June 27, 2010


The hit counter (which measures the number of 'page loads') just passed 100,000! I thought I would indulge myself with a little self-congratulation and offer up a big Thank You to all the followers and readers of this blog.

I started this blog in February of this year with absolutely no idea where it would lead me. I had been (am still am, for that matter) inspired by number of blogs that were appearing that specifically dealt with Female Led Relationships. It took me until April 14 to figure out how to attach the hit counter. So the 100,000 milestone has taken only 10-1/2 weeks. I am aware that there are plenty of other blogs with many times the activity of this one, but it is still an important achievement to us.

Our most humble thanks to all of you and thanks also for all the kind words received in the comments and e-Mails.

Ken and Cora
Follow Up
Upon hearing the news of our 100,000th hit Cora decided that a tradition should be started - a blog spanking! I was summoned to her bedroom where she had layed out her five favorite OTK implements. Then over her lap I went. For a while I feared she would give me a swat for all 100,000 hits on the blog.
I may not have gottom 100,000 hits but was left with a very tingling bottom. Cora never ceased to amaze me with her creativity!

June 26, 2010


"You say you want a Revolution? ...
... Well, you know, we all want to change the world."

John Lennon's words still reverberate across so many parts of our society and the world of Female Led Relationships is no exception. Based upon the feedback I have received since starting this blog less than five months ago, more and more women are (finally) exercising their power and are taking charge of disciplining their men. I originally thought that my blog would be a platform for my rants and descriptions of the relationship between my Lady (Cora) and myself.

Instead, more and more examples of women taking charge are being forwarded to us through comments to our posts or direct e-Mails (we love these and would encourage all readers to utilize them to communicate). I have described a few of the examples in a previous post (Summer Heat on June 22). But it seems like every day I see more examples of women who have taken to spanking their men. These examples include the descriptions in some of the other FLR blogs.

The latest example comes from Alan. I received a request for our 'Notice of Discipline' form just four days ago from Alan. A reference to this e-Mail was made in the 'Summer Heat' post in which he wrote, "have just got the good wife to agree to spank me on a more regular basis ....".

Well, Alan's wife has apparently done more than just agree to spank him on a more regular basis. According to a follow-up e-Mail from Alan, she actually spanked him using a newly acquired paddle/hairbrush. Alan further indicated that she followed up with a taste of her leather strap. Alan has modified our 'Notice of Discipline' form and presented it to his wife. Alan was generous enough to share a scanned copy of the form and also has kindly given me permission to share it along with his story.

Alan's e-Mail further described what happened, "the outcome was beyond my wildest expectations." The bottom line is that Alan got spanked by his wife! He further indicated that he hopes to persuade his lovely wife to further his education into the benefits of a FLR. In an e-Mail just received this morning, Alan said that they have ordered a new oak paddle from Woodrage Paddles, a reference to a post in the blog, 'Her Paddle'. He also said that he is worried that he may have opened a 'Pandora's Box' with regards to getting spanked by his wife. Of course, just like with Pandora, you can never go back. I believe Alan will be looking forward to many loving but effective spankings from his wife. If you look close at the form he sent to me, you see comments she wrote at the bottom of the form, "You asked - you got plus a few extra's. I am watching you. Be careful."

Wow! Ms. Christine, you rock!

Further in this morning's e-Mail I also received a follow-up from Ron, who was also described in the 'Summer Heat' post. Ron indicated that he received another spanking from his wife. And that she really likes spanking him. Apparently, she is even texting him with warnings about getting spanked. This couple seems to really be having fun.

And even I am no exception to all the spanking going on. I got spanked by Cora yesterday evening. She bent me over a kitchen chair (a new position we found that works better as it gives her a better 'target'). She proceeded to bare my bottom, then give me a taste of five of the implements on her rack. I can still feel the tingle this morning. Oh, and yes, I loved it. And oh, how I love her.

Yes, I believe there is a revolution in progress. More women are learning the benefits of spanking their men. And their men are falling in love with them. In some cases, for a second time.

Ladies, Spank On!

June 25, 2010

Out of the Shop II- The Straps

On June 18, I described the two paddles that I recently made in my wood shop. I also have made two leather straps with wood handles. The techniques used are similar to the wooden handed strap I described in a post on March 4.

My earlier strap featured a rather thick piece of leather (just under 1/4 inch thick) that was 2-1/2 inches wide. At the time I purchased that leather, I also purchased another piece that was 2 inches wide and thinner (under 3/16 inch thick). The smaller piece was considerably more flexible. My intententions were to explore making some kind of tawse.

The tawse is known as coming from Scotland where schools used them for discipline. It seems to be best known for its use on the palms of a naughty student. The student would hold their palm outstretched with their other hand underneath it for support. The teacher would then apply the tawse vertically onto the palm. Usually the position of the hands would be reversed and another application given. It is my understanding that the tawse was also used on naughty student's bottoms as well.

One of the more famous tawses of the time was the 'Lochgelly'. There are even Yahoo Groups dedicated to the Lochgelly Tawse. One of the characteristics of the tawse is the two or three tails or fingers. The tawses were 20 to 26 inches in length, made out of rather stout leather with the handle end tapered to fit the hand. There were usually two or three fingers cut to a length of about 11 to 13 inches in length. The outer ends of the fingers were cut to a 45 degree angle and there was some detail work in the leather parallel to the edges. More information is readily available through searches on the web and there are a number of tawses available for sale.

I decided to make a sort of hybrid tawse, using a wood handle. For the tawse strap, I reduced a piece of red oak down to 1/2 inch thick. I then used the band saw to cut the slot in the wood. I was unable to get the results I wanted and it was necessary to use a file to widen the slot to the desired width. Also, at only 1/2 inch thick, I fear the part that holds the leather may be somewhat weak. As a result, I decided to make future handles 5/8 inch thick.

After cutting the slot, I cut the rest of the stock into the shape of the handle, 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, and rounded the edges with my 3/16 inch round-over router bit. The handle was given three treatments of stain then finished with my usual clear finish.

A piece of leather 13-1/2 inches long was cut to form the stap. I cut the piece down the middle to form two fingers that were 11-1/2 inches long. The leather receeds into the handle 1-1/2 inches leaving 12 inches of leather extending from the handle. I trimmed the ends of the fingers at a 45 degree angle so that the length is about 1/4 inch. I then ran my beveling tool around all the edges, burnished them and finally applied black dye. I ran a scribe mark about 1/8 inch around the edges as is traditional, although I found this is not as easy as it sounds. Next time I will try a method that can give me more control.

The two fingers of the tawse can produce quite a stinging blow. The fingers sometimes do not track along with each other and the result is that these fingers leave their own individual 'kiss'. I can also attest that their affect on a naughty boy's palms is equally effective.

In addition to the tawse strap, I also wanted to make a similar one but without cutting the leather into fingers. This strap is very similar to the tawse-strap except the handle is 5/8 inch thick as described above. This has turned out to be the ideal thickness for the leather. The finished strap is very similar to the wooden handled strap from the March 4 posting, except that the leather is slightly shorter and much more flexible. I have included a picture of the strap unassembled which reveals the construction. The thicker strap (March 4 version) has characteristics of a paddle and the recent strap is similar to a wide belt.

Cora now has a large variety of implements at her beck and call when she finds it necessary to administer a dose of discipline to her naughty charges. She delights in using a variety of them during a discipline session.
Her Favorite?: ALL of them!

June 23, 2010

Dressing for Power

Men are visual. I think that is a statement that most would agree. A comment in the previous post complemented Cora on her wardrobe. I started think about this and decided to post my thoughts about the way we have portrayed the way Cora dresses in the photos that have illustrated the postings here. Its no secret that I love it when Cora dresses up and especially when she dresses in girdles, stocking and heels.

As the commenter indicated both of us grew up in the 'baby boom' era. And during that era most women wore girdles and stockings (this was before pantyhose) along with dresses or skirts and blouses. Of course, this included all the women in my life who were authority figures: Teachers, my mother, aunts, and grandmothers. It was probably the connection with my teachers (all female until 8th grade) and the possibility of being subject to their discipline that imprinted upon me the connection with the way they dressed and my fantasies of being disciplined by them.
Much has been written about men's fantasies on how their female spanker 'should' be dressed. After all, its a fantasy made up from the male point of view. There are many stories floating around the net about a man being spanked by a woman wearing a stiffly starched white blouse, short skirt, heels. Often the story includes a description of her lifting her skirt, revealing stocking tops, garters a bit of bare thigh and possibly the bottof of her girdle, when she sits in preparation to spank her naughty male. I am no stranger to the details of this fantasy.

Now, in the real world, not very many women dress this way anymore. And even Cora doesn't always dress this way herself. So when I am to be spanked, its possible that she may be wearing flat shoes, and loose fitting top and pants. Not exactly my fantasy but then its not really up to me to decide. Certainly the spanking is no less real.
When I first met Cora, she dressed, well .... somewhat dowdy. But I was attracted to her anyway. Early in our relationship I asked her if she had ever worn girdles, stocking and high heels in the past. She replied that she had and rather enjoyed it. I asked her if she would consider wearing them again. She agreed. I ordered a pair of black pumps from 'Classic Pumps' (awesome shoes in the 'classic' style, not the pointy toes you find in the stores today - and very high quality and comfortable) and we found several sources for girdles and stockings. She hadn't worn these kinds of clothes for quite some time, but fortunately could still wear 4 inch heels and look good walking in them (probably a legacy of her ballet training).

She started wearing her shapewear (new term for girdles!), heels and stockings when we went out and about. Even with pants. When she did, it transformed her. Cora carries herself with much more poise and just radiates her power. I think her self-esteem factor has increased 100 fold. It was amazing to watch her personality take over a room. Even standing in a grocery line, she usually had everyone laughing in stitches by the time we got through check-out. Don't get me wrong, she didn't use her power to overwhelm everyone, instead it was just that people around her seemed to warm up to her. It was some kind of very positive invisible and Magickal energy.
Cora and I still delight in shopping for heels, stockings (especially the full fashioned ones with seams), girdles, skirts, dresses and all the trimmings. I have found the need to expand the space in her closet several times and she now has a wonderful shoe rack that displays her high heels and makes them easily available for 'action' (Cora's other Rack?).
So, yes I am totally prejudiced when Cora dresses this way. And the times I am blessed with being disciplined by her while dressed in this way is an erotic gift of her dominance. It really feeds my submission to her. I am truly blessed to be with a woman who feels empowered by dressing the way she does. I totally understand that other women may not share her enthusiam. The bottom line is this: Did Cora initially dress this way to please me and fulfill my own fantasies? Yes. Does Cora now dress this way because it makes her feel good about herself and gives her a feeling of empowerment? Absolutely!

June 22, 2010

Summer Heat

My calendar indicates that yesterday was Litha (Summer Solstice) and that the moon will be full on Saturday (Strong Summer Moon). However, from what I have seen as comments here and as e-Mails from those of you who follow this blog, a different kind of moon is undergoing a summer scorching.

One of the followers of this blog, Ron has posted comments about the relationship with his wife. It appears that she has finally agreed to spank him. I would refer the readers to his comments (June 19, 'Fear of Blogging') for the description of his story in his own words. It is a very touching and sweet story and is a tribute to his patience. Ron has given Cora and I praise as an inspiration, but it is truly his own actions that have resulted in yet another happy man who is spanked by his wife.
Another follower who comments often, Serving B, described a spanking he received last weekend on his blog. Its worth checking out and he has graciously posted photos of the progression of his night with B. Another touching story of a woman applying loving, caring discipline. In this case some rather intense, caring discipline!

In addition there are countless descriptions on other blogs recounting a woman spanking a man. There seems to be more and more blogs appearing and many of them relate to the FLR world. I have references to some of these blogs but it seems almost impossible to keep up with all of them.
And just today, I received two more requests for our 'Notice of Discipline' form. Its been a while since I have received requests for the form (my offer still stands - e-Mail me if you want a copy in Microsoft Word format), but one of the comments in the e-Mail really caught my attention: "have just got the good wife to agree to spank me on a more regular basis ...."
And so as the summer heat warms the countryside, it appears that new kind of warming is also on the rise. Women in greater and greater numbers are warming the bottoms of their men. And I know that we are all better (and happier) for it.

June 20, 2010

A Trip to the Woodworking Store

Cora and I just returned from a trip to our local Woodworking Store. They hosted an open house as they have recently expanded their operations and we thought we would check out their bigger facilities. The store 'experts' are both men and women and have been really helpful in getting my shop set up and providing all kinds of tips on how to use the tools, finishes etc.
We decided that we would investigate using some different kinds of wood for our next projects and Cora was especially taken by the beauty of two pieces: Bocote (the one she is holding in the picture) and Cocobolo and we decided to purchase them.

Now, its not unusual to see women in this store and there are many women who are experts at working with wood who frequent this store. However, as you can imagine, Cora is a woman who attracts attention, especially dressed in her tight jeans. The man at the check out counter didn't have a chance.

As he was ringing up our purchases, including the two pieces of wood, he asked us what we were going to make with them. Cora came back with, "Why they are going to be made into Impact Therapy Tools". You could see the blush rise on the man's face immediately. Then she quipped, "... you should see the purpleheart one we made for my daughter!".

Life with Cora is always an adventure!

No wonder I keep falling deeper in Love with her!

June 19, 2010

Fear of Blogging

Last Thursday one of my favorite fellow bloggers (Serving B) posted an article about his views on various FLR blogs and how many of the bloggers utilize photos and art to illustrate their points. The analysis of Serving B was incredible and (in my opinion) right on target, especially his point on how actual photos created by the blogger of themselves or their partner can add to the authenticity and make the post much more personalized.

I started this blog in February after retiring from a 38 year career, the previous October. Retirement feels very liberating and we have felt comfortable in sharing actual photos of ourselves with the universe, but understand that many who blog find staying anonymous a necessity. So we have the luxury of adding our personal touch to our posts with the inclusion of pictures of us. Most of the pictures posted have been of Cora by herself (hey, someone has to run the camera and I am still looking to hook up with another FLR couple or individual for assistance with the photography, including the possibility of video). However the recent photo story (May 25 post) was an exception and I can't express how much fun we had producing it. The feedback has exceeded our greatest expectations and we were especially flattered by the reference Serving B made to our photo story and our blog in general. Reading his post felt like being given some kind of blogger's award.

June 18, 2010

Fresh Out Of the WorkShop

I have enjoyed making spanking related implements and have previously featured some of them in previous posts (Purpleheart Paddle - February 24, Wooden Handled Strap - March 4, Leather Strap - March 12 and 'Cora's Rack' - April 10). Its been a while since I have crafted anything and I have missed spending time in my shop.

We have made it no secret about the fact that Cora spanks me and we display many of her 'tools' freely (See description of the display of her implements and 'Certificate of Authority' in March 2, 2010 post). About a month ago, Cora's daughter was visiting and she and Cora were discussing the implements on the rack, specifically the purpleheart paddle. I later had a conversation with her daughter and asked if she would like me to make one for her (note that while Cora and her daughter are aware of each other's activity in the 'scene' neither wants to participate with the other- its their choice and I respect it). "Sure", she replied. I guess I had been looking for a reason to get my hands 'dirty' again but now had a commitment to get to work in the shop.
I am blessed to live in a city that has lots of resources including several woodworking stores that stock 'exotic' wood. The first purpleheart paddle began life as a 3/4 inch thick, 4 inch wide, 24 inch long piece of wood. I wanted the finished paddle to be 1/2 inch thick and reduced the thickness the hard way - sanded it (OK, I did obtain a power sander for this). This time I found a 1/2 inch thick piece that was 3 inches wide and 24 inches long. I really had intended for this paddle to be almost a duplicate of the first one, which was 3-1/2 inches wide, but decided that the loss of 1/2 inch in width would be an acceptable compromise.
When I decided to make the first paddle, I planned to use our 'school' paddle as the prototype. This paddle is made from a lighter wood (I am not sure what) and is about 18 inches long, 3-1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. I had layed this paddle on the purpleheart stock and drew the outline. After rough cutting the paddle, I had Cora 'test drive' it. At this point it weighed around 14 oz, about twice the weight of the school paddle (this was after reducing the thickness to 1/2 inch - Purpleheart wood is quite heavy!). Needless to say, the impact was quite intense and very 'thuddy'. I was beginning to believe it would end up just a showpiece as its affect was probably more than I could endure.
One of the steps in making the paddle was to use a 3/16 inch 'round-over' bit in my router. This gives the curved edge that I wanted. I was still in the very beginning stages of using my tools and ended up trying to remove too much stock in one pass. The result was that I 'blew out' a large piece of wood from the paddle. Fortunately the blow out had occurred about 2 inches from the end. Rather than throw it away and start over (I had quite a bit of time already invested), I decided to remove the damaged portion and salvage the rest. The result was that instead of the intended 18 inch length, the new length was 15-1/2 inches. After smoothing the new edges I had Cora 'test drive' the smaller version. She remarked that it had a much better balance and liked the 'feel'. On my end, the result was something that could be sustained over an extended discipline session. The finished paddle weighs 9.8 oz, a significant reduction from the earlier 14 oz weight and not too much more that the 6.7 oz weight of the 'school' paddle. This was truly a 'lemons to lemonade' story.
Since the 15-1/2 inch length worked so well for the first paddle, I decided that the second paddle would be similar and cut it to 16 inches long. I used the first purpleheart paddle as a pattern for the second one and adjusted the shape of the handle to accomodate the narrower width (3 inches wide vs. 3-1/2 inches wide). A 'test drive' of the resulting paddle demonstrated that it had a similar 'feel' to the first one.
The basic paddle was cut using my band saw. As before, I used my power sander to taper the blade so that the end measured about 3/8 inches wide. My power sander has two parts, a disc and a belt. The belt is 4 inches wide and 36 inches long overall with 2-1/2 inch rollers at each end. Where the sanding belt goes around the rollers provides for a great place to sand the concave edges of the handle of the paddle and makes quick work of removing the marks from the band saw. Once the edges were sanded, I used the 3/16 inch round over bit to round the edges. I have found that feeding just a little of the stock at a time prevents the 'blow out' as mentioned above. I probably made 6 passes feeding a little more stock each time. This process is done by hand and care must be used in feeding the stock to the router bit.

Once the edges have been rounded, I fine sanded it to a smooth finish using 22o grit in the last step. I then began applying 'Seal-a-Cell' clear finish. I apply about 7 coats, fine sanding just a little between applications. On the next to the last coat, I 'wet-sanded' the finish with 600 grit sandpaper, something that was suggested by one of the woodworking store experts as an alternative to using filler. A length of red leather lace was added as a hanger. The result is a smooth, shiny finish, ready for application to a naughty bottom.

Once the paddle was completed I felt it needed something that would protect it. I have used things like tube socks to protect some of the implements in our 'toy bag' in the past but wanted something a bit more 'classy' for the purpleheart paddle. So I enlisted Cora's skills and we located a dark red kitchen towel. She used some of her sewing Magick skills to turn it into an appropriate sized bag and even applied a draw string. I think you will see how nicely it matches the paddle.

What to do with the leftover stock? Well, my thoughts were to make Cora a purpleheart paddle she could carry in her purse (can you ever have too many paddles?). For the design I took inspiration from a paddle we obtained from the Disciplinary Wives Club, a model they call 'Old Reliable'. Thier paddle is made of 3/4 inch oak and is similar to a hairbrush without bristles. I scaled down the dimensions to fit the 8 inches of purpleheart stock I had left over.

The construction of this paddle is almost identical to the purpleheart paddle described above, except that it was left 1/2 inch thick overall with no taper applied. The shaping and finishing were done at the same time the other paddles was made, which saved quite a bit of time in the set-up of the tools.

The finished paddle weighs only 5.6 oz. but has an amazing impact. I thought this paddle would be mostly 'for fun' and to 'show off', but it appears that it can (and probably will) be used for some serious discipline if needed while away from home. Cora showed it off at last Sunday's SMTR Tea and it received great reviews. I was present when one of the women tested in on her hand. I think she smacked her palm harder than indended and probably felt it for a few hours after.

As with the purpleheart paddle above, I thought that a protective bag would be beneficial. This would protect the paddle from sharp objects in her purse and would allow a bit of privacy so that Cora could control who sees it and who does not. When I used to travel for my work, one of the hotels I used to stay at was right next to a liquor outlet. They sold bags of the 'Crown Royal' bags. I had purchased a number of these bags as they work great for protecting microphones in my studio. The bag turned out to be perfect for the purse paddle.

I also constructed two wooden handled straps and will feature them in a subsequent post. As for now, I have been issued another 'Notice of Discipline' and must report of a spanking/paddling shortly.

June 14, 2010

For Whom The Belle Tolls

Yesterday Cora and I attended the SMTR Tea, here in Seattle. This is a FemDomme event where the men serve the women tea and hors d'oeuvres (the quality of a five-star restaurant, by the way). This was the third time we attended (its held every month) and its fun for both the men and women. Its also a place for the women to get to know each other. I am honored that some in attendance are also followers of our blog. We are anticipating the possiblity of getting together with one or two of the couples that participate in this event.

Cora has enjoyed sharing with the group some of the things we have developed including the 'Notice of Discipline' and some of the purpleheart paddles that have come out of my shop. Yesterday, she also shared a photo album of pictures from our photo-story (May 25 posting). It was fun watching the expressions of those who thumbed through it. The expressions of delight at seeing me taken over Cora's knee and spanked with her hairbrush were delightful, especially as the pictures showed my bottom getting redder and redder. Cora is an amazing woman to photograph and her acting skills come through in the photos.

The event yesterday featured a speaker who spoke on 'Defining and Extending Your Service Relationship'. He was a well known member of the community and the presentation was both educational and entertaining.
At one point the presenter steered the discussion towards non-verbal communication to initiate service. Cora brought up a description of a process we use here at home. Cora is interested in collecting antiques and has secured a number of small bells.

She has strategically placed them throughout the house, including one by her bedside, one at the place she normally sits while watching TV and one in her bathroom. If she needs me, all she has to do is ring the bell. One of the advantages of this system is that the sound of the bell penetrates most of the ambient noise and is easily heard by me. It also eliminates the need for her to shout to get my attention . (Its interesting to note that our three English Springer Spaniels have figured out that when they hear the bell, they know I will be immediately heading to attend to her needs. They usually join in on the stampede!)
Needless to say, Cora's description stole the show (at least for a few minutes). I don't think that anyone else in the room had thought of this method and during the resulting discussion, many of the women expressed their delight with this refreshing idea.
I am so proud of her.

June 12, 2010

A Night at the Ballet

Last Thursday I took my Lady to the Ballet. We are lucky enough to live in a city that is able to support the arts and had attended a performance of the 'Nutcracker' a few years back. About two weeks ago she handed me a newspaper clipping describing the current offering by the Ballet Troupe, 'Coppelia'. I looked on line and found that tickets were available and in fact we were able to secure two seats in one of those 'boxes' in the second tier. You trade being above everything for improved privacy and the panoramic view was awesome.

Now I will admit that I am not familiar ballet and its workings but I do appreciate classical music from a live orchestra. However, Cora is very familiar with the Ballet, having been involved both as a child and an adult and still has her Ballet shoes! That really is her in the included pictures.

One of the things that impressed me was that this is a place where women's power is on display. Women are the stars. Women play the main roles and the majority of the lesser roles. There were Goddess statues on display. No wonder that many men avoid attending these events. Another observation was the costumes. The ballerinas wore the traditional dresses and lace and overall did not have much 'sex appeal'. The male dancers, on the other hand, wear rather revealing tights; eye candy for the female attendees. Cora commented that one of the dancers certainly had a very 'spankable' ass.

Overall it was a very Magickal night and the intimacy in the privacy of our box seat made me feel like a teenager in the balcony of a movie theater. (We did behave ourselves ... for the most part!) But being in that environment of so much feminine power was very mind expanding. I loved the reality check I had been provided.

Act IV

Upon our return home, I poured each of us a glass of Port wine and retired to the bedroon where Cora was in the process of getting ready for the night. Cora removed her dress but left her foundations on. Having spent the evening surrounded by all this feminine power and being in the presence of my powerful feminine partner (now wearing a bra, panty girdle, stockings and 4 inch heels, I couldn't help myself. I asked her to spank me. She consented.

I quickly retrieved four implements from the rack downstairs and brought them to her. She commenced to use all four on me. The last one she picked was our 'school' paddle. Now this one isn't the heaviest one and is a bit lighter than some of the others. However, she choose this moment to figure out how to put a 'snap' at the end of her delivery. The resulting 'crack' upon impact sounded a bit like a rifle shot. In the context of everything I found myself highly aroused. This was not a 'punishment' session but a very erotic (and rather severe) act of love from my Lady. The view of her from my point of view was of her hips swaying as she was delivering the kiss of her paddle. Seeing her dressed in her white girdle displaying the curves of her hips and the bumps of the garters holding up her stockings, was indescrible.

She had warmed both my bottom and my heart and we made very passionate love into the night. I then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep, totally satisfied under the spell of her feminine power.

June 9, 2010

The Look

Comments in previous posts have referred to Cora's 'Stern Look'. I agree that she can turn on that look. You know, the look that most women can call upon when we have done something to anger them. The look that reminds us that we are just naughty boys. The look that can bring out guilt feelings that make us just want to melt into the floor.

There have been many references about 'The Look' in many places. One of my favorites was the episode titled 'The Look' in the fifth season of Tim Allen's 'Home Improvement' series. Its a humorous treatment of it but most men I know, always feel a slight tinge as they recall being on the receiving end of it.

For those of us fortunate to be in a FLR, the outcome of an act of misbehavior serious enough for our ladies to invoke 'The Look' is likely to be difficulty for us to sit comfortably for while. For our brothers in other relationships, the effects will likely be drawn out with resentment generated for some time to come (I speak with experience from previous relationships). I much prefer our relationship where my misdeeds are handled, forgiven and then we go on with our life.

It works; and I am a lucky guy to be in this relationship. I especially love it when 'The Look' is displaced with 'The Loving Look'.

June 5, 2010

Notice Issued - Sentence Carried Out

I usually think of myself as a guy who doesn't misbehave very often and I like to think I treat my Lady with respect and attend to her needs. I think she would agree that I take good care of her and generally make her a happy woman.

However, it seems like every once in a while, I slip up and find myself on the receiving end of some very well deserved discipline from her.
Such is what developed over the last seven days.
A week ago (last Saturday) I took her out to dinner at one of the nicer local restaurants. It has a terrific view of the city and we are on first name basis with many of the staff. She loves to dress up and this night was no exception. She wore one of her black cocktail dresses, seamed stockings, heels and a very sexy girdle. I also took advantage of the opportunity to capture her with my camera with the intent of posting the results on some of the other groups I participate in.

We had a terrific time, the meal was awesome, the wine wonderful and the view spectacular. On the way home, she suggested that we stop off at one of the local watering holes. When I was still working, we used to celebrate Friday evenings there and she loved to dress up. It was fun watching the heads turn as she walked back to the table we usually sat at. On this night, they were hosting a band. Since music is a passion we both share, we decided to check them out. The band consisted of a guitar, bass, drums along with a 3-unit brass section (trombone, trumpet and sax). They were accompanied by two female singers. It was amazing that all 8 fit into this small establishment (they didn't even have a stage). We both got caught up in the magick of their music and ended up staying for two sets.
Fast forward to the following Tuesday. We were 'out and about' and I stopped for fuel. I took out my wallet and got out my credit card and proceeded to fuel our vehicle. However, I immediatly noticed that there was something missing from my wallet: my driver's license and Visa card! Oops! Well, I knew that I had transferred them to another wallet that I used on Saturday. No problem! Right?

Well, yes, problem! When we returned home, I located my other wallet. But while my driver's license was in the wallet, my credit card was not. Panic! I immediately called the establishment we had been at on Saturday and luckily, they had my card in their possesion. Off I went to retrieve my card.

Upon my return home, she had a little present for me: One of our Notices of Discipline. I had to admit I had this one coming. I was to be spanked on Thursday!

At the appropriate time, I reported to her in our bedroom. This is a location she usually reserves when I am to be taken over her knee and spanked with her hairbrush, Ferule, SMTR paddle and her small school paddle, all of which hang on her smaller rack in our bedroom (this is the rack that used to hang in the kitchen until we needed more space for the new implements I had made for her).

She layed out her implements on the bed for easy reach and over her lap I went. She proceeded to 'warm me up' with a hand spanking. Next she proceeded to the hairbrush. Now this hairbrush can be as effective as her paddles and she showed me just how effective it is as she light my bottom on fire. She then reached for her Ferule, the SMTR paddle and finally her small school style paddle (its a shorter version of a 'standard' school paddle which makes it easy for the OTK position). This paddle makes quite a smacking sound and she began to entertain herself (at my expense) with the 'tick-tock' sounds it was making as she first hit one side, they the other. I am sure she was keeping accurate time compared with any precision timepiece as she was laying on the swats at a one-second interval. Of course I was feeling like a well-spanked guy by now. Very well, indeed. Finally, she let me up and finished my discipline session downstairs.

I am in the process of making yet another 'tool' for her and the latest product from the shop is a wooden handled tawse. Its not quite done but I brought it up for her to check out and much to my surprise, she decided to use it as part of my discipline (I will post pix of it when its finally finished). It has the traditional two-tails of a regular tawse but a wood handle. The leather is quite supple and really stings. I had finished the edges of the tails and was certainly glad I did as the tails have a way of literally taking a bite out of its target. Ouch! She then finished me off with her strap (the one with the red leather handle). The effects of this strap over my bottom that had been 'bit' by the sting of the tawse, was very intense. It was an amazing combination of sensations with the result that I felt that I had been thoroughly disciplined. I think she did too.
I truly love our relationship!

June 3, 2010

The Potential Rise in FLR

One of the things I have really found to be a benefit from creating this blog is the interaction with many of the readers. This interaction may be by comments that are posted, e-Mail, and chat sessions. Since my retirement, my social interaction from my internet contacts has well exceeded all other sources. Before retirement, my main social interaction occurred through the workplace.

A few days ago, I had someone initiate a chat with me. As it turned out, he was just a year older than me (62) so we had very similar backgrounds and much in common (including a fascination for women wearing girdles and the power they generate - perhaps the subject of a future post). Anyway, I made a comment to him that I thought that while there are many, many men of our generation who strongly desired a FLR, most of them ended up with women who refused to engage with the desires of their spouses. The result is that many of these frustrated men seek professional Dommes to get their needs met or live vicariously through the lucky ones who do have a spouse who does engage in a FLR (such as myself).

However, I have noticed that younger couples, seem to have much more success with setting up a working FLR. Resources (mostly available as a result of the internet) such as the DWC, the SMTR forum and blogs have provided comfortable places for women to explore a FLR (and the potential benefits). There are women who have actually initated the FLR (something almost not-existant in those of my generation). Several women have even established blogs and have so eloquently expressed their views and intimate details with their submissive husbands. I truly believe that there are more and more husbands being spanked by their wives than ever before (as I think it should be).

I would predict that the dynamics in marriages are undergoing a major change and that most people are completely unaware it is happening. If you do a bit of research on the internet, you will find that women are beginning to far exceed men in college enrollment and the numbers are even more favorable to women when you consider those earning degrees. The numbers show that soon, two thirds of college graduates (TWO THIRDS) will be women. Just think, for every male graduate, there will be two women!

I have always felt that women had been repressed in the workplace and I used to take note of the gender differences in the staff meetings I used to attend. I was promoted into management in 1984 and at that time, there may have been only 1 or 2 women included in some of the meetings I used to attend. However, by the time I retired while women were still in the minority, their presence was much more prevalent. I was delighted and my own replacement was a woman!

To my male readers: Note that women are beginning to be more of a factor in leadership roles. I hesitate to use the term 'take over' but in the next 20 to 40 years, I predict women will be in charge of so many things, including our country, our corporations (just in time to save our planet) and certainly their marriages. And I am delighted.

To my Female readers: Get ready to take on more responsibility than your mothers ever imagined. The world will soon be back in your capable hands.

I am not one who follows the traditional religious pathways, but I predict that if the established religions continue to refuse to allow women to take leadership roles, these religions will wither and die. I expect we will return to Goddess oriented religions. And again, I am delighted.

In the past, when I have posted my thoughts about things like this, there were few comments. I would plea to those of you who read this to post a comment. Perhaps many of you think I am just on a soapbox, blowing a large volume of hot air. What do you think?