April 30, 2012

A Picture Story - Part 2

After receiving a sound hairbrush spanking over Ms. Cora's knee I received an application of her Spencer Paddle.  Here is the second part of my spanking, specifically ...

The Paddling!

Here is Cora at her Rack

"I Think I Will Use the Spencer Paddle, Today"

"All Right, Come Here and Bend Over"

"And Let the Paddling Begin"

"Time To Drop Those Pants!"

"I'm Going To Make This One Really Sting!"


One Very Happy Lady

April 25, 2012

OTK - A Picture Story

In our previous blog I described Cora delivering one of our 'Notices of Discipline' and how both Cora and I were in need of a spanking session.  Well, indeed I got the promised spanking.  And Cora let me take lots of pictures.  There were two sessions, one where Cora spanked me over her knee and another where she paddled me.  She even dressed up in a new skirt and blouse. 

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, we decided to tell the story mostly with pictures.  Here is the OTK session with Cora's Hairbrush.

Here is Cora reviewing the 'Notice of Discipline' she issued to me.  That's a pair of her panties in her left hand, that she discovered I had 'stolen'.

Here she is describing my upcoming discipline.

 That's Cora positioning the chair.

I will probably get spanked for posting this picture but I know there are a number of you who will appreciate it.

Getting Comfortable.

"You ..."

"... Come Here!"

Lifting the hem of her skirt.

And Let the Spanking Begin!

Next Post:  The Paddling!

April 24, 2012

Spankless in Seattle??

... Well maybe not.

Its been a while.  Just lots of other 'stuff' going on.  And then there was a learning curve when they introduced new blogging editors.  You know, the 'New and Improved' version.

Meanwhile, things have been building up and we both recognize the need for a spanking session. 
Yesterday, Cora delivered a 'Notice of Discipline' notice to me.  The date she indicated for the delivery of her discipline was shown as 'May 1'.  I asked her about this and she said, "Well, isn't that tomorrow?"  "No", I replied, indicating that May 1 was a week away.  "Oh", she replied.  Cora had completely lost a week.

And it seems that she has been more sensitive than usual to my comments.  We enjoy each other's company immensely and sometimes take a little jab at each other, always in the spirit of innocent humor.  However, lately my comments have been taken a little too seriously.

So I think Cora needs a spanking session even more that I do.   It appears she has alot of 'stuff' built up and what better way to release it than to take it out on my bottom with her arsenal of WAD (Weapons of Ass Destruction) hanging on her rack.

I have a feeling that I will get to 'experience' her hairbrush and Spencer Paddle among some of her other WAD's.

So I expect that I will provide a full report tomorrow, probably standing up.  But then I know I need it too.  However, the bottom line is that 'Stressed Cora'...

... will be returned to her usual sweet self.

April 11, 2012

A Surprise Visit from the Queen

Last saturday night our telephone came to life and rang.  We usually don't get many phone calls, but was very pleasantly surprised to hear the cheerful voice of 'Queen Bee' Debbie on the other end.  She indicated that she was in town and if we would be home if she dropped by.  Of course, we said 'yes'. and soon the doorbell rang.

For those of you who don't know, Queen Bee is the Lady who runs the 'She Makes the Rules' website.  And its something that anyone interested in Female Led Relationships should check out.  Its especially of interest for the women in those relationships.  Queen Bee has taken extraordinary measures to create a space where women feel welcome and comfortable.  And there is a wealth of information regarding our lifestyle.  Our blog has a link to the 'She Makes the Rules' site.
Guys, if you are wanting your Lady to embrace a FLR lifestyle, the SMTR site is something you should consider sharing with your Lady.
We had a terrific visit.  And, Queen Bee had a very special guy with her whom Cora and I got to meet.  He seems like a very awesome guy and he and I had some common interests outside of our love of an FLR.  Queen Bee seemed to be very 'star struck' with him and we could detect a special 'glow' in her.  If you frequent the SMTR site, I think you will hear more of him.

At one time the She Makes the Rules group offered an amazing paddle.  Here is Cora holding hers.  Note the beautiful pattern on it.  I might also add that it packs quite a wallop and definitely will get your attention!

April 5, 2012

Role Reversal ...

... Well, sort of.

In January, 2011 we posted 'Cora the Principal'.  This was in response to a post on the 'Our Bottoms Burn' blog and featured role playing with our Ladies playing the role of the Teacher or Principal.  Of course discipline was involved, specifically with the use of a paddle. 

Well, for the past few weeks, Cora and I have swapped these roles.  Cora has been preparing for an examination that would provide certification for something that we do outside our FLR.  I took on the role of 'teacher' and Cora has been my 'student'. 

Of course, no discipline was necessary and Cora is one of my best students.  And I have taught this subject several times over the past year or so.  In fact Cora did so well that she 'aced' her exam.

So we have been rather distracted for a while and not much has transpired with our FLR.  So in honor of Cora's success (and hopefully taking on her role as 'Principal' soon) here are a few re-posts of pix from our January, 2011 post.  After all, Cora's pix are the best part of our blog.