May 28, 2010

Picture Story - Epilog

My Lady and I thoroughly enjoyed producing our Picture Story and based upon the comments and activity level (we had over 2,400 hits the next day, an all time high), I am guessing that it was well received by our readers. I think that most of you enjoyed our 'playful' approach. We are already considering another one and are working on an equally 'impacting' scenario.

However, I found some rather interesting repercussions which resulted after we posted the story. Rather unexpected repercussions. While involved in our scenario I found myself not totally focused on getting spanked as I was attending to the photography and all the associated details. Even during the preparation of the photos for posting (mostly just cropping them down to size) I was focused on the technical aspects. I don't think it was until the next morning that I was able to really look at the pictures.

Keep in mind that normally when she spanks me, I am unable to see much of her. When I am over her knee, I can see her shoes (often high heels), legs and the lower part of her sitting in her chair. When she has me bent over for a paddling, I am facing away from her and can see even less. So, for the first time I was able to see her expressions, the raising of the hairbrush and how intense she becomes when spanking me. It left me wanting more. Much more! And aroused. Very aroused! I found myself becoming obsessed with looking at the pictures of her.

Our mornings usually begin with me rising first, usually around 6AM. My routine includes letting the dogs out, feeding them, then sitting down with my first pull of espresso and going though e-Mail. She doesn't usually rise until around 9AM at which time I prepare coffee for her (sort of a Latte'). Yesterday morning, after hearing her first stirrings, I prepared her coffee and headed up the stairs to the bedroom to deliver it before she actually got up. I placed her coffee on a tray and in addition to the coffee was one of our 'Notices of Discipline'. This time, however, I filled it out (this form has exceeded my wildest expectations in communicating with each other). In the 'Reason' field I checked the box for 'Maintenance' and in the 'Discipline Recommendation(s)' field I checked the boxes for 'Spanking', 'Paddling', and 'Strapping'. I hesitated for a bit but finally decided that under the circumstances I should check the box for 'Severe'.

This was the first time I used our form as a request from me for her to discipline me. I think she was a bit surprised, but understood. I had included 1PM on the form as the time for the discipline to be carried out but she postponed it until after our planned shopping trip.

After putting things away from our shopping excursion, she informed me that she was ready to carry out my request. She bent me over our kitchen table and proceeded to bare my bottom in preparation for my discipline. We have just obtained a book, 'Tales of the Unbreeched' which describes discipline in the Victorian style. She has been reading this book and was especially impressed by the formal rituals as portrayed in the book. To my delight, she has added some of these rituals to her own style and I soon found my bottom bared by her. She started with her usual 'lead off' leather paddle and it was soon made clear that she was fulfilling my request for 'severe' discipline. Next she grabbed the 'school' paddle from the rack and filled our house with the cracking sounds it makes when impacting a naughty bottom. I think I lost track at this time but I know she used several additional implements which applied many additional swats and my bottom was very much on fire.

Then she let me up. However, I knew that this session was not quite at a point of conclusion. I grabbed the 'Spencer' paddle along with the 'purpleheart' paddle and placed them on the counter. I requested 25 from the Spencer and ten from the purpleheart. I also asked her to make them very hard.

In the past, she was hesitant to give me 25 swats throughout an entire session. She has found that a naughty male can certainly take much more. And she has also enjoyed the power she feels when she administers a more severe spanking. So she did not hesitate to take me up on my request. My bottom was still bared and she gently placed her hand on the middle of my back and bent me back over the table. Then, she proceeded to lay a volley of very hard swats on me with the Spencer. That is the large paddle with all the holes. It makes a strange 'whistling' sound when swung with enough velocity and it was certainly whistling now. After the whistle, you feel the impact. And what an impact. She proceeded to administer the entire 25 swats in rapid fire. She placed the Spencer paddle back on the rack and reached for the purpleheart paddle from the counter. If you look back on this blog you will see my description of making this paddle and the fact that its quite heavy. She has never administered ten full force swats with this paddle. So I braced myself and she proceeded to lay on all ten. I finally felt like I had had enough.

She proceeded to inspect her work and found that she had actually raised blisters. This was only the second time that had happened (perhaps providing the definition of 'severe'). I felt like I had (finally) been properly spanked and that my needs had been fully met. I read quite a few blogs relating to women spanking men and find it interesting that many of the male authors like the time before and after a spanking but hate it while undergoing the actual spanking. However, as in the incident described above, I found that I really liked it. Not so much as enjoying it (although the endorphines were flowing freely) but rather feeling like I was getting something that I needed (craved). It was as though the pain was feeding a part of me that needed it.

Later that night she instructed me to serve her orally. It was not a request. I quickly and eagerly complied. I felt this was a way to show her my appreciation for her fulling my request for a hard spanking. As so eloquently put by another blogger, this act is not one of punishment but rather an erotic act of my submission for her and her dominance over me. It seemed a perfect end to an awesome day. I felt that I had been given the gift of new insight into my interests in being spanked by my Lady.

Postscript to the Epilog

As I rose this morning, I was thinking about how I was going to compose this post to the blog. Then it came to me: I'll send her flowers! So I called the local florist (Linda's Flowers). The woman answering the phone identified herself as 'Linda', (probably the owner). We discussed the delivery and payment information (also, I asked for some red in the flower arrangement), then came the card. This was a little embarrassing but that has never stopped me in the past. Upon telling Linda what I wanted to say, she remarked that she was all in favor of such things. She even exclaimed that she was going to share it with her husband. Made me wonder if she is one of us.

Naturally, after the events of the previous evening I was experiencing feelings of satisfaction and relief. Even my Lady was almost dancing around this morning, playing with our dogs and even setting up catnip for her kitty. She was almost 'giddy' with energy and expressed that she, too had received a great amount of pleasure in applying a very hard paddling to me.

It took until the middle of the afternoon for the flowers to arrive and she was taken totally by surprise. She described her reaction as 'skipping on top of the clouds'.

I don't know how its possible but I seem to keep falling more and more in love with her!

May 25, 2010

Peeping Ken - A Picture Story

Here is our first attempt at photographing an actual spanking. We have composed a picture story. We had lots of fun with this one. The pictures are really us, and there was no change of color (yes, thats my real reddened bottom). No animals were harmed in the making of this story.

Here I am peeping at her while she is adjusting her stockings.

Just like John Belushi in the pillow fight scene in 'Animal House'

Oh, Oh!

Busted ...
... and summoned!

Come Here!

Over My Lap!

You are going to Taste My Hairbrush

Her Hairbrush Raised High.

Baring the Naughty Bottom.

An Intense Lady.

Her Hairbrush in Action!

Starting to redden up.

She is intense

Moment of impact!

Mission Accomplished!

Admiring Her Work!

May 19, 2010

Notice of Discipline - Issued - Updated

Yesterday, she issued a Notice of Discipline. I am to be spanked and paddled later today. Of course the anticipation is both dreaded and exciting. I think there are three parts to a spanking:
1). The anticipation after being put on notice. This is one of the things I like about our Notice of Discipline system. Rarely am I spanked spontaneously (although as described previously, I like that too).
2). The physical act of being spanked. Many other men who are spanked by their ladies have eloquently described this in detail. Some love it; some hate it; some both love and hate it. I probably fit into the third group with leanings toward the first group.
3). The afterglow. This is perhaps my favorite part as I usually enter this stage in a state of arousal (or at least the beginnings of it). I especially like it if I can feel the affects of her discipline for the next few days.

My offense this time was for 'panty stealing'. If you have looked closely to our Notice of Discipline form, you may have noticed that this is a permanent part of the form and all she has to do is check the box. In this case she caught me with 4 pair of her panties. The penalty is 25 swats per pair, so she has 'sentenced' me to 100 strokes. She may also assign me the task of hand washing them, too. Note that I am not into wearing her panties (unless its something she wants me to do), and when I can gather enough courage, I intend to describe my reasons, in a post at a later time. Suffice it to say that stealing her panties is one way for me to ask for a spanking without explicitly asking (she knows where I 'hide' them). It may be a matter of semantics but for us, its more fun to have a 'reason' for a spanking. And after my last session with her straps and paddles, I left wanting a bit more.

As I am composing this post I am facing her 'Rack'. It has ten implements hanging from it. I wonder which one (ones) she will use. Perhaps I will get ten strokes from each(?)

So, today I delivered her morning Latte' to her in bed. And a second one too. (I take my espresso coffee making skills rather seriously and, even if I say so myself, make an excellent double shot, Latte'). Perhaps, as in the past she will forget our 'appointment'. Probably not. Either way, the anticipation is both dreadful and exciting.

More to follow.

Update- May 25, 2010
Yes, I did get paddled for my mis-behavior. First, she had me bend over the table then selected her leather paddle from the 'rack'. This is one of her favorites to start with. Next, she selected the strap, another of her favorites. Needless to say, I was getting rather 'lit up' with her favorite leather 'tools'. Then she selected the Spencer Paddle (the one she is holding in the picture just above). She delivered about 25 swats and I was pretty much on fire. Finally, she went for the purpleheart paddle. Oh My! Ouch!

May 17, 2010

A Spanking Is Far Better Than The Alternative

My Lady and I are movie fans and have recently added TV series' to our collection. For example all of the Twilight Zone series are available in one packaged set. We have also enjoyed some of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents along with some of the Situation Comedies. (One observation is how women used to dress and thanks to the pause button, we have been able to verify the fact that many of the women are wearing girdles as evidenced by the visibility of 'garter bumps'; ahhh the good old days; but I digress).

While watching a few episodes of one the 'SitComs' in our collection, we both made notice of how much better our FLR can be used to resolve misbehaviour on my part, than the alternatives. In one of the episodes, the husband had lunch with an old girlfriend. And kept it a secret from his wife. After the lunch encounter, he took the rest of the day off and spent the afternoon with his wife of 20 years. And had lots of sex. Later his wife commented to her sister that it was perhaps the best sex she had ever had.

Of course the sister knew that the husband had lunch with his old girlfriend earlier that day and to make a long story short, the wife found out. The husband was certainly wrong in having lunch with his old girlfriend, then probably enjoying sex with her vicariously even though he was with his wife. The wife upon finally putting together the whole story stormed out of the house with the intent of making her husband 'pay'.

My Lady and I both were thinking how the misbehavior on the part of the husband would better be handling by a spanking. A very sound spanking. Instead, the wife engaged in tactics that were more in the 'get even' category, with all the opportunities for abusive behavior by the wife towards her husband.

I am thankful that my Lady and I have developed a process where she spanks me anytime she feels that I have crossed her 'lines'. We have agreed in advance that she has permission to spank me for any reason and that I will submit to her, without question. We have even signed a document in support of her authority. Now, I would agree that the husband in the above scenario had committed a terrible act (something that I cannot imagine myself to ever commit), I can only think that if handled with a spanking, it gets handled, its over quickly and forgiveness follows.

May 15, 2010

She Paddled Me Last Night!

Its been about two weeks since I was last disciplined (see post of May 1). In reading other blogs, comments, e-mails and chats with others, it appears that those of us husbands (or significant others) who are spanked by our Ladies, have a rather large variety in the frequency that we are spanked. I have seen some guys indicate that they are paddled two or three times a year and others that are spanked at least once a week, usually a 'maintenance' spanking. In our case, its totally her decision when I am to be subject to a spanking.

Last night I guess I was being a bit cheeky. I think this may have been the result of the two week period since my last spanking and I had inadvertently gotten a bit disrespectful in my conversation. Then it happened. "Bend over the kitchen table, I am going to paddle you", she directed. "I am not even going to bother filling out one of the Notices of Discipline; instead I am just going to spank you on the spot", she continued. Of course, I immediately complied.

The table I was bending over is only about 2-1/2 feet from her 'rack' (see post of April 10). After removing my pants, she proceeded to select her black leather paddle and layed about a dozen swats on my upturned bottom. As with my previous spanking, the Classic Rock station was on and she set the rhythm of her strokes to the beat of George Thorogood's 'Move It On Over' (this is the song where he comes home and is locked out, so takes shelter in the doghouse). She then replaced the leather paddle and selected the wooden handled strap and applied another dozen with it. The leather in both the leather paddle and strap was certainly raising the temperature of my bottom and she certainly had my attention. She the replaced the strap and pulled the purpleheart paddle off the rack. Now, the weight of that paddle can really make an impression on you. I knew that I would feel the affect of it and she proceeded to apply another dozen or so swats.

Earlier on in our relationship, it seemed like she would hold back, for fear of doing some serious damage. After sharing some of the video material I have collected over the years and after stepping up the intensity of her own spankings, she no longer worries about hurting me. Instead she now knows that a spanking is suppose to hurt. Thus, I certainly felt that I had been disciplined properly by her for my transgression. This feeling left us both quite satisfied: She felt that I had 'paid the price' and I felt that I had been properly spanked and it was now over and forgiven. (Although, the truth is that I would have liked it if she had not stopped when she did).

After putting away the purpleheart paddle, she instructed me to "Kiss her ass". There has been much published about this ritual and I believe she has picked up on it from some of the things I have shared with her. I did not hesitate to express my gratification through this gesture and bent down as she leaned forward. I must admit that submitting to this humiliating and humbling gesture is deliciously erotic.

May 11, 2010

The Importance of the FLR Community

I trust that those of you whose mothers are still alive had a great Mother's Day. My Lady and I have both lost our mothers to 'the other side', so we celebrate Mother's Day on our own. This year we attended one of the 'Tea's' which is hosted by the local 'community'. Its essentially done in the spirit of a 'high tea' with the men attending to the needs of the Ladies. They are held monthly and this was the second one we have attended. The gender mix is just about equal and my Lady had a wonderful time getting to know some of the other women, while I, along with the other men, served the Ladies.

Our experience with this group really underlined the importance of the Female Led Relationship (FLR) 'Community'. We live in a 'major' city and there is a rather active 'kink' community. However, as we all know the FLR group is a rather small subset of this group. And many couples who embrace a FLR tend to be quite private, especially the women. However, here in Seattle, we are blessed with a group of 'activists' who have put into practice, their passion for the FLR lifestyle and organized the 'Tea' function.

I believe that it is important to the Females in a FLR is that they network with each other, at least for those who have consented to explore a FLR with their partners. Many (perhaps most) of the couples in a FLR enter into it at the request of the male half. I am sure that many (perhaps most) women feel 'pushed' into participation. I have communicated with a number of men who have not been successful in getting their partners to give FLR a try. The result is a large frustration factor with many going behind the backs of their partners to get their 'needs met' even though they would have preferred it was their own partners helping to meet those needs.

In my own experience, I have had similar issues in the past. I have been with my current Lady for just under 5 years. Yes, it was me who introduced her into the FLR lifestyle. Fortunately, she has been a really good sport and went along with the beginnings of a FLR. Having learned some of this the 'hard way' through past relationships, I made sure that I was getting feedback from her to make sure her needs were getting met, too. And I made sure that I followed up when she did something that pleased me: like sending her flowers thanking her for the paddling I had received the day before. In addition I have made an attempt to make sure that she found that there was something in it for her, too.

Unfortunately, there may not be an active group in your area, but we do have a 'global' community right here, on the internet. More and more blogs have been established (my own included) that are centered around FLR. And some have even been established by women! There are forums centered on FLR (SMTR and At Her Feet, which you can find links on this blog) which have made it comfortable for women to explore. There are even areas on these forum when the men are prohibited from accessing, so that women can ask questions of other women.

At the suggestion of a posting on of the forums, I obtained a copy of 'Uniquely Rika'. This book (along with similar FLR related books written by women) was easily obtained from Amazon. My Lady is currently reading this book and even though she has only started, has found some 'gems' of information. These include the fact that the 'D/s' aspect may be thought of as a 'layer' on top of the relationship and that 'D/s extends you, it does not replace you'.

So, to the Ladies new to this lifestyle, welcome to our (your) Community. Relax, sit back, and take it all in. Find out what's in it for you. Know that there are others like you: curious to find out what this FLR stuff is all about.

To the men: perhaps the most important thing is for you to be patient and to keep up the communication. Carefully and patiently, introduce her to the resources on the net and let her discover that she is not alone.

May 1, 2010

Spankin' with Stu

My Lady was getting a little behind in her spanking (pun intended) so she finally found the time and energy to do some catch-up. I got a paddling yesterday (she used about half of the arsenal stored on her rack). However, she also indicated she was only half done and the balance would be delivered later in the evening or tomorrow.

Well, she picked the winner of the Kentucky Derby today (she is really into horses having ridden while growing up) and the result is that she was VERY energized. I had just stepped our of the shower when she issued the (dreaded?) command, 'come here and bend over'. She started to paddle me with her SMTR paddle. Now, my Lady is very much into music (as am I) so she paused and turned the bedroom radio on. Much to my dismay, the station was playing Led Zeppelin's 'Boogie with Stu'! Now for those of you unfamiliar with this song, it is full of percussive riffs from Mr. Bonham's drums. Not only did she spank to the 'beat' but made a rather successful attempt to duplicate the same smacking sounds coming out of Mr. Bonham's drumset. She followed the SMTR paddle with the NuWest Hairbrush, the small (purse-sized) paddle and finished up with the DWC Ferule (which came very close to duplicating Mr. Bonham's rim shot sounds). Wow. I was thankful that this song was picked up in the middle and not at the beginning.

Rock, -- er -- Spank On!