October 28, 2012

Ed Lee of Nu-West/Leda Announces Retirement

One of the turning points in my interests in Dominant Women and my interests in being spanked by them was when I discovered Nu-West.  Originally, I found them in an advertisement in some magazine I had purchased but that advertisement really caught my attention.
So, I sent my $5.00 for their catalog.  When it came in the mail I knew that I have found something great.  Really great!  The catalog (I still have it) featured Photo Sets, Audio Cassettes, Super-8 Film, Hairbrushes, Canes, some Publications and Video Tape.  There isn't a date in the first catalog I have (#4) but the subsequent catalog shows a copyright date of 1983, so I am guessing my first catalog came out in about 1982. 

The material featured mostly women getting spanked by either men or women but there were a few items that featured men getting spanked by women.  I felt like I found the 'Mother Lode' (and this Mother spanked men, too)!

I can't understate my opinion of the revolution that Nu-West represented.  This was the first 'serious' production of material that featured 'real' people.  Prior to that what was available seemed to be more directed toward the 'Leather Crowd' or whip wielding Dungeon Queens.  Now, I have nothing against that kind of material (I have purchased my share over the years, especially in the 70's) but now there was something that really resonated with my own interests.

Some of the first things I purchased were a Super-8 film titled, 'Spanked Males', and copies of  'The Complete Guide To Home Discipline and Petticoat Punishment' and 'Issue No. One - Unpublished Photos of Nu-West'.  I still have all of these items and keep them stored safe in a trunk.

In 1986, a flyer was received announcing a brand new video tape, 'Beatings '86'.  This tape featured seven lovely ladies spanking men.  The back of the flyer indicated that 'Leda Productions' had produced it.  The back page featured a lady seated wearing a panty girdle, heels and holding a hairbrush (similar to the picture of Cora, here).

Naturally I purchased the tape.  It was awesome!  Guys getting spanked by women that looked like they could be your next door neighbor.  It ran an hour and I watched it many times.

The next year saw the first publication of 'Ma'am', a non-periodical magazine that featured high quality pictures and articles featuring women spanking men.  Again, the women depicted were 'real' women who happened to like spanking naughty men.  This was to be followed by seven more issues over the years.  My collection includes all except issue number 6.  (Anyone have a copy they would be willing to part with?)

Then in 1990, the first copy of the 'LedaGram' was published.  This was a monthly publication of the wonderful women from Leda (later know as 'Leda Ladies), along with articles and announcements of more videos.  There were some letters featured and much to my surprise, one of mine appeared.

In March of last year, Ed Lee, the creator of Nu-West/Leda allowed us to announce his latest publication, 'Leda Ladies, Book One'.  This was followed up by a post after receiving our copy in June.  I must say that it was truly an honor to be the first to announce this publication.  We experienced our all time record number of hits on the blog for those two posts.  By the way, its still available on Amazon.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have been able to purchase many of the items produced by Nu-West/Leda and will continue to treasure them all.  Cora will be continuing to set my bottom on fire by some of the Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes we have in our collection and our 'Spencer Paddle' is a favorite of both Cora and myself.  Oh to hear its whistle just before it impacts. 

So it came as a surprise to see Ed Lee announcing that he was going to retire effective November 1, 2012.  You can find more details at the Nu-West/Leda website.  Part of me feels saddened as a result of Ed's retirement and I know that many of our readers will also feel the same, but I know what my own retirement means to Cora and I.  So, Ed, if you are reading this, Cora and I wish you all the best in a long and satisfying retirement.  You earned it! 

October 18, 2012

Fantasy Realized

I have known that I was attracted to the idea of being spanked by an authoritative woman since I was in grade school.  Over the years I have fantasized about many, many scenarios where I ended up getting a "Good, Hard Spanking".  Sadly, I missed my opportunity to experience a paddling from one of my female teachers in grade school, but it certainly remains as one of my favorite fantasies.

However, there are plenty others.  Lately, there has been some blog posts regarding getting 'caught' while viewing spanking related material on the Internet.  Ms. Julie covered this subject earlier this month and the current post from Underling's Humblings shows a very provocative picture of a woman catching her guy 'red handed'.

So, it should be no surprise that I spend time looking at these kinds of things on the Internet, too.  There certainly is a plethora of material and it seems that the volume of women-spanking-men pictures, stories and videos just keeps growing.  Some of it is quite good.

Many of the men who write about their Female Led Relationships indicated that they are forbidden to look at this stuff without permission.  Fortunately, Cora and I are quite open about viewing things on the net.  I am pretty much allowed to look at anything but often share some of the better things with Cora.  Included in the things I shared with her were the above posts from Ms. Julie and Underling.

As is usual, I rise earlier than Cora.  My usual process is to let our dogs outside, feed them and then catch up on my e-Mail.  Today was no exception.  However, I felt the need for a spanking from Cora.  An idea hatched.

In the past two days I have been engaged on making some more paddles in my shop.  I was fortunate in being able to secure a tracing of one of the small 'Spencer' paddles that Nu-West/Leda sold in the 1990's.  It appears in the same catalog of spanking implements that our favorite full sized Spencer paddle that I actually purchased (two, actually).  I have always regretted not purchasing one of the small ones, but now I have everything I need to replicate them.  I'll save the details for a later post.

So two days ago, I rough cut one of these paddles.  I drilled the holes in it and sanded it smooth enough that handling it would not result in a silver but it had yet to be given rounded edges, finish sanding and the application of shellac.

I brought it upstairs and handed it to Cora.  She immediately indicated that she liked it.  Alot!  So it should be no surprise that she wanted to take it for a 'test drive'.  Over her lap I went and I must say we both got carried away.  Cora seemed to get a thrill from paddling me with it and I found the feeling rather, well..... delicious!  She also tried it in the 'bend over the table' position and she even pulled out her full-sized Spencer paddle just to compare. 

Yesterday, I cut the rest of them out of the stock and proceeded with drilling all of them and rounding the edges.  One of them I smooth sanded.  It was complete except for the application of the finish.  Again, I shared it with Cora and she loved it even more.  She applied a quick 'test drive' but not nearly as long as the previous day.  More of a 'around the block' drive than a drive in the country.

My Fantasy

So back to this morning.  My plan was developing quite well.  I set up one of our red kitchen chairs so that it was available for Cora to sit down without moving things around.  I then set up one of our hairbrushes and the new small Spencer paddle in easy reach.  Every thing was ready.

Anticipating Being Put Over
Her Lap

Cora tends to rise about the same time every morning, so I set the final part of the plan.  I had 'stolen' one of her panties and had an erotic story on display on my laptop.  The laptop sits on our kitchen table and is only inches from where I had set up the kitchen chair in anticipation of Cora's arrival.  In addition to the story, I had a couple pictures of Cora displayed on the laptop too. (Hey, I find them rather erotic, too).

What Are You Doing!!!!????

Soon I heard Cora stirring and prepared myself.  "What are you doing?", she asked as she came down the stairway.  There wasn't really much of a reason to answer as it was quite obvious what I was doing.  She reviewed how things were set up.  She got the idea.  She grabbed my earlobe (Ms. Deirdre style) and pulled me the short distance to where the chair had been set up.  Soon I found myself over her lap.  She started with the hairbrush but soon switched to the new paddle.

On my, how that little paddle can set my bottom on fire.  Its wide enough (4 inches) to impact a rather large part of my bottom and after a number of swats I was feeling an intense sting and could tell my bottom's temperature was on the rise.  I am sure Cora was pleased with the shade of red she was producing with her paddling.

On an intellectual level, I have an interest with the results of our various spanking implements, especially since I have made many of them myself.  So I asked for lots of feedback from Cora from her 'test drives' of the previous days.  One thing I was wondering was how it worked on my 'sit-spot'.  She indicated that while over her lap on the couch, she didn't have much access to that part of my anatomy.  However, bent over the table, she could access it quite well, as my own experience confirmed.

OTK on the Couch

I was wondering how things would work while she was sitting on the kitchen chair with me bent over her lap. Turns out that she had plenty of access to my sit-spot and worked it over quite well.

Spanked on the Sit-Spot!

So, the result of our little session this morning was very satisfying to both of us.  Often Cora doesn't really wake up until after a coffee or two.  This morning, she had a rather nice injection of energy just after rising.  And I am sure that you can imagine my enjoyment of the session.  It was truly the fulfillment of one of my fantasies about getting 'caught' looking at spanking material on my computer.

Fantasy Fulfilled!