January 28, 2011

Request For Discipline - A Follow Up

I promised a post about the outcome of my submission of a 'Request for Discipline' form.  My request had indicated a request to be disciplined last Tuesday (January 25).  However, things just didn't jell and the appointment did not happen at the appointed date and time, in spite of me setting up a chair in our living room with Cora's hairbrush placed on it, along with the Request For Discipline slip.

So, it took me by surprise when after one of our afternoon naps, while getting dressed, Cora announced, "Its gone on long enough.  Its time for your maintenance spanking", and literally dragged me to the bed and threw me down.  "Oh, oh", I thought, "I'm going to get spanked".  Funny as I wasn't sure I was really in the 'mood' for one. 

Cora proceeded to unload her 'Bedroom Rack' and laid out her hairbrush, SMTR paddle, her Ferule and her small paddle (perfect for OTK spanking). As is her usual practice, she laid them out on the edge of our bed.

She then sat on the bed and had me position myself over her left thigh, then locked her right leg over mine.  Since watching the Disciplinary Wives Club video a while back she found that this position is most comfortable when administering a OTK spanking.

She began with a brisk hand spanking.  This was followed by her hairbrush.  "Ouch" I exclaimed as she delivered some rather strong strokes.  I am not sure the progression from there but at one point she was using her Ferule.  This is a rather 'intense' instrument that was obtained from the Disciplinary Wives Club.  Its made of thick rubber and has a plastic handle.  Its slightly flexible and Cora was getting a rhythm with it.  On my bottom.  Somehow, she found a way to get it to 'snap' at just the point of impact.  It normally delivers a 'thuddy' feel but her new technique seemed to result in a rather 'stingy' impact.  I could tell she was having way too much fun.  At my expense!

She continued the use of the Ferule and then developed a pattern where she would aim in a circular pattern.  There wasn't much of my bottom that wasn't being spanked by her Ferule.

Finally, she finished up with her small paddle.  By this time, I was nicely warmed up and the chemistry was starting to work in my body.  She started to deliver some rather hard swats with her small paddle and it began to stop hurting.  In fact it started to feel really great.  I love it when Cora can get me to this place as it becomes a rather pleasurable experience. For both of us. And this was a 'for fun' spanking and its part of what we both enjoy.

Finally she tired out and stopped.  She layed back on the bed and I decided to
'reward' her and pleasured her orally.  Oh my Goddess, how I love doing that to her.

After we gathered ourselves from those magickal places we had just visited, I was informed that there may be a follow-up later this evening.  She said that she didn't want her other 'Rack' to get lonely and I have a feeling I may taste the kiss of some of her favorite paddles later.  However, she had me check my bottom in a mirror and I can say that its really red. Really red! Now, we had talked about taking pictures of this session but as it turned out we weren't really 'dressed' for it.  So you will have to settle for pictures from a past session but Cora says the shade of red of my bottom is about the same as pictured.

And as I sit here composing this post, I have a definite 'glow' as a reminder of being spanked by her.  Oh how I love her.  Very, very much.

An Off Topic Aside:

Another one of our interests is Cora as a Girdle model.  In fact a post on September 22, 2010 featured her modeling some of her girdles.  We have participated in several Yahoo Groups that feature the glory days of when women wore them on a regular basis. Fortunately for me, Cora still enjoys wearing them and find them a source of her power. And, I think its safe to say that she has quite a following among the followers of the girdle groups.

Well, today, I had intended to reply to a message from one of the participants on one of the groups, who had indicated an interest in girdles and spanking.  I inadvertently sent my response to the entire group instead of the individual.  Included in that response was a link to this blog.

All of a sudden, several of the groups started to feature women in girdles either being shown as spankers or spankees. 

So, I wish to welcome those of you who have found this blog as a result of our interest in girdles.  I think the idea of being spanked by a woman wearing a girdle is about as erotic as it gets.  Apparently, we am not alone.  In fact, it appears that there are lots of you in our 'group'.  Please leave a comment to let us know that you are here!

And finally:  I received a comment from an anonymous person who signed as 'Virginian'.  If you are the one who developed that wonderful girdle site, 'Zona' I would appreciate a private e-Mail.  You can find it in my profile.  But your site was one of the absolute best on the subject.  And I owe you much as you were part of the inspiration that got me to taking photos of my beautiful Cora and also part of what got me to start this blog.  My sincere thanks.  And we have much more in common than just girdles, spanking and Springer Spaniels.

Follow-Up to the Follow-Up

Well, as promised, Cora bent me over our kitchen table and reverted to her 'Main Rack'.  I definitely tasted most of the paddles and straps from her 'Rack'.

She started with one of her lighter leather paddles and proceeded to use all of the leather on her rack.  'Ouch'.  She then started to go for the wood.  First she choose her Purpleheart paddle and proceeded to introduce me to its 'kiss'.  Now the Purpleheart paddle is rather heavy and can deliver quite an impact, and Cora made sure I felt its impact.

Oh, and did I mention that first she instructed me to put some music on.  I know that when music is 'requested' that I am 'in for it'.  Cora absolutely loves to spank me to a rhythm developed by music.  In this case, I put on a mixed disc of Northwest Rock and Roll and I was getting paddled to the beat of the Ventures, Dave Lewis and the Wailers.

Cora decided to take a break.  Funny thing is that she was so 'into it' that when she set down her cocktail glass, she broke it!  I guess that she had not realised that the glass was not part of the paddling of my backside.  We both had quite a laugh over this incident, but I knew that it was 'my fault', of course.  Who else could take responsibility?

Anyway, Cora then instructed me to bend over the table once one and finished me up with more of the wood paddles.  So here I sit a well paddled (and very happy) man.

And once more:  Cora I LOVE YOU!!!!!


January 24, 2011

Request For Discipline

One of the earlier posts on this blog concerned a 'Notice of Discipline' form that I had created.  I had almost given up on composing it but Cora really liked the idea and 'inspired' me to finish it.  It was first presented to the group last April and I have received dozens of requests for a copy of the file.  (Note: the blogger software doesn't let me post Microsoft Word files).  I have received lots and lots of feedback and it appears that there are more men getting spankings by their wives as a result.  It has been a great success story!

Several readers have requested I compose a modified form that would allow them to present it to their Ladies as a 'Request for Discipline'.  Well, I finally did it.  I have attached a JPG of this form so that you can take a look at it.  Again, I would be happy to share this form with you, should you find that it might fulfill your particular situation.  Of course, it could be further modified as needed, although the form is rather sensitive to changes.

In order to try it out, I filled out a form I printed out and presented it to Cora.  It has been a while since she has delivered a 'serious' spanking, and I put it in the form of a 'formal' request.  I will post what happens!

January 18, 2011

Cora, The Principal

Yesterday, our good friends, Bogey and Bacall at 'Our Bottoms Burn' published a very interesting post, "Taking a Hit For Charity".  It featured a role playing scenario in a school setting where various women portrayed different roles and could be engaged to spank you.  The idea was that this would be a way to raise funds for charity. As my own beginnings involved my fantasies about being spanked by my female teachers, I found this post to be most titillating.  Their blog is listed to the right and I would suggest a visit.

Well, we were honored when we were asked if they could use Cora to portray the Principal.  Their post also includes many other familiar woman who spank.  Of course, my mind went into fantasy mode when viewing all these images.

So, its no accident that I thought more of Cora in the role of Principal.  Here is what might happen if you were sent to her office to be disciplined:

She would start by giving you a stern lecture.

Next she would take you over her knee for a session with her hairbrush.  Of course, she would first hike up her skirt to minimize the wrinkling.

If your behavior warranted it,
perhaps you might get paddled.

Do you think she is enjoying paddling you?

Or, she might have you follow her
to her private chambers.

"I caught you following too close!"

"Do I need to double your Paddling?"


"Come Here!"

"... and bend over this stool."

Then after some time in the corner,
she would beckon you...

... over her lap.

And this is the view you have just before
she delivers the final part of your spanking.

January 13, 2011

Prostate Health

This post will be a bit off topic but I do hope that it connects to some of the readers of this blog.

Disclaimer:  I am not a Medical Professional and the following are mostly opinions expressed by me.  Any medically related issues should be discussed with a physician.

I am a Cancer Survivor.  In late 2002 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  At first it was quite a shock.  I was especially fearful of losing my sexuality, something very important to me.  I am sure that the regular readers of this blog know that.

Once I made it through the 'denial' stage, I started to gather up resources.  I decided that since the diagnosis had been made early, I would take the time to research my options.  The Urologist who provided me with the diagnosis recommended surgical removal.  However, I did not like the odds of losing my sexual abilities and decided to look further.  I investigated external radiation treatment and radioactive seed implantation.

The physician that I consulted with who represented the radioactive seed implantation option, really impressed me.  He spoke of preserving the 'quality of life' aspects along with 'curing' the cancer.  He didn't promise that I would have full sexual function but his attitude towards men's sexual functions eventually led me to choosing this procedure.  I really chose the physician more so than the procedure.  I underwent the procedure in March, 2003.

One of the things he spoke of was of 'sexual exercise'.  He said that the 'use it or loose it' saying is no myth (its one of the reasons that we don't practice 'chastity' in our FLR).  In fact he spoke of the fact that many men experience an erection in the early morning hours which is the bodies' natural exercise regimen.  Happily, it still happens to me!

I hadn't seen the physician who performed the seed implant procedure for a couple of years but have kept annual physical examinations as a priority.  My General Practitioner is a very attractive female and I have found her to be very good at what she does.  With her help I have brought a high blood pressure issue under control and now have great cholesterol numbers.  This was done mostly with 'natural' medications. 

Each year, usually in December, I schedule a 'full' physical.  Of course this includes getting a PSA reading and the 'dreaded' prostate examination.  Now, I have to admit that the prostate examination from her is a much more pleasurable experience than it used to be and its been fun to joke with her about it.  Well, this time, she felt something and suggested I follow up with the specialist who performed my seed implantation.

About a week ago, I saw the specialist.  His examination resulted in noting that what my physician felt was nothing more that the seeds, themselves.  But we did have quite a discussion as a follow up to the procedure which occurred almost eight years ago.  He asked me about my sexual functions and my response was that things were fine and working quite well.  He then went on to speak of the results from other patients and that my outcome was typical of others who had undergone the same procedure.  And he re-emphasized the importance of keeping active.

During my discussion with him, I mentioned that part of my sexual success is due to my wonderful life partner, Cora.  I also mentioned that we have a blog that has been rather successful and gets read by quite a few.  I even shared the fact that it deals with Female Led Relationships.  He then suggested that I tell my story on our blog and offered his permission to name him.  This Good Doctor is Peter D. Grimm, DO and he can be found quickly with an Internet search.  He indicated that he would be happy to discuss these issues with anyone.  In fact he is co-author of a book on Prostate Cancer, 'The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book' and is available from Amazon.

I would also offer myself to anyone facing Prostate issues.  Its good to talk with someone who has 'been there'.  My e-Mail address can be found in the profile which can be found on the blog.

January 3, 2011

Birthday Spanking???

By now we hope everyone has survived the holidays and are having a great beginning to 2011.  In addition to celebration the new year on January 1, I also celebrate my birthday.

One would think that we would utilize the traditional 'birthday spanking'.  In fact its been a while since Cora has used the tools off her rack, so I was actually looking forward to the event.

However, we were hosting Cora's grandkids over New Year's eve and it was after 3PM on New Year's day when they departed for their home.  Now, Cora really puts alot of her energy into her grandkids and often is left drained when their visit is over.  New Year's day was no exception and the promised birthday spanking was 'postponed'.

Last night I was chatting with one of the men who I have gotten to know through my interest in spanking.  Turns out we have some other interests in common, too.  Well, one of the first things he asked was 'Standing or sitting'.  In a previous chat with him, I shared my expectations for a birthday spanking from Cora and he was curious as to how it went.  Naturally my response was 'sitting'.

Later last night, as Cora and I were enjoying each other's company, I shared some of the topics of my chat.  Including the comment about 'sitting'.  She indicated that my birthday spanking would still happen.

It was at that time that a comment slipped out of my mouth: "But its not the same when its not on my birthday!"  Oops!  I guess my cheeky comment had unleashed something in her.

I then found myself being grabbed and led into the kitchen area.  I was then bent over the table and could sense that Cora was grabbing one of her tools from her rack.  The impact of her first stroke told me that this was going to be a serious punishment spanking.  I held on for further strokes and reminded myself to breathe.

Cora continued to punish me with two or three of her paddles and straps.  And this was indeed a punishment spanking.  She then, rather unceremoniously removed the pants I was wearing leaving me bare bottomed and feeling very exposed.  She then continued picking out several of her tools and applied them to my bottom, quite hard.

Cora and I use 'safe words', specifically the red-yellow-green system.  We feel that this is a good thing and provides for the handling of emergencies.  You never know when a muscle might cramp up when being bent over, or something of that nature.  Now, I can't remember ever invoking a safe word, not even 'yellow'.  However, I have sensed that Cora will ease up a bit if I begin to vocalize my reaction to her spankings.  But not this time.  Even though I was ouching and ooo-ing, she kept up the intensity.  The last implement she chose was the Nu-West Spencer paddle.  Its the one Cora is using in this picture from a previous spanking.  It has the largest surface area of any of our paddles and with the holes drilled into it, can really land a hard impact on a naughty bottom.  Cora really layed it on me with her Spencer Paddle; perhaps the hardest strokes she has ever delivered. 

After the spanking, and after I had time to catch my breath, we talked about what happened.  She shared with me that she really felt good about spanking me for my comment and it had resulted in the release of much stress (and probably a little bit of anger).  I told her that I knew I had deserved the paddling, that I had spoken out of turn and probably needed to be held accountable for it.  And I also pointed out how satisfying it was to be 'properly spanked'.  I also mentioned that I had not used any of our safe words. 

I think that one of the Ladies who had contributed to the forum at the Disciplinary Wives Club had quoted Aunt Kay as saying 'a spanking is supposed to hurt'.  I couldn't agree more.  I still don't fully understand the dynamics of my own fascination for being spanked, but I do know that I have a desire and need to be spanked.  And this time, Cora did provide a 'proper punishment spanking'.

Cora and I have been in a relationship for over five years, now.  And it seems like it just gets better and better.  And we seem to fall more and more in love with each other.  Especially when we are able to so openly discuss our feelings with each other.  The discussion left both of us aglow (OK, there was another part of me that was glowing, too).

Oh, and Cora has informed me that I still have a birthday spanking coming!