March 28, 2014

How to Spank Your Man

... and 'Spanking the Male Mind'.

These are two books by Ms. Francy. 

"You want me to do WHATTT?"
"Chances are, if your reading this book the man in your life has asked you to spank him".

This is the opening of Chapter 1 of  'Spanking the Male Mind'.
Its subtitle reads, "The Savvy Woman's Guide to Understanding Domestic Discipline".

"Why Spank My Man?
Three words ... he likes it.
And three more words ... you will too!"

These words of wisdom appears at the beginning of Chapter 1 of  'How to Spank Your Man'.
'How to Spank Your Man' is subtitled "The Nice Girl's Fully Illustrated Guide to Keeping Her Guy Happy".

These two wonderfully composed books by Ms. Francy are written from the female point of view and are directed toward the female half of a couple whose male part wishes to submit to discipline from his lady.  The books are humorous, fun, easy to read and as Cora says, "down to earth".  Ms. Francy also illustrated the books, herself and has graciously given us permission to use some of them here.

We have made references to Ms. Francy's books in several previous posts.  And some of you have been asking for more information.  We added a link to her site where you can purchase them.  Its over on the right side of our blog under the heading 'FLR and Other Resources'.  Go there.  Buy both her books.  Tell her Cora and Ken sent you.  Then give them to your wife or girlfriend and prepare to get spanked harder and better than ever before! (Note: Ms. Francy answers requests for her books manually and may take a day or two for her to respond.  Be patient; its worth the wait).

In the morning hours before Cora rises, I like to surf the web and one of the things I do is read stories.  Erotic stories about men getting spanked by authoritative women.  We have posted articles referring to the 'Library of Spanking Fiction' several times and there is a link to it on our blog, too.  However there are other sites that feature stories of erotic spanking with many of them dealing with women spanking their naughty men.

One of these sites is 'Literotica.Com'.  The stories there are a little of the 'heavier' side and many are probably best categorized as 'BDSM'.  However one day I discovered two stories that are now part of my 'favorites'. 

One of the stories, 'Welcome Home' describes a man who is called away from home on a trip by himself.  Prior to leaving, he tucks a copy of Ms. Francy's book, 'Spanking the Male Mind' under his wife's pillow, hoping she will read it.  Read it she does and the story ends with him returning to find his wife handing him a hairbrush after unpacking with instructions to meet her in the family room.  You probably know how it ends.
Another story by this author, 'The Book' describes the interactions of a couple on a Saturday night who are both in rather bad moods.  After some jousting between them the wife finally agrees to her husbands request to read Chapter 9 of Ms. Francy's book, 'How to Spank Your Man'.  Previously she had put off her husband's request to take him over her knee and spank him.  She reluctantly gives in to her husband's request to read Ms. Francy's book, something she had put off in the past.  What she found was that she became totally engrossed in Mr. Francy's book and her bad mood was quickly changing.

Now, the title of Chapter 9 of  'How to Spank Your Man' is 'Swatting for Beginners'.  It covers the basics of where and how to spank a naughty man safely but thoroughly. 

One of the sections is 'Getting Yourself Into a Bossy Mood' which is exactly what happens in the story.  And as in 'Welcome Home', I'm sure you can figure out the ending of this story, too.

So I was wondering if there was a real Ms. Francy and if the books were real or not.  A quick inquiry of my search engine (I like Dogpile) found a link to Ms. Francy's site.

Wow! There really is a Ms. Francy and her books can be easily purchased from her site.  So I risked a few dollars and invested in them.  They are only available in e-Book form, and since Ms. Francy replies manually, it might take a while until she gets on-line (but its worth the wait!).  I started reading the first book in the series, 'Spanking the Male Mind' and found that Ms. Francy really had me 'nailed'.  It was like she was looking into the deepest, darkest part of my naughty brain and telling me what was there.  And she was telling me things that I didn't even know were there.  But her description of that part of me rang true.  It was almost scary.

"I've got to share these with Cora" was one of my first thoughts.  So one morning over our coffee ritual I told Cora about Ms. Francy's books and asked if she would take a look.  "Sure" she replied, "but I want a printed copy".

So off I went to print out the books.  I even found nice binders for Cora so that she could easily read them at her leisure. 

And read them she did.  With amazing results.  In Chapter 9 of 'How to Spank Your Man, Ms. Francy addresses 'How Hard can you spank?"  The answer in the first line of this section states, "Well, from my experience, its best to err on the too hard side than the too light side."  I know this will resonate with many of the men who read this.  If they are lucky enough to be with women who will spank them, I think that most would wish their wife or girlfriend would spank harder.  Such was the case with Cora. 
Now, Cora has been spanking me for several years and has gotten better and better over the years.  She has really learned how to 'read' me and knows exactly where to apply her paddle or hairbrush.  She can light my bottom up quite nicely. 

However, I had sensed that she would modulate the intensity of her spanking based upon my reaction, both verbal and physical.  If I uttered an Ooo,  Aww, or Ouch and jerked in reaction to a particularly hard swat, she seemed to back off, just a bit.  Naturally, in the moment I couldn't mention that she should spank harder.  And if I mentioned it later, she would acknowledge my observation.
However, it wasn't until she read Ms. Francy's books that she finally realized that she shouldn't back off at all.  It wasn't what I wanted; it wasn't what I needed;  and quite frankly Cora found that she really didn't want to back off either.  In fact I think she now finds that she really enjoys putting the heat to my seat and admiring the results of her discipline efforts.  And I know that Cora loves the stress relief that giving me a good, hard spanking results in and the power rush that accompanies it, too.

So, for us Ms. Francy's books have hit a home run.  They may not be the perfect guide for everyone but I am guessing that there are lots of readers of this blog that they would work well for.  Especially for you couples where the wife or girlfriend may be reluctant to engage in this kind of activity.  Mr. Francy does a great job of explaining that a woman spanking her guy is not an evil activity but instead something to have fun with and that there are benefits to be reaped from spanking her man.  She lists ten benefits in 'Spanking the Male Mind' and goes on to address the changing power dynamics of women in their relationships to their men.

Many of you have looked to the Disciplinary Wives Club for information into the concept of Female Led Relationships.  We have been huge fans of the DWC and have purchased many of their products.  However Ms. Francy addresses 'Spanking Lifestyle Choices' in Chapter 4 of 'Spanking the Male Mind' and discusses the differences between her and Aunt Kay.  One thing she pointed out really hit home with me.  And that is that the eroticism of a woman spanking a man is a good thing.  I have quoted Ms. Deirdre (Spanking My Husband blog) many times with the concept that getting spanked by Cora is an erotic expression of my submission to her.  Yes, there is something erotic for me about getting spanked.  Even if I'm getting spanked as a punishment for some bad behavior.  Ms. Francy's explanation is very clear and concise.  You should read it!
I won't try to re-write Ms. Francy's books here.  She did a better job of that than I could ever hope to.  So if you like what you have read, I'd suggest you hop on over to her website and purchase her books.  She has a 'special price' when you purchase both 'Spanking the Male Mind' and 'How to Spank Your Man'. 

Oh, and Cora and I don't get any compensation from the sales of her books.  All we get is the satisfaction that perhaps there may be a few more women who come to the realization that its only natural to take on the role of disciplinarian of their men.  And that the results include stronger relationships and the fulfillment of greater bond of love.
And finally, Ms. Francy has offered to let me interview her.  She has asked me to submit some questions and agreed to answer them.  So, I would suggest that if you would like to participate in the questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an e-Mail.  I'll compose all appropriate questions along with our own, to Ms. Francy and post the results at a later time.

March 18, 2014

Maintenance Spankings

It took a while to recover from our Holiday season.  We put lots and lots of focus and energy into our light display.  Lots.  However the results were really satisfying and the interaction with people who stopped by was incredible.

So we also back-burnered our spanking activities.  It was just what we did (or didn't do).  So it took some effort to re-start things. 
About a month ago Cora and I sat down and discussed what we both wanted to do to restart things and the conclusion was to initiate weekly maintenance spankings.  Cora had forgotten how much better she felt after spanking me and I was missing the erotic experience of being directed over her lap to be given an application of her small OTK paddle or hairbrush.
As has been described earlier I searched and found not just one but two beautiful Ebony Hairbrushes.  And Cora found that she just LOVED using them on my naughty bottom.  So we decided that Wednesday would be the 'Day of Discipline'.  So far we have kept to our schedule fairly well missing only one Wednesday.  In addition, spontaneous spankings have occurred either as the result of my poor behavior or sometimes 'just because we wanted to'.

Prior to our decision to implement weekly maintenance spankings, I discovered two books authored by a delightful woman, Ms. Francy.  The first book in the series is, 'Spanking the Male Mind' which is followed by 'How to Spank Your Man'.  I highly recommend both and will described more about those two books in a subsequent post. 

So I convinced Cora to read these two books.  Since they are e-Books it was necessary to print them out.  Both Cora and I are old-fashioned in that we like books we can hold in our hands and often read them while relaxing in our bed.  Ms. Francy's writing was very insightful and it was like she was looking deep into the dark corners of my mind.  Her writings were describing me to myself better than I have even been able to accomplish in the past.  I told Cora as much and that she should consider that most of what she read applies to me.

The books are aimed at the female part of the FLR relationship and explains why a woman should not only spank her man but that there are many benefits for her.  She goes to great lengths to explain that its not unusual or 'evil' but natural and a gift of love.  Among the benefits Ms. Francy highlights are, 'Emotionally Healing', 'Fulfilling', 'Fun and Imaginative' and 'Sexy and Stimulating as all Get Out!' 
She also addresses why a woman should spank her man good and hard.  I think that most women who consent to spank their men are afraid of  'hurting them'.  Ms. Francy does an awesome job of explaining why a woman should 'err on the too hard side', and explains that 'Guys like to WITHSTAND things'.  (Ms. Francy's emphasis).  She further explains how men have a need to prove themselves.  As an example, she described a group of her co-workers, 'virile men in their 20's' as having a hot-dog eating contest resulting in 'the privilege of vomiting up everything they cram into their mouths' as a way to prove themselves.

Yes, we are like that.  At least I know I am and from what I have read from other men in spanking relationships with their wives and girlfriends, I am sure I am not alone.  And when I am being spanked I now know why I need to be spanked hard.  Very hard.  And Cora now knows why. 

In the past Cora would modulate the intensity of her spanks based upon my reaction.  If I ooo'd and aaawwwed and said ouch lots, she would back off.  Sometimes she would back off just a little but I could tell she was reducing the intensitity of the way she was spanking me.  I tried to tell her to not let up, but it was only after reading Ms. Francy's books that finally convinced her not to back off.  I also now know myself better and why I want to Cora to administer a 'good hard spanking' when the time comes for discipline.  I am now a much happier man even though its much more difficult to sit comfortably.

There is another tool that I have found that helps Cora 'get into the mood'.  We recently upgraded the TV that we watch in our main living area.  Its one of those 'Smart TV's' and even does 3-D (you should see the movie 'Hugo' in 3-D).  One of the features of this TV is that I can plug a memory stick into a USB socket and the TV will display what's on it.  This includes pictures and movies.  So I loaded a memory stick with pictures of women spanking men, Cora spanking me and videos of women spanking men, mostly in the OTK position and many with ebony hairbrushes.

Just last Saturday after a nice afternoon nap, I set up the videos to play on our TV and waited for Cora to finish dressing and to come join me in our living room.  When I heard her come down the stairs I started the video.  'What's This?' she asked as she sat down next to me.  I just ignored her question and watched her reaction.  I have always know that I am a 'visual' being and love images of things that touch my erotic side and arouse me.  I think that most men are known for that aspect of themselves but it has been my experience that women are affected less by visual stimulation.  I am beginning to realize that may not be the case.  At least with Cora, the visual stimulation works.  And works very well.

After a couple of videos (about 3 or 4 minutes long each), I mentioned to her that she mentioned earlier in the day that I would 'pay' for one of my actions and wondered if she was ready to collect.  I found myself immediately placed over her lap on our couch, my bottom bared and ready to accept the consequences of my mis-behavior (minor as it was).  Cora didn't even start with a hand-spanking warm-up but started with her favorite Ebony Hairbrush.  Of course it hurt but I now know why I like it so much.  She proceeded to spank me 'good and hard' and sometimes traded off her Ebony instrument of Ass Destruction with her OTK spanking paddle.  Its fun to feel the difference but the result is that I ended up with a well spanked bottom.  As I am writing this, a day later, I am still feeling a 'tingle'.  Its fantastic.
So, for you men who read this and have been having difficulty getting our Lady to blister your bottom to your desires, I'd highly suggest that you check out Ms. Francy's books.  With the demise of the Disciplinary Wives's Club they provide a great alternative.  In fact I think that in many ways they may actually be better.

March 16, 2014

Asking Us Questions and Ms. Francie's Books

In our previous post someone had asked about Ms. Francy's Books.  I was unable to contact this person as often the commenter's e-Mail address is not available.  If I click on the commenter's ID, I get something like 'no-reply-comment@blogger, or something like that.  I suppose I could have replied to his comment but I have actually planned a full blog posting on Ms. Francy's books, how I came upon them and how its affected the relationship between Cora and I.

So I'm afraid I have offended the commenter by not quickly responding.  I hope we don't loose them as readers.

So, I have done some 'housekeeping' on our blog.  Over on the right side of the blog are a list if items that we have built into the design of our blog.  First, there is some text describing how we would like anyone to handle our photos.  I have added a line about how to contact us.  Directly below that text is the 'About Me' section.  Until today, this was at the very bottom of the column and perhaps was not noticed by the commenter referred above.  So I moved it to the top.  If you click on the icon or click on 'View My Complete Profile' you get access to our e-Mail.  Please feel free to e-Mail us direct using this address.  We WILL reply.

I have also included a link to Ms. Francy's site under 'FLR and Other Related Resources'.  There are two great e-Books she has published, "Spanking the Male Mind and 'How to Spank Your Man'.  Plugging those titles into a search engine will also get you there.  I highly recommend both her books (currently she is running a 'special' if you purchase both at the same time) and while many of us got our Ladies started in spanking us naughty men from the Disciplinary Wives's Club, Ms. Francy's books are a great alternative.  Especially now that the DWC site seems to be gone.  In some ways I found Ms. Francy's philosophies even more applicable to our own lifestyle.

So please be patient and stay tuned.  I plan on posting articles on the progress of our 'Maintenance Spanking' process and also one about our own experience with Ms. Francy's books.

Spanking the Male Mind

I don't have access to the title pages from Ms. Francy's books so the above drawing by our very own Cora will have to set the scene for now.

March 10, 2014

Ebony & Ivory - A Tale of Two Hairbrushes

Well, at last count Cora actually has eight hairbrushes at her disposal.  And, two of them are really 'bath brushes'.  There is also one duplicate.
In a previous post, I described the acquisition of an ebony hairbrush.  It has become Cora's new favorite and I must say I like the results too.
 When we received the (first) ebony hairbrush we noticed the back was not perfectly flat as we expected but had a slight concave curve.  At first I was a bit alarmed but when Cora tried it out on me, we both found the results impressive.
Cora showing off her first concave-backed Ebony Hairbrush

The ebony hairbrush weighed 5 oz., an increase of about 20% over some of our other wood hairbrushes.  And Cora found the balance quite delightful.  When applied to my naughty backside, it had a natural 'snap'.  Cora said, "It almost spanks by itself".  And the impact produced a rather loud 'cracking' sound, almost the sound of a small firecracker.  And light a fire it does.  We have been attempting to hold weekly 'maintenance' sessions and after reading some of Ms. Francie's books Cora is spanking me much harder.  Something I both want and need.  More on that in a later post.

Cora showing her newest flat-backed Ebony Hairbrush

However, I was wondering if a true flat backed hairbrush might be better.  So back I went and obtained another ebony hairbrush from the same UK vendor.  I made sure that this one was truly flat, in the more traditional wood hairbrush style.  Both ebony hairbrushes are very close in size and the flat-backed hairbrush weighs only 1/4 oz. less.

However the difference in how they feel was quite pronounced.  The curved back Ebony Hairbrush produced a distinctive sting and the sound was much more pronounced.  And the sound seemed to add to the overall effect of getting spanked, something we plan to share through a video in the future.  In contrast the flat-backed Ebony Hairbrush produced more of a 'thud' feel and did not result in the same sound.

Cora showing both of her Ebony Hairbrushes

So as an interest in science, we were able to perform a quantitative study that produced definitive results. (Science Fair project, anyone?) And while Cora favors the original Ebony Hairbrush, she always enjoys adding to her collection.  And you never know when Cora may want to call on another woman to assist her and be able to apply a double lap spanking from both at the same time. (Well, I can fantasize).

So Cora would agree with the mantra that a woman can never have too many hairbrushes, especially the kind that work well in disciplining naughty men. 

Above shows most of her collection including (left to right) the second series of the Nu-West/Leda Hairbrush (we have a second one, too), the first series of the Nu-West/Leda Hairbrush (the one Cora spanked me for our wedding), the curved-backed Ebony Hairbrush, the flat-backed Ebony Hairbrush and an Ivory Hairbrush (OK, its really plastic is made to look like Ivory) that we found at an 'antique' store.  I have had direct 'contact' with each and every one of them and as I think I have stated before, there is no better symbol of feminine authority over a man than her hairbrush. 

Ivory and Ebony
Oh, and on a previous post a commenter mentioned that I should feature the Ebony and Ivory Hairbrushes together in an 'Ebony & Ivory' display.  So above is dedicated to that thought.

And finally here is Cora with her collection showing her sillyside.  Her playfulness is one of my favorite aspects of her personality, and even surfaces during a serious discipline session which only adds to the 'fun side' of her spankings.  Oh how I LOVE this Woman!!!