January 22, 2013

Got Married, Got Spanked - Part 2

First, thanks to all who left comments and wished us congratulations.  We really feel like we belong to a tight knit community and it feels like we are among friends and family here in the blog-o-sphere.

So we left off with our Minister, Karina stating, "You may begin".  And begin we did.  After a quick pause to re-set cameras, Cora sat herself down in an armless chair that Karina had so graciously provided.  She then beckoned me to her with her crooked finger. 

Over her lap I went and Cora proceeded to lay that hairbrush on my backside.  As a courtesy to our Host and the couple who were our 'Best Man' and 'Matron of Honor', Cora left my bottom covered.  However, that did not deter her from a rather enthusiastic application of her hairbrush.

But rather than describe it, here is the video of it.  We were also able to include very special parts of the ceremony described in the previous post including the 'Passing of the Hairbrush'. You can view it in High Definition by pressing the little HD button located at the lower right side of the screen.  And the flashes that you see are from the Best Man taking pictures with my still camera.

So, thanks for letting us share this special time with you.  We feel so very fortunate to have been able to set things up the way we did and our very special thanks to Karina who not only willingly went along with our request but enhanced it, making our ceremony one we will remember forever.

January 20, 2013

Got Married, Got Spanked

I am guessing that many of you who read our blog probably thought that Cora and I have been married.  Well, we have been in a loving, committed relationship for over seven years but not married, at least in the 'legal' sense.  Those of you who have gone through the process of dissolving a marriage know that the forces behind the concept of 'marriage' really involve the legal arena with lots of contributions from things financial.  So for us, things had been advantageous for both of us to remain single.  At least until the first of this year. 

At that time we decided that marriage made financial and legal sense and proceeded with the process.  At first I think both of us thought that getting married would be 'no big deal', just paperwork and such.  I must say that we were really wrong.  Getting married turned out to be an incredible adventure and lots of fun.

Once the decision to get married was made, there were lots of things to take care of.  Marriage License, who would perform the ceremony, who would we find to be our witnesses (two required in our state) and how would we handle the details of the ceremony.

Getting the license was mostly just hop into the car and head to the courthouse, show our identification, and pay the fee.  Finding just the right person to perform the ceremony turned out to be a challenge.  However, we did find the perfect 'Officiant' (as we found out is the official title) to perform the ceremony.  Karina turned out to not only be available to perform the ceremony but we quickly determined that she is a 'Kindred Spirit' in many ways.  And not only did she compose a most  beautiful ceremony but also offered her home for us to perform the ceremony and even consented to appear in pictures on our blog.  We were also blessed with finding two very special friends to stand up for us as witnesses who were open to some of the things Cora and I do. 

Naturally, I thought I'd like to combine the concepts of our Female Led Relationship into our ceremony and emphasize Feminine Power and Cora's authority in our vows.  I shared some ideas with Karina and she incorporated them into her ceremony and enhanced it with much of her own input.  She even checked out our blog and did further research into the FLR thing we do.  She certainly went above and beyond and created the most spectacular wedding ceremony both Cora and I have ever seen.  We set Friday, January 18, 2013 to be 'Our Day'.

The ceremony began in a traditional manner but Karina always spoke of 'Wife and Husband'.  Cora and I both noticed that right away.

Then she talked about the wedding ring and its symbology and then asked me to look at Cora's hand and to imprint it in my mind.  "That hand is the power of feminism.  That hand is going to change in five, ten, fifteen years", she said.  "That hand is going to be the hand that takes care of you, comforts you, nurtures you, disciplines you, loves you and it might be the hand that holds you when you take your last breath". 

Needless to say, her words touched both of us deeply.  Very deeply.

Following the pronouncement of becoming 'Wife and husband', Karina indicated that I could kiss my beautiful bride. Which of course I did. Both our hearts were singing.

After my first kiss of my new Wife, Karina continued, "And Cora, I now hand to you this hairbrush, that perhaps represents one of the ultimate symbols of feminine authority."  (And yes, the previous post was meant to set this up!).  "In doing so, I pass to you Woman-to-Woman the authorization to begin the initial consummation of your marriage to administer the first spanking to your husband as his Wife and disciplinarian.  You may begin".

To be continued.

January 16, 2013

Her Hairbrush

Is There Anything Better than M'Ladie's Hairbrush To Symbolize Her Ultimate Authority?

January 13, 2013

Bloggers - They Come and Go

Sometimes it seems as if my blog reading time doesn't allow me to keep up with all the wonderful things that others blog about.  For example, just a couple of days ago I was reading Ms. Deirdre's blog, 'Spanking My Husband' and discovered a new blog, 'WifesInCharge' hosted by a delightful woman, Dianne.  Indeed, she even left a comment on our January 1, post and I thought, 'I would really like to see her start a blog'.  Well, she did start a blog but it was way, way back in November. 

So I corresponded with her and gained permission to add her blog to the list of blogs we read.  I would highly recommend anyone who reads our blog that hers is 'required reading'.  She writes well and is very detailed in her descriptions.  I am still 'catching up' but some of the things she says in her post of December 14, 2012, "My Perspectives on Spanking My Husband and a Female Led Relationship" are particularly well thought out and well written, too.  In this post she states in part, " I would like to state that the whole reason I started this blog is to hopefully help others understand the need to communicate with their partners their needs and desires".

Wow!  That probably describes our mission statement as well as I can think of. 

So go read her blog!

As I was adding her blog to the list of blogs we read, sadly I found that there are several blogs in our list that are no longer active.  'Spankable Husband' is still there but there hasn't been an update for two years.  Likewise with 'Her Paddle'.  WdSpoone's 'Ma'am, Yes Ma'am' was censored but there is still a link to a blog that comes up.  I think he may have moved his blog to a different domain but sadly, I seem to have lost touch.  'Die Starke Frau' actually closed as a conclusion to her story, a rather happy ending.

There there are three blogs that no longer even show their last posts, "Serving B", "Ms. Clara Hewitt" and "Strict Mia and Blazingbottom's Spanking Blog".  I became rather close friends with Serving B but he suddenly pulled the plug.  If you are still out there, I hope you are OK.  Ms. Clara portrayed herself as a 'Professional Disciplinarian' in the UK and had a knack of posting some amazingly wise words of wisdom including a warning to the women of men who ask for them to be their disciplinarians, that if they ignore their requests, their men will seek it elsewhere.  And Ms. Mia, you really had some good stuff going for a while and then you disappeared.  Like with Serving B, I hope you and your guy are well.  Your pix are sure making their rounds on Tumblr.

So it is with a heavy heart that I finally delete these listings from the lists of blogs we follow.

But, if you have started a blog and think we would be interested, please let us know.

Ken and Cora

P.S.  We have a major life event pending.  Its good stuff and we will be sharing soon.  Pictures too, which I hope makes up for the fact I didn't include any on this post.  Just couldn't come up with an appropriate one.

January 5, 2013

Cora's New OTK Paddle (With Thanks to Ms. Dana Specht)

Most of you know my fascination with Nu-West/Leda.  I first found them in the mid 1980's and at the time they were about the only publisher of Female-Spanks-Males material.  In 1986, they published 'Beatings '86', a video tape featuring several scenes of Women spanking men.  It was a break through and I purchased a copy, which I still have.

In 1990 they began publishing the 'LedaGram', a monthly publication which claimed to be 'The only Female Dominant newsletter available anywhere'.  I have almost all the issues of this newsletter, something I keep safe in a trunk.  I still refer to the Ledagrams often and they still inspire both Ms. Cora and myself.

Ms. Cora posed in front of Her 'Rack' which displays several original Nu-West/Leda items.

Then, in their 1992 publications, they began to feature items available for purchase including their rattan canes (Feb.), a Leather Tawse and (full sized) Spencer Paddle (June).  In the July, 1992 issue a pair of OTK Spanking Paddles was featured, one with holes, one without.  These appeared to be very similar to their full sized Spencer paddles, but shorter and appropriate of use in the Over-the-Knee position. 

OTK Spanking Paddles as shown in July, 1992 Ledagram

Later in about 1994 a catalog was published, titled, 'Instruments of Correction' which showed all the hairbrushes, canes, paddles and straps that could be purchased from them.  I still have my copy.

Instruments Of Correction Catalog From Leda (ca. 1994)

These items were available for several years and I purchased several of them including two Spencer Paddles, a Rattan Cane, and one of their earlier hairbrushes (still one of my favorites).  Sometime in about the year 2000 I ordered one of their straps but was informed they weren't available.  I have always regretted not purchasing more of their 'Instruments of Correction' while they were still available.

Recently, I found a picture of Ms. Dana Specht holding one of the small OTK Spanking Paddles.  I think most of you are familiar with Ms. Specht as one of the most beautiful and notable Female Disciplinarians around.  She has appeared in many videos, including a DWC video on 'Scolding' which was a breakthrough for us.  Cora had me over her lap while watching part of this video, following along with Ms. Specht as she changed from hairbrush to strap to paddle, and so on.  What was amazing was how Cora started to not hold back while putting the heat to my bottom with her own hairbrush, strap and paddle.  I was finally getting spanked 'good and hard', just as it should be and as I had been hoping for.  Thank You, Ms. Specht!!!

Ms. Dana Specht Holding Her Original Nu-West/Leda OTK Spanking Paddle(Used with Permission)

I had already re-produced the full sized Spencer Paddle, so I thought I'd try to reproduce the OTK Spanking Paddle, too. I had communicated with Ms. Specht in the past so I thought I'd send her a request for the dimensions of the paddle.  With that information and the head-on view from the picture I had, I figured I could generate a pattern and come close to matching the original.  Its a technique I used in making a wood handled strap a while back.

Cora Showing Her new OTK Spanking Paddle Replica

Well, Ms. Specht in a very gracious gesture of generosity replied that she would trace her original and send the tracing to me.  Wow!  That was something totally unexpected and certainly 'above and beyond' from what I had expected.

As soon as the tracing arrived I went to work.  This paddle, like the full sized Spencer is made out of 3/8 thick, 7-layer birch plywood which is available in sheets from our local woodworking store.  So Cora and I went shopping and obtained a couple of sheets and I began to lay out several paddles on the sheet.  I cut them out, sanded the edges, rounded over the edges, drilled the holes, sanded them and began to apply the finish.  I decided on using shellac and applied at least a dozen coats.  The result was a nicely finished spanking tool that could apply an effective 'shellacing' to a naughty bottom.  Cora had 'test driven' a sample or two several times and I can say (with first hand experience) that they delivered the sting as advertised in the Nu-West/Leda catalog.

Cora 'Testing' Her New OTK Spanking Paddle on Her Palm

Naturally, I promised one for Ms. Specht.  In fact I sent her a pair.  I received a totally unexpected reply from her- in the form of a personal, hand written 'Thank You' note.  In it she indicated that they were exactly like her original.  I also have learned that the small OTK Spanking Paddle is one of her favorites.  I must say its an honor to have pleased her so.  She has done so much for the community and for us in particular. 

So now Cora has a pair of these OTK Spanking Paddles hanging in strategic locations in our home and has a third one that she carries in her purse (much as suggested in the 1992 Ledagram ad).  Several times while we have been 'out and about', she has pulled it out to show off one of her favorite Instruments of Correction.  (There are probably future blog posts about some of those stories!)

January 1, 2013

Cora - The Ambasador: A Follow-Up and Holiday Greetings

We received some very inspiring comments on our last post and since I haven't figured out how to set up the blog so that I could respond directly to comments posted, I thought I would just publish another post.

Suzanne said,
"Kudos to Cora for sharing it with the women so willingly. You should be very proud of her!"

Yes, very proud.

Isabella said,
"That is something that I do not see myself doing at all. But isn't it fun when you don't have to be so carefully guarded about our lifestyle?"

Yes, we are blessed with not having to hide our lifestyle.  And it is fun to 'flaunt' it sometimes, even in non-consensual situations.  We often tease the check-out clerks about me getting spanked for some bad behavior I may have exhibited.

Sara stated,
"Thanks for the spanks and inspiration!
And... must say, this post has both!!!"

Indeed the inspiration comes from comments like yours.

Respecting Mistress commented,
"What a great post. Big credit to Cora for telling how it is.
Love the way you two are so open with your friends about your relationship - well Cora is and you Ken have to go along with it I guess! Lol.
Can you imagine the conversation among those couples at their respective breakfast tables the next day?"

Actually, I love sharing our relationship too.  And yes, it would be loads of fun to be a 'fly on the wall' during the conversations of the couples the next day.  Who knows what might develop?

Cora and I have been blogging for almost three years now.  We hoped that we could share ourselves with the universe and perhaps inspire other women to at least think about the Female Led Relationship lifestyle.  Sure, I find being spanked by a beautiful woman to be a 'turn-on' but it really has some great benefits to both Cora and I.  Since that last time she gave me 'the silent treatment', Cora has never gone back to that kind of behavior.  Instead, she holds me accountable for angering her with the use of one of her 'WAD's'.  The discipline is quick and over and we both feel better afterwards.  I am sure that anyone who has heard Cora's stories, must at least think about those kinds of benefits. 

And finally Ron and Joey commented about the last picture which displayed my rather red bottom following a session with Cora's hairbrush.  I might add that the smile of Cora's face might be exceeded by the smile on my face which, of course, is not in the picture!

Since its New Year's day and we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2013 brings you all great things.  Its my birthday and I am sure that Cora will provide a good, hard paddling to celebrate the day, sort of like she did last year as per the attached picture.

And, yes we do things other than the things we describe here.  I must admit that I love electronic 'gadgets' and flashy lights.  So this year I assembled a light controller from a kit and set up lights in our front yard which are sequenced to music.  Here are a couple examples of what you would see if you drove by our house.  Enjoy!