November 19, 2012

Meeting New FLR Friends

Saturday morning I was delighted to find a e-Mail from the Female half of another couple who has found the benefits of a Female Led Relationship (FLR).  She entitled her message, "Love Your Blog".  Of course this got my attention.

I won't go into details of her message as like so many other couples, they wish to remain 'discreet' and of course, we honor that above all else.  I'll just say that they live in Ohio.  They appear to be open to meeting other couples into the 'Scene' but they are so far away that meeting is (sadly) not likely.  But she did indicate many things we have in common. 

One thing she shared was, "Spanking is a big part of our kink and is still used both in fun role playing settings and as real punishment. Yet, over the years, I started to feel more empowered and took more control including our sex life and even his release." 

Now, I don't carry on with other Women without sharing with Cora.  So when a second message popped up while I was on line and mentioned it to Cora, she immediately said, "I want to see it". 

So, while things may be on the quiet side, it appears that we have befriended yet another couple.  One of the things we have hoped to accomplish with our little blog is to meet other people who live a little like we do and to hopefully encourage other couples to feel comfortable with it.  I guess we can say 'Mission Accomplished' yet again.  Hurray for all of us.

A Preview of Things to Come

Here is Cora holding the latest creation from our wood shop.  More to come, later.

November 11, 2012

Love Our Lurkers - Two Days Late

Many of you have already celebrated 'Love Our Lurkers Day' which was organized by Bonnie (My Bottom Smarts blog).  I guess I am just a little behind, so I'm posting two days late.
I guess Cora will need to apply the appropriate discipline.

But then if you don't leave a comment, you may face her discipline, too.