June 10, 2020

What Must Be Said

This morning I was greeted by an e-Mail from the owner of the site, "All Things Spanking".  He indicated that he was 'restarting' and wanted to let me know that our blog was listed on his.  Needless to say, we were flattered by his post.  And even though it took a bit of re-discovery, I added his listing to our blog list.

As I was looking at a few of the blogs listed on our site I just happened to open up 'My Bottom Smarts' which is hosted by Bonnie.  Now Bonnie has been around for a long time and is someone who I have a deep respect for as she has always been helpful to her fellow bloggers.

Her post of June 6 is especially touching: "What Must Be Said".  I would suggest to go to her site and read it. Her Blog is on our list of  'Blogs We Follow" on the right side of our postings.  Her blog listing is on the bottom (I don't know why on the bottom of the list) so its easy to find from here.

Cora and I have not been very active since 2016 and have only posted 5 times since (including this post).  I had refrained from explaining why but it is related to the things Bonnie covers in her post.  We really didn't want to dip our feet into the waters of politics as we feel its dangerous and serves no purpose, especially related to our FLR theme of this blog.

However, its now time to speak out on "What Must Be Said".

Thank You Bonnie!

June 7, 2020

Spanked For Inappropriate Behavior

Its been a while since our last post.  We are actually doing quite well and have been in a self-quarantine for almost three months.  We have been getting all we need through deliveries and have only ventured out once so that we could deposit our Covid check and get our propane tank filled in order to use our grill.

We have developed a regular routine for Saturday evenings.  We start things about 5:00 PM.  Cora prepares two trays of cold cuts, sliced cheese, cauliflower, broccoli and small pieces for bread.  Once things have been prepared we settle into our theater room and watch movies.  This concludes by watching this week's feature from 'Svengoolie'.  His narration of the classic horror movies is very entertaining.  This week's feature was the 1935 'Bride of Frankenstein'.  We decided to watch Mel Brooks' 'Young Frankenstein' first.  It was a delightful combination.

About 6:30 PM we too a break to refresh cocktails and add a small amount to our trays.  During the process I tried to pick up the cauliflower but apparently did so with a slight 'attitude'.  Cora immediately went into 'Disciplinarian Mode'. 

I recently downloaded a couple of items from the internet and printed them on 4 by 6 photo paper.

In addition I printed two of my favorite photos of Cora.

Cora loves to make collages from photos and created the following using the photos I printed.

Recently I had shared a story from 'The Spanking Library' in which a 17 year old boy convinced his step-mother to spank him.  Her preferred method was bare bottom, over her knee with a Jokari paddle.  I think Cora became inspired by this story and hung hers below her collage along with her favorite leather paddle

So Cora had close access to her Jokari paddle and decided she wanted to put it to good use.  She bent me over the kitchen counter where I had been standing.  The then proceeded to deliver a few really hard swats from her Jokari paddle.  The Jokari paddle is a very effective disciplinary tool and is one of the few that works well in the Over-The-Knee or Bend-Over-And-Touch-Your-Toes positions.  It was obvious from the first swat that Cora was going to make a point, and a point she did make.  Actually several.

After delivering her paddling, Cora returned the Jokari to its hanger but first said, "Do you think I should administer another session?"  My reflexes kicked in and I answered "No, Ma'am".  And that was the end of it and we returned to having a very pleasant evening.  However I felt that I had been put in my place, feeling quite humble from her disciplinary actions.  I later confirmed that Cora felt quite satisfied after paddling me.

Looking back, although Cora had administered  a sufficient sting into my backside. I almost wished she had not taken my 'No' answer and instead had administered another session.