' Female spanks Male subject matter. Of course, I ordered this tape and it still retains a place of honor in my collection. At the bottom of the flyer was, "Leda Productions", which I believe is the first reference to 'Leda'.

As Nu-West kept expanding, they added more and more to their catalog and it did include more F/M subject matter. However in 1990 the first edition of the 'LedaGram' was published. This was a monthly publication that self proclaimed, "Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Ledagram is the only female dominant newsletter available at this time". Indeed, I knew of no other monthly publication of its kind and looked forward to each issue as it was published. There was just no other F/M domestic discipline publication at the time and the Ledagram filled a tremendous void. I would have subscribed at twice the price. Also published in 1990 was the first 'Leda Productions Female Dominant Catalog'.

In July, 1987 the first issue of a Female Dominant publication from Nu-West hit the news stands as 'Ma'am'. This wonderful magazine featured some of Nu-West's dominant Ladies such as Margaret Morley, Anne Bowman, Christine Justice, Simone Devon, Mildred Scott and a very young Joanne Jameson. In addition were articles on spanking and F/M related stories. It was a great magazine and was followed by 7 others. I have all but issue number 6 in my collection. Sadly, the last issue (number 8) was published in 1999 with no others to follow that I am aware of.

Those followers of this blog know that I have a 'thing' for women who wear girdles, especially panty girdles. There are many pictures on this blog of Cora wearing one and I find that a woman wearing a girdle just fits the pattern of the 'women in authority' when I was growing up. And even some of the readers of this blog sharethis image based upon some of the comments and e-Mails I have received.

Well, it appears that I am not alone in my attraction for women wearing girdles and especially women wearing girdles who spank. Many of the women depicted in the Nu-West/Leda scenarios are also wearing girdles. I have included a picture (with permission) of Vanna (one of my favorite Leda Ladies) applying a cane to a male's backside while wearing a very tight panty girdle. No doubt, Ms. Vanna is a Woman with authority!

The Ledagram continued monthly publication until August, 1995 then switched to a quarterly publication in October, 1995. It appears to have switched back to a monthly publication in October 1997 and the last issue in my collection is the July, 1998 edition. It was one of the best publications of F/M Domestic Discipline material ever created and I treasure my collection.

I was even quoted in the May, 1998 issue on page 6 - Note that my letter was signed 'Ken R, Seattle, WA' (My middle initial is 'R'). I consider being quoted in the Ledagram as a real honor.

Today, you will see references to Nu-West/Leda as the two identities are essentially one and the same with the Leda nameplate associated with the F/M material. They still continue to produce video publications of all kinds including their Female Dominant series. In my opinion, they are some of the best available, although there is now some fairly stiff competition. However, the competitors probably own much to Nu-West/Leda for being the 'first'.

Finally, one of the other items offered by Nu-West/Leda was their 'Instruments of Corrections'. Included in my collection is a catalog of these items under the 'Leda' publisher, but there is not date. Previous catalogs did include many of the items in this catalog. I was lucky enough to have purchased one of their classic hairbrushes, a cane, and two of their 'Spencer' paddles. I bought a second one as this quickly became one of my favorite paddles and I wanted to make sure I had a 'back-up' in case one broke. However, since these paddles are made out of 7-ply plywood, I believe they are indestructible. I do regret that when I submitted an order for one of their straps, I was informed that they were no longer available. Some of these out of production implements have been the inspiration of some of the items I have recently been making on my own.

I believe that the contributions from Nu-West/Leda has made a major impact on the F/M 'Domestic Discipline' scene. They opened the 'portals' and many of us found a publisher that (finally) produced items for those of us into that particular scene. It also sent a message that there were others out there like us.

Note that there is an extensive history of Nu-West available on their web site. The above was intented to be a history of my own experiences with them and how it has influenced me. There is a definite connection with what I have described to the creation of this blog.

I will continue this post at a later time and address one of my favorite titles: "Leda Lady".

August 3, 2010


If you follow this blog you know that my Lady (Cora) has been recovering from a strained shoulder muscle.  Also, if you have been following this blog for a while, you know that Cora and I have a 'thing' where I 'steal' her panties.  Its one way that I can 'ask' for a spanking without actually having to ask.

Well, I have been up to my panty stealing ways again.  Actually it was a way to tell when Cora felt good enough to hold me accountable.  Finally it happened.  She caught me with the 'goods'.  She found that I had taken four pairs of her panties and issued one of her 'Notices of Discipline'.

I am to get 25 swats per pair and I am to report to her bed room tomorrow afternoon.  Since its going to take place in the bedroom, I know that she will take me over knee and use some of her smaller 'implements' (hairbrush, ferule, small paddle and the SMTR paddle).  Now this may sound like getting off easy, but those implements can leave a naughty boy with a burning bottom as much as the implements from her (other) rack.

I do know that I will end up one very well spanked guy.  And I will also know that Cora is feeling better.  Much better!

August 2, 2010

Cora's Back

Its been a long summer already.  With Cora nursing a sore shoulder, the energy level has been a bit off of the usual high passion level.  I have to admit that my own energy has been affected and that may explain the lack of posts to our blog.

However, today, Cora felt good enough to put on her new girdle (its been waiting for her to try it on for about three weeks), stockings and heels.  Over this foundation, she put on a pair of tight, light blue jeans.  I may be prejudiced, but she looked as hot as ever.  To quote ZZ Top, "I am a fool for her stockings, I believe".  And her nicely packed girdle, too.

I rather enjoyed following her in the store while shopping and I had to be careful to not run into other shoppers or the bins.  But I did enjoy her southward view of her northward motion.

Upon arriving back at home, we unpacked groceries, let the dogs out and opened the bar for our evening cocktails.  I began tucking in my shirt and had unzipped my pants in order to accomplish this task.

It was at this time that Cora directed me, "Don't pull those pants up!"  Instead, she led me (pants at half-mast) over to table.  "Bend Over!", she further directed.  This was followed by a number of swats with three of her paddles.

It was obvious that her shoulder was working just fine.  However, not being spanked for several weeks had left my ability to take my usual paddling was definetely dimished.  Wow, did those strokes of her paddle sting!  But getting a paddling from this Girdled Goddess was,  ....  well,   .... like coming home!  I don't think I will ever tire of being spanked by her.

I do wish to thank all of you who have left comments or sent e-Mails of encouragement for Cora's recovery (they all helped).  And another milestone for the group: 50 Followers!  Thanks to all who have signed up.  Its very encouraging and I hope to follow up this post with several more (I even have one in draft form).

And finally, we have almost hit 150,000 hits (149,022 at last count).  Again, thanks to all of you who have kept up, even though I have not kept up.  With some encouragement from Cora's paddles, perhaps we will be turning that trend around.