December 31, 2010

New Year's Greetings

As 2010 draws to a close we have been reflecting on all the friends we have made here. We have been amazed at the level of interest in our FLR.  And it certainly is great to know that we are not alone. It has been an amazing journey and we hope to continue on in 2011. 

May all of you have a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2011. 

Cora, Ken and the 'Girls'

December 21, 2010

Yule, the Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Happy Yule!

Its the main celebration of my holiday season and this year we were provided with quite the gift:  Not only a full moon on the same day but a Lunal Eclipse to boot!

The total eclipse occurred at 12:17AM this morning, here in the Pacific Time zone.  This area is know for its cloudy skies and rainy weather this time of year.  However, there was a slight (very slight) break in the weather and I was able to snap a couple of photos from our deck.  The first is the clearest but is still fuzzy.

The second is one of the last I was able to take before the moon disappeared into the clouds. I thought it would be fun to share with my Yule greeting.

And just because the focus of this blog is Female Led Relationships and the spanking of the male half by the 'better half', here is a picture of moons of a different nature (and color):

December 20, 2010

Spanking as Stress Relief

If you have noticed that we haven't posted much lately, its because we have had some of those 'distractions'.  Last week resulted in the conclusion of several of these events.  This included appointments with physicians, Cora studying for an examination and my own participation in a jury trial.  Even though I have been 'retired' for over a year, I was still dragged into court to explain some of my actions in defense of my former employer.  The result was victory for my employer and the outcome was a proper judgement.  'Nuff said.

However, these events left both Cora and I emotionally exhausted.  We both had invested lots of our time resources into our efforts.  Whew!

All this was concluded a week ago Friday.  Then on the following Sunday while I was dressing for the day, Cora summoned me to her and took me over her knee and proceeded to unload her bedroom 'Rack' on my bare bottom.
She used all her implements and soon my bottom was nice and red.  Of course, I was burning up but the sensation was most welcome.  And spontaneous spankings are probably the best.

Afterwards we discussed what happened.  Cora's reaction was of much relief and release.  She said she felt like a burden had been lifted from her.  She also came to the realization, perhaps for the first time, that administering a spanking is great stress relief for her. And it goes without saying that it is a fabulous release for my own stress.  There is something about that 'afterglow' feeling. 

December 17, 2010

Bill's Story

We still get requests for our 'Notice of Discipline' form.  (If anyone wants a copy all they have to do is e-Mail us with a request).

Sometimes I receive a reply from a requestor with information on how the form worked for them.  It seems like it has resulted in several of the men getting the spankings they want from their Ladies.  We are delighted to be part of the process.

Recently, Bill sent a request for one of the forms.  He modified it slightly to fit his needs.  He then filled out one of the forms checking the appropriate boxes.  Bill's e-Mail read as follows:

"I presented this to my wife after dinner and she was surprised to read this. At first she showed that she maybe did not like the idea but then she warmed up to it. In fact she asked that I print out about a dozen of the sheets.

Well, about 9:45 last night I went down to the basement and got out the implements and set up the spanking stool. I then stripped and stood in the corner until around 10:00. She came down right on time and scolded me that I was a bad boy and would need a good whipping, which is what she likes to call our sessions.  She then led me by the ear over to the spanking stool and had me lay across it. She did not use the paddle, but made up for it with her two straps.

She really used her leather strap on me good! Probably around 50 swats. After a short pause she switched to the vinyl strap for another 40 swats. She said that was enough and she completed the form and signed it. To my surprise in the comment section she noted that another whipping would be given in the morning. So this morning it was back to the basement again for a repeat only this time she used the paddle also! My bottom was red as can be last night with strap marks and welts. This morning the marks were still very visible, so she merely added to them!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you again for the wonderful form. We will use it. I hope other men get this treatment from their wives. As I said yesterday, I have a love/hate relationship with the spankings, but in the long run, I really love them."

Bill's e-Mail was sent last July.  However, just a few days ago, Bill sent me a story.  He has indicated that part of it is true and describes how his wife was introduced to the idea of a Female Led Relationship.

Bill has generously allowed me to share it with you.  Here it is:

"When I was about 10-12 years old I learned that the thought of a spanking or reading about a spanking or even hearing someone getting spanked gave me a lot of pleasure! I even learned to spank myself when I was home alone. I would strip naked, get a leather belt and stand in front of a mirror as I strapped my bare bottom. I would get it very red and would leave strap marks. It would have been easy to stop at some point, but I always promised my self that I would get 50 swats with the belt and then maybe 50 more swats. No stopping in between. I really enjoyed this experience.

There was a family living next door to ours who really believed in spanking. Our houses were very close together and in the summer time before air conditioning I would hear the daughter getting the leather strap. I would love to hear that also as it aroused me so much. I wished that I could take her place at least once. I asked her about her spanking one day after I heard her getting spanked. She admitted that she got spanked often. She offered to show me the tops of her thighs up to the edge of her panties. I saw the strap marks and welts. I would have loved to see her bare bottom, but I was too bashful to ask about that!

So I grew up with the fascination of spanking, never having gotten a real spanking from my parents. When I got married my wife and I would play around a bit before sex. I would ask her to spank my bare bottom and she reluctantly agreed once in a while, but not very often. I asked her many times to use a leather belt or a paddle but she was really opposed to that. So I continued to fantasize about my spankings.

Recently I again asked her to give me a real spanking. This time I got a different reaction. She asked if I really wanted a good spanking and I said I certainly did. She said I should go to a professional dominatrix and have her discipline me. I asked if she were serious and she said she was and in fact she would help me to find one close to our area.

A couple of days later she was on the internet and called me over to show me a website. It was about a local woman who specialized in spanking grown men and women. She asked if I would like to visit her and I asked if she would arrange it. She agreed and phoned her right then and there. I was really getting excited about this situation. I heard my wife tell the lady that I need a good bare bottom strapping and paddling. The lady said she could do that for sure, so my wife set up an appointment for the following Saturday.

On Saturday, I drove to the studio which was in a warehouse area. I was told to go to the door marked “Behavior Modification Services” and ring the bell. (Isn’t that a great name for her services?) An attractive lady in her early 30s answered the door and asked what I wanted. I was a little embarrassed to say that I was there to get a spanking. She introduced herself as Ginger. She then told me to come in and to sit at a desk that was there. She explained that I must read and sign an agreement before it would start.

The agreement stated:

1) I had come there voluntarily to get a good spanking.

2) The spanking would be with me completely in the nude.

3) I would be restrained during the spanking.

4) I would be spanked with a leather strap and a wooden paddle.

5) The spanking would not be over until the disciplinarian thought I had been thoroughly spanked. There would be no safe word.

I read the paper and as I signed it, I was really getting aroused. At last I would get a real spanking! I was told to strip naked and to put my clothes in a locker. As I got undressed in front of this attractive young lady I had just met and thinking about the spanking I became even more aroused. If she noticed it she did not comment.

She then told me we were to go down to the lower level to the discipline room. At the bottom of the stairs was another door which had a bell on it also. She rang the bell and another attractive young lady answered it. Ginger told this lady that Bill was here for his spanking and she told me to come in and directed me into the room which was about 25 or so feet long. On one side was a brick wall and on the other was several office like partitions. I could see down the brick wall that there were two men and a woman facing the wall and they were nude also, so they apparently were waiting for their spanking.

I was told to face the wall, fold my arms behind my back, and place my nose and my toes against the wall and not to make a sound. I did that but something else was touching the wall: my erection! I was getting closer and closer to what I have always wanted. Behind me I could hear a chorus of straps and paddles on bare bottoms followed by sobbing and crying. Others were already getting their spankings!

After about ten minutes the lady in the cubicle behind me called out “Bill get in her right now! You are next!” I entered the cubicle and there restrained on a spanking bench was a young lady whose bottom had been well spanked. I saw strap marks, welts and paddle marks. She was sobbing as the lady released her from the restraints. She was oblivious to me even being there as she was escorted back to the brick wall to stand there for a while.

The lady then told me her name was Donna, and that I was there to get a real spanking just as she had told my wife on the phone. She noticed my erection and told me that I was not there for sexual pleasure but I was to be disciplined. She hand me a paper cup and a napkin and told me to get rid of “that” immediately! It did not take me long to get rid of it. She smacked my bare bottom a couple of times to reinforce her order.

Donna then instructed me to lie across the spanking bench where she fastened the restraining straps very tightly. All the while she was telling me how much I needed a good whipping and that she was going to give it to me. She said my wife wanted her to show no mercy to me. And then the restraining was finished and it was time to start!

I could see Donna select a razor strap from a hook on the wall. I heard her swish it around a couple of times and then I felt it: it felt like a hundred bees had stung by bare ass! Donna took her time to aim each swat, right cheek, left cheek, right thigh, left thigh, across my sit spot and then she started the cycle over again. Each swat was more severe than the prior one. It did not take me long to start sobbing and to ask her to please stop. She said she would stop when I was thoroughly spanked and not before.

I don’t know how many swats she gave me but it must have been around 70-80 or so. I finally got my real spanking, but it was much more than I had ever expected. I could still hear others getting it in the other cubicles and I could only imagine what their bottoms must look like compared to mine. Donna finally put the razor strap down but then she selected a wooden paddle from the wall rack. She right away gave me about 20 or so swats with that paddle, right on top of the welts from the strap. I was crying for real at this point.

Finally it was over. Donna released the restraining straps and told me to get up. I was very wobbly in the knees when I stood up. She told me to go out and stand against the wall until I was told I could go upstairs and get dressed. I stood there about 10 minutes or so and continued to hear others getting it!

Ginger came back over to me and told me it was over and that I could go up stairs and get dressed, unless I wanted some more! I said no thank you and went up stairs, got dressed and went home. My wife greeted me when I entered the front door and asked me if I had gotten the spanking that I always wanted. She asked me to drop my trousers and underpants and show her my bruised, scarlet red bottom.

She was amazed how thorough Donna had been and asked if I wanted to go back to Donna another time in the future. I said that I had enough for a very long time. She then surprised me by saying that from now on SHE would spank me when I needed it and she showed me a razor strap she had purchased at a local store earlier in the week. Apparently she had spoken with Donna after I got my spanking and Donna told her to give me another bare bottom spanking right away to refresh my memory. She did!!!! And many more times since then!"