February 28, 2015

Shopping For Panties Should Be Simple - Right?


A week ago I posted about our little panty shopping trip and my discovery of the joys of wearing panties.  I've almost converted to a full time panty wearing guy.  However we still needed to round out our collection of new panties.  And even though I could wear the white pair we purchased during that panty shopping spree, I found that I really need the next size up.
Panties Originally Purchased For Me

Since we only found one pair of panties in black for Cora at the Mall, we thought we'd do a little shopping on-line.  We dialed into the web site of the store from which we had made our purchase earlier in the day.  It didn't take long to find the same ones on their site and we ordered about a half dozen for Cora in her preferred color black and one pair in white for me in one size larger.  We completed our purchase and expected that in five or six days the panties would arrive.


Tuesday morning I received notification that the order for Cora's black panties had been cancelled.  Apparently my single pair was still in stock.  I called the service number to confirm that Cora's panties were no longer available and to find out when my pair had been shipped.  Turns out that my pair had not even been shipped.  And this was almost a full week after placing our order.  It seemed to me that we'd have to go back to square one so I just cancelled the entire order.

Now I understand the logistics of their business but it seems like it took a long time for them to notify me that they were out of stock black panties.  And why did their web site show them as 'In Stock' when we visited their site??? No wonder some of the old established stores are struggling to stay in business.

OK, off to good old Amazon I went.  I found the same Vanity Fair panties in both sizes and both colors.  I decided to make sure Cora had a good supply and ordered ten pair for her.  I ordered a few for me and placed my order.  That was the three days ago.

I've always had good luck with Amazon and have found that things usually get shipped right away.  Usually.  But up until this morning our panty order was in some kind of limbo with the status showing 'Preparing for Shipment'.  This morning the status changed to 'Shipping Today' but so far we haven't received notification that they have actually shipped.  I can only hope that they will be on the way.  Until they arrive I'm just going to have to be happy with some of Cora's 'Hand-Me-Down' panties.

Oh, and in that same post I mentioned that I might try some 'SpanX' too.  Well, I did order two different pairs - a week ago!  I did receive the confirmation of shipping but the tracking seems very strange.  One pair shows 'arriving shipping partner facility' and the other 'arrived at the origin sort facility'.  So I'm not even sure they are on their way at all.

So is it just me or is the Universe in 'Park'? And why should shopping for panties be so difficult??????

February 27, 2015


This Just In:

Hermione just posted a link to an announcement from the Google blogger team.  The announcement reads as follows:

Hello everyone,

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback.  

The Blogger Team

Here is the link to the announcement:

Thanks to Hermione for posting this information and thanks to anyone who took the time to post on the blogger forum.  The influx of forum posts apparently resulted in changing their mind.

Hurray for us.

This Blog will now return to its regularly scheduled programming.   Really!!!

February 25, 2015

Censorship - A Follow-Up

It was just after noon on Monday (just two days ago) that we received the notification from the blogger group at Google announcing their new policy regarding the display of adult photos and videos, specifically "no longer allow blogs that contain sexually  explicit or graphic nude images or video"  Our post in response to their announcement contains the full text of their new policy.

Yesterday I spent some time on the blogger forum and found a flood of inquiries regarding this issue. Its obvious that their announcement stuck a nerve in many of us who post adult material.  Unfortunately there is very little specific answers to the questions posted.  Most importantly, the issue of what constitutes 'sexually explicit or graphic nude images'.  And who gets to make the decisions.  Instead, replies from the blogger representatives like, "Worry about what happens, when it happens.  The fact is, nobody know what will happen - because you have one month, to clean up your act.  And nobody knows what will happen, during that month." and "All of these blog owners have different questions - and not all of them have been answered, yet."

Perhaps the level of frustration was coming out from one of the reps when trying to answer what was the meaning of the terms as addressed in the new policy and the FAQ's came out with the following reply: "Unfortunately, too many people object to the FAQ, as "vague and useless", among other less objective terms.  Unfortunately, it's what we have to work with."

In many ways I felt sorry for the reps trying to answer questions beyond the resources available to them.  Obviously they were left with nothing but chaos and whomever made these policies did not provide them with details of how it was intended to be applied.  Indeed, "Unfortunately, it's what we have to work with"!!!???

I submitted my own question on the forum.  Hoping to elicit a real answer I held back my frustration and submitted a question with a positive attitude.

me  Level 1 (Spankedbywife)
Feb 24
Today is the fifth anniversary of our blog, SpankedbymyLady.blogspot.com.  We have been hosting a blog that encourages people to adopt a Female Led Relationship (FLR) lifestyle.  We don't consider our content (all generated by us) to be graphic in nature however we do post photos of my wife spanking my bare bottom.  No genitals are displayed in these photos.
Your new policy does not well define, "sexually explicit or graphic nude images".  Also your new policy indicates that you'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or   where there are other substantial benefits to the public.
Which is it?  We like to think that our blog fits into some of the exception categories.
We have enjoyed five years of you providing a wonderful tool for us to use and all for free.  However, if we would be in violation of your new policy, its likely that we would go elsewhere.

Apparently it worked as later that evening I received the following reply:

B. YeeExpert - Google Products10 Best Answers
Feb 24 (12 hours ago)
Hi Ken,
Thanks for taking the time to post here. Just to let you know, while I'm not sure about your specific case the general guidelines are here: Blogger Content Policy
I'll also mention Blogger content policy change - porn is going away which is where we'll be posting updates/answers about common questions that users like you have.
From the information that you provided (I have not visited your blog), as long as you maintain the adult interstitial you probably can continue without needing to set your blog to private.  This is not a guarantee that the Blogger Team will take no action concerning your blog.
If you do decide to move to another platform we respect your decision and hope that you'll continue to freely express yourself.
Hope this helps you understand more, and sorry I can't offer more clarification.

(Note that the Bold Blue were hyperlinks in the forum reply but don't work here).

So I did receive a reply but it really didn't answer my questions.  The good news is that he did indicated that we can PROBABLY continue without being set to private.  However, later in the reply, he mentioned that "this is not a guarantee that the Blogger Team will take no action concerning your blog."

So at this time we plan to continue with our blog.  My bare bottom and all.  I guess that bare bottoms are not as bad as other parts of the anatomy.  After all mainstream TV sometimes shows the bare bottoms of babies.  Is my bottom that much different.  Well maybe a few pounds and that red color.

However just to have alternatives, we have secured 'WWW.SpankedbymyLady.Com'.  So we will be prepared to set up a website there and continue.  Or we could rely on Tumblr to post our more 'offensive' photos.  At this time it appears that almost anything goes there, but its still under control of someone else.

I've seen this issue pop up in several places including Hermione's Heart blog and a topic on FetLife.  I would invite any other bloggers to chime in.  Also the blogger forum is located here:

Watch this space!

We now return this blog to its regularly scheduled program!

February 24, 2015

Fifth Anniversary Spanking Spectular - Part I

Its hard to believe but today marks the five-year anniversary of our little blog.  Our first post was simply:

This is my first venture into the world of Blogging.

I am a 62 year old male, newly retired and partnered with a wonderful Lady. We live in Seattle, WA. Together, we have ventured into a 'Female Led Relationship'. I am hoping to describe our relationship from my own point of view and see where this goes from there.

And now five years have elapsed!  Of course I'm no longer 62 but I'm still together with that wonderful Lady.  Over the course of five years we've shared lots of aspects of our relationship and I hope have helped convince some of the women out there that spanking your naughty mate isn't so abnormal after all.

And I continue to get spanked by Cora.  A couple of posts ago we described how we were going to schedule a session on what was last Saturday, not for any particular reason other than to emphasize that Cora is still in charge.
Cora Preparing Her Selection of WAD's
Indeed that session went right on schedule and took enough photos to put together another one of our Photo Story Posts.  In fact there were so many photos that it will be posted in two parts.  In the first part, Cora takes after me with her OTK Spanking Paddle and her Ebony Hairbrush.  In the second part I bend over the table and Cora delivers some rather hard discipline with her full sized Spencer and PurpleHeart paddles.
Are You Staring at Me?

So as pictured above, Cora set up her selection of spanking implements to be ready and handy.

Yes, Definitely My OTK Spanking Paddle

And Of Course My Favorite Ebony Hairbrush
Why am I Happy?  'Cause Someone's Gonna Get a Spankin!
Armed with her WAD's of choice, Cora called me for my discipline session.  I was looking forward to it and immediately reported to her.  She sat on our couch and over her knee I went.  She first spanked me with her OTK Spanking Paddle.

At this point it was still Panties Up, as you can see.  As noted before, Cora likes to spank a bit harder when I'm wearing panties.

The OTK Spanking Paddle was followed by Cora's Favorite Ebony Hairbrush and down came my Panties.

The Ebony Hairbrush is heavier than any of Cora's other Hairbrushes and it really leaves a sting.  It also has a quite loud 'crack' when it connects.  My senses were on overload but I was really enjoying the discipline from this Goddess.

Cora, the Happy Spanker was really enjoying spanking me that day.

As usual, Cora's personality really came out in these photos.  I just love the determined look on her face in this one.

I don't think any of our previous photos show my naughty bottom as red as these photos do.

Finally, Cora concluded this phase of my discipline.  I must admit that I wanted more.  But not to worry, I would be facing Cora's paddles soon.  Look for part two of our Spanking Spectacular in a few days.

February 23, 2015


The document below appeared in Leda's publication of Ma'am #1 as published in 1987.

I have heard that Ed Lee fought hard to prevent his publications from being Censored and for the most part appears to have been successful.  Thus he left us a legacy of some wonderful videos and publications that we all cherish to this day. It may be a bit difficult to read the fine print from that document but it describes the attempts by the Meese Commission and the 'New Right' movement against free expression of all sorts.  Of course this was during the Conservative Regan era.

I try to keep my politics out of our blog as I know that its read by people all over the political spectrum, however I received an e-Mail from the blogger group at Google that has seriously upset me.  So here comes a political rant.

Here are the first two paragraphs from their e-Mail:

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content  
Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually  
explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity  
presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or  
where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking  
action on the content.

First I want to say that I appreciate being able to post our blog using their resources, especially since they don't charge me a fee for such privileges.  That said I must admit that I'm quite upset.  There are some very nebulous and even conflicting instructions in their missive.  For example, just what constitutes "sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video"?  And who gets to choose?  Someone like Mike Huckabee or the American Family Association?

And what do they mean by saying the "we'll STILL allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts ...".  Which is it?

Here is the third paragraph:

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this  
policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified  
as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted,  
but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the  
blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

So it appears that they will shut down public access for any blog they believe violates their new policy even though it is not clear what would violate their policy.  And don't they already have an 'Adult Content' warning and gateway in place?

We don't publish photos that show much nudity but we have (and will) publish photos of my bare bottom getting spanked.  And there has been (and will continue to be) photos of Cora in her sexy and oh so powerful girdles.  Will the images of my bare bottom violate their policy.  How can I find out?  Do I just keep publishing and wait for them to shut us down?

I know that other bloggers read this and I hope we see a dialogue develop on what we can do and our options.  It does sound like the only things their policy affects will be images and videos, so for those who only post text there will be nothing to worry about.  However we are very proud of the images and videos we create.  In fact tomorrow we'll be posting what we think is one of our best ones and yes, it will include photos of my bare bottom getting spanked.

Do we abandon the Google blogger?  We've got five years invested in their resources.  And if so are there other blog hosts that won't be so reactive to the right wing?

Welcome back to the era of Censorship!

February 21, 2015

Shopping For Panties - A Follow Up

We've gotten quite a response from yesterday's post on shopping for panties.  I decided to follow it up with another post to address a few of the comments, address an observation from Ms. Barbara of Scarlett Hill and to relate a story Cora told me last night regarding boys and panties.

First, Ms. Barbara viewed our post and complemented us on the photo of Cora holding up the pair of black panties.  She mentioned that she might like to use it in some of their future publications.  So I went into the archives and pulled out several other photos from that same photo session.  Ms. Barbara, you are more than welcome to use any of our photos in your great publications.

In less than 24 hours we have received some wonderful comments which deserve replies:

Merryslave - I found your blogs and you do indeed have quite a collection of panties.

Respecting Mistress - You mentioned the erotic feeling in wearing women's panties.  I agree.  And I'm not sure that I would want to hide the pantie line.  And as far as wearing our wives panties, right now I'm wearing a pair that is essentially a 'hand-me-down'.

Archedone - Wow, I didn't realize you are one of the 24/7 pantie wearing guys.  And as you indicate that Mistress R loves the way they look on you, Cora would agree that she likes seeing me in panties and also likes the way they feel on me.  And good luck on your Saturday Spanking day!

Bogey - Indeed its a rather exclusive club but I'm glad I've joined.

Baxter - While you are shopping at Kohl's with your wife, why not do what I did and hand her a pair.  If she asks, just say they aren't for her!  And I haven't forgotten your question about why Cora wears Panty Girdles.  I plan on addressing that issue soon.

Sara e - I was initially a bit concerned about posting my interest in panties but with the influx of positive comments, I've gotten much more comfortable with it.  And I have certainly gotten more comfortable wearing them!  And your observation, "Nothing like getting a spanking in my panties" certainly resonates with me, especially after my experience with Cora's paddles on my pantied bottom a couple of days ago.

Comments just keep coming in.  Here is a updated reply just received:

Mr. Bill said, "As many men can attest to, a fascination with women's panties rests with many (all?) men."
Well based on the comments it appears there are indeed lots of men fascinated with women's panties. And based upon your comment it appears that you wife makes you wear them occasionally.  Welcom to the club!

Shelly's Tom said, "Cora, with your habit of wearing elegant girdles, and Ken's heartfelt appreciation of that fashion choice, I'm amazed that you have not gone beyond panties with a bit of lycra to full-in high-waist boned and zippered panty girdles for Ken'
Well we just happen to have exactly that in our closet.  Turns out that one day while going through some travel bags we came across a zippered Panty Girdle.  It was something that I had purchased for a former lady friend, long before I met Cora.  So, it had been stashed away for a number of years.  Turns out that it fits me just fine.  It even has six garter tabs.

And just a while ago, I pulled the trigger on two different styles of SpanX.  So soon I'll be Spanked in SpanX!

Cora's Pantie Story

Last night Cora related a memory that was inspired by reading yesterday's post and I thought it was too good not to share with you.  The incident occurred during her High School days.  It seems that many of her friends would communicate with each other on the telephone to determine whose parents would be gone on a Friday or Saturday night.  The main purpose was to find a place to gather where the music could be turned up.

It seems that one time one of Cora's male classmates asked if he could have a little 'private time' with her.  Cora said, "Sure" and they went off to an unoccupied room. Cora was a bit surprised by his request, "Can I have your Panties?"  After getting over the shock of the request, she replied, "Sure".

She then removed her jeans and the panties she wore underneath and handed her panties to him.  He expressed his gratitude and then brought them up to his face and inhaled her scent.  Cora decided that she could go 'commando' the rest of the night and let him take them home.  Seems as though that's all he wanted from Cora.  She left the room but he stayed behind for a few minutes and I'm sure that we all can guess what he did during that time!

Cora was so flattered at the request for her panties that one time she saved a pair that she had worn and gave them to him!

So I'm still in for a session of Cora's Day of Discipline.  She is already in the process of getting ready.

More to come on that later.

Update at 5PM today:  Cora did discipline me.  Quite soundly as it turns out.  And we have the photos to prove it!  Look for the story in a few days (I need to edit the photos).

February 20, 2015

Shopping for Panties

OK, I have to admit that I had to muster up a lot of courage to write this post and even more to publish it.  It concerns a side of me that I feel just a little 'shy' about.  Just a little.

I know that its no secret that most men have a fascination for women's panties.  I have heard stories (confessions?) from many men.  Lots of them deal with browsing through the pantie drawer of a sister, aunt or some other relative.  Others concern the laundry hamper.  You know what I mean!

So I don't feel alone in my own interest in a woman's panties.  In fact we've published a post or two concerning my own fascination that now mostly is focused on Cora's panties.  After all there is a reference to 'Panty Stealing' on our Notice of Discipline Form and I've had my bottom paddled a few times for committing that crime.

Two days ago we had an appointment with a Veterinarian for our twelve year old Springer Spaniel, Vixen.  She looks just like the winner of the Best in the Sporting Group at Westminster this week and earned her own championship a number of years ago.  She, like our other two Springers, are very special to us.  Last month Vixen had a growth removed surgically and it showed some bad stuff, although contained.  The appointment two days ago was for an Ultra-Sound to make sure that there wasn't any other bad stuff that might need our attention.  Fortunately nothing bad showed up and we expect to be blessed with many more years with our pup.

The procedure was expected to take three or four hours so we had some time on our hands.  We decided to catch up on some shopping opportunities and a nice lunch together.  Off to the Mall we went.

Now Cora has been wanting to purchase some new panties for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  We checked out a couple of department stores and she was able to find a pair of Vanity Fair panties that she liked.  She liked them a lot but alas we could only find one pair in black, the color she prefers.

Since I was holding onto some other items she found, Cora handed her pantie-find to me.  I suggested that she grab a pair of the same thing in white.  "You know I don't wear white panties", she said.  "Well, maybe they aren't for you", I replied.  Her reply was a devious grin and she handed me the white pair.

Off to the check-out counter we went.  There was no reference to who was going to wear the panties during the check-out process and we completed the transaction.  Other stores had similar panties but none in black.

Upon arriving home, Cora modeled her new panties and a black bra that she had found.  She said that she really love the feel of the panties.  Turns out they are 22% Spandex and 78% Nylon.  I think her previous panties were mostly nylon.  That particular blend resulted in something she really liked.

OK, I couldn't resist.  I tried on the white pair.  OMG!  Now I knew what she meant.  The feel can only be described as the most erotic feel in any underwear I have ever experienced, men's or women's.  How is it fair that women get to wear all the cool stuff?

Up until that moment, my interesting in wearing women's panties was totally focused on wearing panties that had been previously worn by Cora and then only when Cora instructed me to wear them.  I didn't find an interest in just wearing women's panties.  However in that one moment, I realized that I may be wearing them more often.  Much more often.  And thanks to a reference in Scarlett Hill's 'No-Nonsense Ladies' #58 regarding a wife who put her husband in 'Spanx' for a caning, we may even be in the market for them, too.  Imagine, 'Spanked in Spanx'!

I have the pleasure of chatting with two men who classify themselves as Cross Dressers.  Both wear panties exclusively and have shared their stories of pantie shopping and how they have amassed quite a collection.  I think that now I understand.

Oh, and I think I found another advantage.  I started wearing some of Cora's old panties yesterday starting with the first thing in the morning.  Prior to her rising I turned on our television and loaded up a USB memory stick that contains copies of some of the photos and videos I've captured from the net.  It amazes us at the number of photos of women spanking men.

So when Cora came down the stairs, she was confronted with a 'slide show' of photos of women spanking men on the TV.  She sat down to enjoy the show and a little later I played a couple videos too.  I know I was getting her attention and giving her lots of inspiration.  Lots.

After our morning coffee she retired to her bedroom to get dressed for the day.  Turns out I was chatting with one of my cross-dressing friends.  I had described Cora's movements and told him that I though I'd end up getting a spanking.  So we carried on chatting making guesses as to how she would be dressed when she returned (he, like me is a big fan of Cora when she dresses in girdles).

Cora's Riding Crop

Soon Cora appeared dressed in some of those tight, spandex leggings, boots and the black bra she had just purchased.  She had a riding crop in her hand and was slapping her other hand with it, making quite a slapping sound.  I quickly described Cora's entry to the room to my friend and then signed off.

Cora had me bend over the table after instructing me to bare my bottom.  I suggested that she leave the panties on me for now.  She agreed and began to put her crop to work on my pantied bottom.

Cora loves a variety of implements and shortly had gone through her collections of leather paddles and straps.  It included our 'Canadian Prison Strap' which is quite intense.  She then reached for her Spencer Paddle.  It was at this time that I retreated temporarily to gather the new, white panties.  Oh how erotic they felt!

Cora in Action With Her Spencer Paddle

Back downstairs and bent over the table, Cora started applying her Spencer Paddle.  Now, since reading Ms. Francy's books Cora has been spanking me much harder that previously.  However for reasons I don't understand (and don't care that I don't understand) Cora was paddling me even harder with the panties still covering my bottom.  And I do mean harder.  I certainly acknowledged the fact that the panties did reduce the impact of the paddle a little but Cora's harder paddle swats more than made up for it.  Wow, I was getting a first class paddling.

Cora Selecting Her PurpleHeart Paddle

Cora then went for her PurpleHeart paddle.  Its heavier than the Spencer and even though we have a couple of paddles that are perhaps more intense, the PurpleHeart is the heaviest one that Cora normally uses.  So I received a number of swats with it.  That paddling certainly got my attention as Cora was still in 'all out' mode.  Indeed.

Cora and I had previously agreed that Saturday (tomorrow) would be reserved for a 'Day of Discipline'.  We had agreed to that day after returning home from Vixen's procedure.  Needless to say our emotions were wrapped up in what was happening with our beloved pup. The delay would give us time to recover and Cora time to come up some 'interesting' ways to discipline me.  The plan also included the possibility of a photo session.

So she curtailed this impromptu spanking session.  We both wanted me able to take a full out spanking (and whatever else Cora came up with) on Saturday (tomorrow).

"Watch this space".

February 17, 2015

Just Released: No-Nonsense Ladies #58

And it features us!

I've mentioned the connection we made with Ms. Barbara of the 'Scarlett Hill Enterprises' publishers. As I mentioned previously, Ms. Barbara found us in a search for the Disciplinary Wives Club.  We had featured finding the DWC's new site a while back and Barbara's search engine directed her to our blog.

Cora Showing Off Her Original DWC Paddle

Turns out she liked what she saw.  So Issue #58 includes a page about us and a few of the photos of our wedding two years ago.  The photos Ms. Barbara used included one of our minister handing over the symbol of authority (otherwise known as her Hairbrush):

And me getting my first spanking as Cora's husband:

We appear on page 5, just below an article describing the return of Aunt Kay and the DWC.  Now, that's quite an honor to be just a page after the DWC. Ms. Barbara also says some really nice things about us and our blog.  Oh, and besides the page on Aunt Kay and the page on us, there are 51 pages of other stories, photos, letters and such.  I think its well written great reading.

We have included a link to Scarlett Hill's publication.  Its on the right side of the page in the and is labeled 'FLR and Other Related Resources.  Its just below our list of followers.

And finally, if you found our blog from reading NNL #58, please leave a comment and let us know.

February 9, 2015

Catching Up

I've spent the past few weeks 'catching up' on things.  There were lots of items on my 'to-do list' and I've been concentrating of checking them off but there are more yet to address.  For example, we haven't added to our selection of photos for quite some time.  We are way overdue for a photo session and I have been hinting at Cora that she needs to model some of her girdles along with her newly acquired Ebony Hairbrushes.  Perhaps even a video.  So for now, I'll have to settle for posting some of my favorite photos from our 'archives'.
 Like these.

Perhaps one of the biggest area of catch up has been in answering e-Mails.  I've been spending quite a bit of time responding to several people who have contacted us.  This has included several contacts through 'FetLife' and our blog.  Strangely, I've received more that one e-Mail from men who seem to be interested in spanking Cora.   HA!!

We really appreciate the comments that many of you have left.  Its really nice to know that many of you have been patient and stuck with us. I'm going to address a few of your comments that I feel need a response.  Some of the blogs I've seen provide for a response to the comment directly but I've not been able to figure out how to make that work on our blog.  (Anyone know how to turn on comment response?)  So here goes:

First, we really appreciate the comments from Ms. Olive.  She often scolds me for not receiving more severe discipline or for not taking Cora's largest 'tool'.  She said she is looking forward to 'more regular reports of thoroughly spanked (and fucked!) sub arse during the course of 2015.'  I can only say that I, too am looking forward to being thoroughly spanked (and the other, too) by Cora in 2015.  However, we have quite a ways to go before attaining Ms. Olive's level.

Ron and Archedone often leave comments with some very kind words.  Thanks.

MFB and Scally commented on Cora's girdle and strap-on photo.  Indeed, I think she just looks hot that way and I'm looking forward to further exploration of being on the receiving end of her 'tools'.  I agree that DD and Pegging go together.

Baxter and Archedone both commented on how they, too get spanked on their wives's birthdays.  Its great 'fun', in my opinion when our wives celebrate both their birthdays and their dominance over us in our relationships.

Several of you commented about being reminded of the Adult Book Stores of days gone by.  Indeed it was a different place, different time.  However, I have really been enjoying the e-Magazines from Scarlett Hill.  I purchased four of their titles and its very reminiscent of reading the real paper.  I've really enjoyed reading them and found a letter that described the scenario of a school paddling that almost perfectly described what I would love to have experienced.  Great Fun and more to come on Scarlett Hill.

And finally an anonymous commenter left a rather lengthy comment on our first 'Celebrations' post regarding our Notice of Discipline form.  He observed that there were sections and combinations that we have not used and wondered if there was a reason.  Were we waiting to implement them?  He or she thought that we should consider 'every permutation' of the form either by Cora issuing a Notice of Discipline or by me utilizing the Request for Discipline form.

I must say that I'd never thought of the use of the form that way.  When we designed the form we tried to think of the kinds of things that might apply to our particular relationship.  There are forms of discipline that we utilize on a regular (well sort of regular) basis like spanking, paddling, strapping and such. However there are some things included on the form that we haven't pursued.  'Caning' is one of them.  And while I have a collection of several canes (including one obtained from Nu-West/Leda several decades ago), Cora has indicated that she'd rather not use one of them.

Also if you look at the form the severity parameters ('Mild', 'Moderate' and 'Severe') are all on the same line as 'Spanking', 'Paddling', 'Strapping' and 'Caning' are located.  The original intent was that the severity applied to those for forms of corporal punishment.  However, I guess we could consider the severity parameters applying to 'Petticoating', 'Pegging' or something indicated in the 'Other' category.  We haven't done much in the Petticoating category but when some of the early Nu-West/Leda publications mentioned it, it got my attention.  And we do keep one of those 'French Maid' costumes obtained during the Halloween season.  For the last few years it has just taken up space in our closet.  I guess if Cora just panties me, it would be in the 'Mild' category and if she went full out and put me in the French Maid outfit with shoes, and such it could be considered 'Severe', with the appropriate combination as 'Moderate'.  It does work.  And, I can certainly visualize the difference in a 'Mild', 'Moderate' or 'Severe' pegging session.  Just check out the photo of Cora's 'tools' (repeated below).  Can you say 'Supersize'? 

So, anonymous, thanks for your thought provoking comment.  I hope it results in further comments. We'd be interested in ideas and thoughts.  I do intend to address more on the definitions of some of the terms on the form when I take up the issue of updating our contract.  Stay tuned.

And finally, thanks to one of those e-Mails mentioned above, I was informed of the re-activation of a blog that has been dormant for a couple of years.  Well actually it never went away but there were no postings between June, 2012 and September, 2014.  The blog is 'Die Starke Frau' which is German for 'The Strong Woman'.  I'm delighted to see her return and there can never be too many blogs hosted by Dominant Women.  Welcome back Ms. Tina.  I enjoyed reading her posts previously and look forward to reading more.  Its been re-instated on our blog roll.

February 4, 2015

Celebrations II, Static and Finding an Old Friend

Cora's Birthday Celebration

January is the month both Cora and I celebrate birthdays and its also the month of our wedding anniversary.  So my birthday 'celebration' was described in our last post.  The day of Cora's birthday was rather busy, not only with her birthday but we participated is some other stuff that's not related to our FLR.

So I was rather surprised when Cora beckoned me to her while seated on our couch and pulled me over her lap.  She then proceeded to deliver her celebratory birthday spanking to me.  (Yes, its me who gets spanked on Her birthday!)  

It wasn't a long spanking, but perhaps four or five minutes of receiving her favorite Ebony Hairbrush and the OTK Spanking Paddle.

It left me with a rather nice tingle and warmth for the rest of the day.


We've been rather pre-occupied with what I'll call 'static'.  Stuff that has gotten in the way of the 'fun' stuff related to our FLR.  I won't go into the gory details except to share that one of our pups had surgery to remove a growth.  And it showed cancerous although it appears to be contained.  We're still dealing with some follow ups to make sure we got everything.  I'm sure that most of you can relate to the closeness we feel for our canine family members.

We'll be catching up on some ideas that some of you have sparked from your comments.  One of these comments referred to our Notice of Discipline form and the 'intensity' field and we plan to address this question in a later post.  And to all who have left comments - Thanks.

Finding an Old Friend

Some of you have been around long enough to remember how things were before the Internet.  Remember magazines and books (paper!), VHS video tapes and such?  Like many of you, I spent my share of time frequenting the so-called 'Adult Book Stores'.  Besides mainstream pornography you could also find some kinky related things.  Like Spanking!

In the early 1990's I found some very interesting publications on the magazine rack.  These magazines were published by 'Scarlett Hill Enterprises' (SHE) and included titles like 'Firm Handed Ladies', 'Red-Cheeked Recollections', 'Over Mom's Knee', and 'Strictly Speaking Spanking'.  Naturally I gravitated towards the Woman-Spanks-Male publications but they also include many from the other side of the paddle.  Oh, and they produce videos, too.

I accumulated quite a number of these magazines during the 1990's and all are secure in my treasure trunk where I keep my treasured collections like the old Bizarre Life, Ledagrams, WhAP and others. With the rise of the Internet my visits to the Adult Book Stores has dropped off considerably.  I'm not even sure if some of those vendors are still around.  Interesting to look back and see how things have changed.

So it was a very pleasant surprise to receive an e-Mail from Barb, one of the co-owners of Scarlett Hill.  Apparently she had found our blog while searching for Aunt Kay and the Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC).  I had posted an article about the return of the DWC in December.  Well, it turns out that Barb used to be in touch with Aunt Kay and was attempting to get in touch with her again and in doing so found us!

Barb shared some very kind words about our blog and also shared that Scarlett Hill is very much alive and thriving.  Of course they have made the switch from paper publications to electronic versions.  Barb was kind enough to share a copy of 'Over Aunty's Knee'.  It was like finding an old friend.  Just like their publications from the 1990's it was full of really well written stories of spankings being administered by strict women, in this case all 'Aunties'.  And along with the stories were illustrations in the same style as the old publications.  The new versions also include a few photos with active links if you want to find more about the source of that particular photo.

Oh and I've added a link to Scarlett Hill Enterprises to our list of FLR and Other Related Resources.

 Then Barb asked if she could feature Cora and I in one of her publications!  Of course we replied that we would be more than honored to be featured.  So we pointed Barb to one of our favorite posts, our wedding.  It will be featured in the next issue of No-Nonsense Ladies.