October 25, 2010

Let It Rain

If you live in the Northwest part of the USA, rain is very much a part of your environment, especially this time of year.  Those of us who were born here take it for granted and actually (almost) enjoy the rain.  This is our favorite time of the year and is part of the reason we choose to live here.

Well, I do enjoy the rain.

Unless it makes itself an unwelcome guest inside our house.

A little over two weeks ago, we experienced a bit of a rain storm.  Not a big storm, but there was quite a bit of rain packed into that weekend.  I first felt it while working on my laptop.  Drip, drip.  Followed by drip, drip....drip.  You get the picture.

I called for assistance (Cora) and I first began to set out pots and pans.  I also removed the window curtains as the inner ceiling at this point follows the slope of the roof and the water was running downhill towards the window and soaking the curtains.

When Cora arrived and assessed the situation, she came up with a better plan.  She broke out her plasticware (Tupperware, etc.) and replaced the pots.  Seems like the square shapes covered the area better than the round pans.  (Why is it that expertise in Tupperware seems to be a part of the female genetic code?)

Anyway, things did come under control and our initial damage control was working.  OK, it was her damage control.  Fortunately, the rain was not constant and really subsided after the weekend was over.

However, this was serious and on Monday I made a call to a roofing contractor.  He came and assessed the situation and gave us the good news: Our roof was worn out and needed replacing.  Great!  This news was followed  by more good news:  The Price!  Yikes.

Well, there was really no choice in the matter and we made our decision on which contractor to do the job.  It was decided that we could be scheduled for a week from that day (Monday).  The weather Goddess smiled on us and the weather held.  In fact the three days they did the roof replacement were sunny and spectacular.  It went quite well and they even provided a few 'extras' for me.

I took advantage of the construction project (and the weather) to finish some of my own projects that I wanted to get done before the winter.  These included replacing two fence posts, replacing fencing sections and building a new gate.  There were some other things too and I found that keeping busy kept my mind off the impact on our bank account of the cost of the new roof.

Needless to say, both Cora and myself were very distracted by all this.  It just took the 'fun' and 'playfulness' out of both of us.  We found that keeping busy with other things was good therapy but the aspects of our FLR took a back seat.   As did the spankings.  All things considered, it was a productive time but not much fun.  I certainly fell behind on the blog, reading other blogs and the e-Mail piled up.

 And this was the first time that we unloaded Cora's 'Rack'.  We are quite open about our relationship and normally leave everything on display, but felt we didn't want the contractor and his crew to be 'freaked out' by our lifestyle.  After all they don't fit into the category of friends, family or acquaintances, but instead are just doing their job.

But then yesterday, a little spark returned.  I know I have been running around the house in a depressed 'funk' even though I have tried to keep up my spirits.  I am sure I have not been much fun to be with.  Then out of the blue, on her own initiative, Cora rang her bell (one way she summons me) and instructed me to perform one of those wonderful acts of 'worship'.  I eagerly complied.  A little later, she said, "I know what you need". Indeed, she knew exactly what I needed.  She then proceeded to take me over her knee and gave me spanking.  It was wonderful.  Best of all, it was her idea. 

I love her so much.

October 8, 2010

Beyond the Screen Door

As Cora has been developing her own Female Led Relationship style, she keeps learning new things.  Just yesterday she learned yet another benefit.

Its been about 4-1/2 years since she moved in with me.  However, there is something that has been bothering her ever since she moved in: a screen door that has a rip in the screen.  This is one of those sliding screen doors that parallels a sliding glass door to our deck.

I am sure she has mentioned it before but its one of those things that I heard but didn't really listen.  And its one of those things that I just didn't see when I look at it. 

Well, yesterday, Cora decided to try something different.  She grabbed me, bent me over the kitchen table, bared my bottom and proceeded to spank me.  "Do you know why you are being spanked?", she asked.  "No, Ma'am", I replied.  "Well, this is a reminder that I want that screen fixed", was her response.  She continued to spank me, probably delivering about 30 rather intense swats.

I must say this caught me totally by surprise.  I had overlooked that item for several years and had no idea it was that important to her.  Wanting to gain some 'points' with her, I decided that I could make a temporary fix.  I removed the screen door from the deck and replaced it with a seldom used screen door from another part of the house.

This happened immediately after being spanked and the 'glow' was certainly a reminder of what I was doing. 

At first, Cora had been busy with something else and was not aware that I was making repairs. Then she noticed.  "If I had known that I could get you to replace that screen by just spanking you, I would have done that a long time ago", she remarked.  "I guess I know how to get things done around here, now", she further observed.

So now she knows how to 'motivate' me and get things done.  And in addition, a way to emphasize what she wants done.  All things considered, its a win-win.  She gets things done that are important to her and I know when she is serious about her requests.  After all, pleasing her is my top priority.