January 29, 2012

Ma'am, Yes Ma'am is Back!!!

It didn't take WdSpoone long to get back into the blogosphere.  He has quickly set things up and 'back on the air' although on a different blog host.  Rather than repeat what he has to say, I would refer you to his blog where he explains what happened.

Here is his new URL:

I have updated the link to it on our list of blogs, too.

There has been quite a number of posts about his blog and we are all wondering if Censorship is something that will haunt more of us.  I think the best thing is to keep in touch through whatever means necessary.  We have a very strong community and the Ma'am, Yes Ma'am issue illustrates just how tight our community is, and how we come together when these things happen.

Cora Celebrates the Return of Ma'am, Yes Ma'am!

January 27, 2012

What Happened to 'Ma'am, Yes Ma'am'

The blogosphere has been alive with posts about the 'disappearance' of one of our favorite blogs, 'Ma'am, Yes Ma'am'.  The author of this blog, WdSpoone is one of the cornerstones of Female Led Relationship blogs and has inspired almost all of us who have followed.  We are No exception.  I have chatted with WdSpoone on several times and he has been generous with suggestions and guidance.  Very Generous.

Today, a message appeared on his Yahoo Group (Spanking female male) that indicated that he did not remove his blog but instead 'rather it has been "removed" apparently by Google without my knowledge or consent.'

I have tried to stay out of the political sphere but my reaction to this news is that it is OUTRAGEOUS.  Of course there is no recourse to the gods at Google or Yahoo.  I myself, had an account at 'flickr' cancelled with very little notice and for reasons that seemed very insignificant, at best.  I made an assumption that someone made a complaint and that was that.  I have no specific information but why would anyone object to Women being in control.  (Well, that's rhetorical but I think you know the answer).

So stay tuned.  Will there be a mass cancellation of Female Led Relationship blogs?  Perhaps.  But I hope someone has a suggestion of a sex-positive, Female Friendly host that we might consider moving our blogs to.

I know that many of my fellow bloggers read our blog and I would ask that you e-Mail us as a way to keep in touch.  Maybe I am being afraid of Black Helicopters, or Dick Cheney, but I think it would be good to establish a base in the event that we are under some kind of attack.

I just can't imagine why WdSpoone's blog has been the target of some kind of evil conspiracy.  But without a reason given, my own mind is running wild.

Ken and Cora

January 18, 2012

A Magickal Night with another FLR Couple

While there is a considerable number of couples following of the FLR lifestyle as evidenced by the number of blogs, comments and e-Mails, unfortunately we don't get much of a chance to have face to face meetings with them.

Last April Cora and I did meet with another FLR couple.  We had  a wonderful time and it was at that time that I experienced the fulfillment of one of my biggest fantasies - a Double Lap Spanking!

Saturday night, we hosted them again. While they have established a FLR lifestyle, she has perhaps not been comfortable with aspects of disciplining him.  Sound familiar? 

Cora Showing Her Cropping Technique

Well, Cora just never ceases to amaze me.  Saturday night Cora became 'Super Mentor' and proceeded to take charge of the evening, demonstrating FLR, Cora style.  I think she has achieved a level of comfort with the discipline aspects of FLR that she may not have had before.  I could see the energy sparks between Cora and her as Cora showed her 'the ropes'.  I am sure that he felt those sparks as she was laying it on pretty hard.  Later he shared with me that she has never disciplined him quite that hard but that he loved it.

Cora Demonstrating Her Rack

Recent posts have addressed the subject of wives providing the needs of their husbands in the form of firm, strict discipline which they may be reluctant to provide.  Of course there are many benefits the wives get from a FLR too.  But one benefit that perhaps gets lost is the joy of actually applying the paddle (or instrument of choice) to their husbands.  I know that Cora often expresses an euphoric feeling when she spanks me, and I think that Cora was not the only one feeling the same thing last night.  Perhaps for the first time.

A Capable Disciplinarian

It was fun watching things develop last night and we even gave them one of the Spencer Paddles I have made.  Since Saturday's meeting we have been in contact with them and it sounds like we will be getting together soon.  One of the suggestions from them as a night of 'Spanking and a Movie'.  Cora and I both love the thought.

January 11, 2012

Men Are Really Very Simple Creatures - A Follow-Up

Since our post three days ago, our hit counter has gone off the scale.  Apparently there has been lots of interest in this subject.  We feel that Ms. Clara's initial post and the comments that resulted were not only well put but important to the concept of a Female Led Relationship.

The idea of a Relationship led by the Female is basically what our blog is all about.  We have been blogging almost two years and we have received quite a bit of input from many couples over the years both through e-Mail and through comments on our blog.  Some have already been engaged in a FLR and are even at levels much deeper into that us, but we also receive input from many, usually the male parts of a relationship, where the Female is reluctant to 'engage'. 

It is our hope that some of the exchanges in the previous post may spark some interest in those couples.  In exchanges with many of you, one of the issues is whether 'normal' people engage in a FLR.  A common thread for the couples who have responded to us has been a reflection upon our own relationship that we seem to be just common ordinary 'folks';  we could be your next door neighbor.

One of the tools that seemed to help was our 'Notice of Discipline' form.  I am including a copy of that form.  Based upon the feedback we have received many couples have had 'fun' with (well perhaps in some cases some 'serious fun).  If you would like to have a copy, let me know by e-mail and I will send you a copy in Microsoft Word format.  The blogger doesn't have the ability for me to post a file that you can download direct from the blog but this way I get an idea of how many are being requested and it often results in follow up messages on how the form worked.

In light of the large volume of hits (well over 5,000 since it was posted) we thought we would post a follow-up, hopefully to encourage more of you to comment.  We would be especially interested in a situation where one of you shared the information in the post with your wife, and the result.

January 8, 2012

"Men Are Really Very Simple Creatures"

So says Ms. Clara Hewitt on her blog in a post of January 8, 2012.  Ms. Clara has only been blogging a few days but oh my does she know men.  And what makes them (us) tick (and tock, too).

Ms. Clara is a 'Professional Disciplinarian'.  I think she might better be described as a well informed psychologist.  Her knowledge of both men and their wives is almost scary.  And she has given me permission to quote her.  Oh, and thats a picture of her from her blog (again, with permission) spanking one of her naughty boys.  She does know how to get our attention, doesn't she?

Ms. Clara further says, "I think it's wonderful they're so easy to understand and keep happy. They need to be loved, fed and disciplined. That's really all there is to it."

Oh, I couldn't agree more.  And part of that need to be loved actually encompasses the need to be disciplined.  Ladies are you paying attention?  The quote above is from a lady who is sought after by men who would love to be disciplined (spanked) by their wives.  However, due to some kind of weird ideas, many wives don't understand.  So why wouldn't your husbands seek out a woman who will spank them?

Ms. Clara continues, "Compare that to your average female, with her weirdly complex and conflicting needs! Genuinely, It makes me very sad that so many wives seem to fall down on the job, so their husbands feel they have to come to me to get the thrashings they desperately deserve. It's sad for the wives...."

Sad indeed.  Ladies, are you reading this?  Wouldn't you rather spank your own husband rather than have him secretly seek out the female discipline that he so desparetly needs????????

Then, Ms. Clara provides further insite, " ... training a man to perfection is easy and rewarding, and guarantees you loyalty for life."

Ladies, are you still paying attention?  That's right, Loyalty for Life. Life!

And finally Ms. Clara provides more words of wisdom, "Women, it's your duty to show your husband how much you want to nurture, chastise and own him, whenever he needs it."

OK, I can't add to that.  Its sooooooooooo true!  Ladies, did you notice that word, "duty"?

Often I emphasize my opinion that one of the really good things is that the younger women have begun to figure this out.  Another fairly new blog is Ms. Julie's 'Miss Julie Spanks'.  She has discovered the many advantages to taking on so many of the things that Ms. Clara describes above.  Her blog is one of my favorites and one of the reasons is that like Ms. Clara, she has figured it out.  Here is what she added to Ms. Clara's post as a comment:

"I hate to criticize my own sex, but come on, ladies, really, how hard is it to dress a man in your bra and panties, and spank him silly? Such a small thing, it means so much to them, and I, for one, enjoy it immensely!"

"I try not to get on my soapbox too often but I couldn't resist.  Ms. Clara along with Ms. Julie have provided some very, very insightful words of wisdom."  Ms. Clara's post along with Ms. Julie's comment were inspiring, indeed (can't you tell?).

Guys, if you are like so many of us, needing your Lady to show her love through discipline of you, and want your lady to paddle your bottom, share this post with her.  She won't be disappointed and even though you have have further trouble sitting in the future, you will be better men for it!  At least thats my humble opinion.

Finally, I am often reminded how lucky I am.  Cora already as these things figured out and knows what I need.  In return I can't think of how I could love her more.  Indeed, we are a very happy couple, at peace with each other and without some of those deep, dark secrets that I know so many of you have.

January 6, 2012

When I'm Sixty-Four

Update (January 9, 2012)
There is a higher resolution version of the video just uploaded to

I first heard those words when the Beatles released their masterpiece LP (remember vinyl?) in 1967.  At the time I was 19 years old.  It seems like only yesterday.

A few days ago I turned 64, myself.  Gosh, has time gone by that fast?  Well, now I have had over 5 wonderful years with Cora.  And they have been the best ones of my life.  She is magnificent.

On the actual day of my birthday she did surprise me with a really nice spanking.  That was described in the previous post.  However at the end of that post, Cora told me that I was yet to receive my "birthday paddling".

Well that happened today.  And its the subject of a new video thats attached here. 

Cora and I have posted a short video previously and we had hopes of posting more videos. However it seems as though we never were able to get our energies together sufficiently to actually get something going.

Recently, we have been admiring the videos posted by Dana Kane.  She is a delightful woman and her blog is listed in the blogs we follow on the right side of our blog.  We would encourage you to check out her videos if you haven't already done so.  In addition, I have mentioned James' videos on his blog, "Spankedmale", which is also listed.  He posted a three-part video that was awesome.

Well, with the inspiration of Ms. Kane and James, I started doing some research into the purchase of a new video camera.  And I found one that fulfilled my requirements (exceeded, actually) and was able to locate one at a local video store at a really, really good price.  I won't go into the technical details but its a Canon M40. 

So today, Cora dressed up and told me to get ready to make a movie.  Oh and she also informed me that I was going to be paddled.

So here it is. The pix above are video-snaps from the movie. We had fun making it and we hope you have fun watching it.

January 3, 2012

Birthday Surprise!

It was my birthday a couple of days ago.  That morning I was doing my usual browsing the web and checking out some of the blogs (more on that exploration later).

Cora was upstairs and called out to me, "Come upstairs quick.  I think there are bugs in the ceiling!"  Naturally I arose to check it out expecting that I would be spending the morning crawling in the attic.  Yuk!  What a way to spend my birthday.

Instead, Cora greeted me in a very sexy panty girdle, tan stockings and white heels.  She was holding a hairbrush and I knew that I had been 'had'.

Next, she hopped on the bed and spread her legs then instructed me, "Over my lap!"  Naturally I complied.

For a while time seemed to stand still as she delivered one of the nicest spankings ever.  She started with a hand spanking then proceeded to use the implements she had laid out ahead of time.

When she finally stopped I was under the influence of a really nice but intense 'glow'.  Oh how Cora knows how to administer a spanking!

And what a Goddess Cora is.  And what a birthday surprise she can deliver!  "But wait, there's more", she said in her best TV advertisement voice.  "You have yet to get your birthday paddling!"

Indeed, I have yet to get my birthday paddling but there may be another story when I do.

Oh, and by the way, I have added a new blog to the list of blogs we follow: Ms. Clara Hewitt.  She just started it and says she has been a follower of Cora and I for quite some time.  Her blog seems to be very much in the spirit of a Female Disciplinarian and if you like our blog, you are sure to like hers.  Check it out and tell 'em Ken and Cora sent you.