May 31, 2012


The two previous posts described a situation where Cora spanked me because she thought my behaviour was inappropriate.  In fact in both cases she was a bit angry at me and while I suggest that we need to be careful when spanking while angry, in this case it resulted in Cora letting go and delivering one of her most 'effective' spankings. 

Yes, it was painful for me but then (as is said so many times), a spanking is supposed to hurt if its effective. Last weeks two spankings resulted in both Cora and I in feeling really good about what had happened. Looking back, I know that I crossed lines and deserved 'good, hard spankings'. Cora felt that she had expressed herself in delivering them and that she had provided consequences for my misbehavior. And most importantly the air had been cleared and we both had that magickal opportunity to 'blow off some steam'. 

And speaking of blowing off steam, just last night Cora was getting irritated from something we were watching on TV.  This was totally not something I did.  Really!  However, I soon found myself bent over and Cora applied about two dozen swats from two of her paddles.  Later she shared with me, "I sure felt better after paddling you!"  I have to admit that my part in making her feel better made me feel better too.  Even with a glow in my bottom.  Hey, I have admitted before I like being spanked by Cora.

And today, Cora decided to apply a hook to the table that sits close to where she sits in our living room where we spend much of our time during the day.  She now has one of her hairbrushes within reach for any time she decides she needs it.

With all of the progress Cora was making in taking on her role in our Female Led Relationship, I thought back to the last time Cora had reverted to her 'old ways' of dealing with a misbehaving partner - The (dreaded) Silent Treatment.  I looked back at our blog posts and found the description of that event on July 2, 2010. 

Wow, almost two years ago!  Since then Cora has dealt with my behaviour through our disciplinary process.  She has really stuck with it and has not deviated.  We are most happy with the results and while I sometimes pay the price with a sore bottom for a few days, its so much better than the alternative.

So I couldn't help but reflect even further back in time.  Long ago the idea of being with a partner who wouldn't hesitate to spank me was a total fantasy.  And while previous partners have engaged in my spanking fantasies, no one has fulfilled my desire (need?) to be spanked by a strong, authoritative (and yes, attractive) woman like Ms. Cora. 

And if my most recent spankings are an indicator, it just keeps getting better and better.  Cora seems to be 'holding back' less and less as she realizes that the naughty, male backside can take a very hard spanking. She demonstrated that fact by blistering me twice in a row and only a few days apart.  And for me the cathartic feeling both before, during and after a thorough spanking is almost indescribable.

I think if you asked her, she would tell you that she had no idea what she was getting into when we started our relationship about 5-1/2 years ago.

"You want me to spank you???"

Well now, I think she would also tell you that there is no way she would go back.  She now knows the benefits of being the disciplinarian in our relationship along with the benefits of being with a man who loves to submit to her. 

And what a gift she has given to me:  To love me enough to apply discipline when I want and/or need it.

May 25, 2012

Spanked - Again!

Well as you may know from our last post, I got spanked last Sunday.  And I got spanked again, yesterday!

Seems like Tuesday night Cora and I had another episode of miscommunication.  It was getting late and I was getting hungry so I snacked on something I shouldn't have.  The result was an upset stomach, so I hurried off to bed hoping that laying down would relieve things. 

Apparently Cora thought I was storming off in some kind of rage. Bad timing as it was, she had dinner in the completion stages.  And naturally, it was one of her special 'Seafood Linguine' creations which rivals many restaurant menu items.  So its no surprise that she reacted and her anger built up.  Like a volcano!  Again, to make a long story short, when I got up the next morning I found a couple of notes that she had written, that made it apparent that she was not happy with me.

When she got out of bed we were able to talk about things.  I think the result was that once we saw each other's side of the story, we felt better about things but there was still an aire of 'unfinished business' hanging over us.  In a rather thick fog, at that.

So, yesterday morning (Thursday), I mentioned to Cora that I thought there was still 'stuff' going on between us.  And I mentioned to Cora, "You know the best way to resolve things, don't you?"  She nodded and I finished making her morning coffee.

Later in the day I was working on some e-Mails and keeping track of a project I have been working on.  Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable slap of Cora's hairbrush against her palm.  I immediately finished the entry in the spread sheet I was working on and hit 'save'.

When I turned around, there was Cora holding her hairbrush.  But she was all dressed up in her new PantyGirdle, Long line Bra, Stockings and new Strappy High Heels.  I think my jaw must have gone "clunk" when it hit the floor.  She looked awesome, powerful and absolutely gorgeous.

So we retired to the living room couch and Cora prepared her space.  I must say that watching her lean over the couch provided me with a view of her that I 'reacted' to.  And with the erotic thoughts of the way she was dressed mixing with my pending session with her hairbrush just set my mind of fire.  And my bottom was soon to join my mind in the inferno.

I have shared our love of music many times in the past and this time I had previously set our system to play our Led Zeppelin playlist.  And for those of you familiar with them know that John Bonham's drumming style was rather pronounced and Cora just loves to synchronize her hairbrush with John's drumsticks.  I am sure he was smiling down from 'Rock and Roll heaven' knowing that his beat was still an inspiration.

Cora started out with her hairbrush and like my Sunday spanking, was without much of a 'warm up'.  Soon my bottom was on fire and thankfully she switched to just her hand for a while.  She then switched back and 'Ozone Baby' came on the playlist.  It was then that she started applying her hairbrush rather solidly.  For the entire three minutes 36 seconds of that song.

Then 'When the Levy Breaks' came up on the playlist.  If you know this song, John Bonham starts with a rather strong beat that has a particularly nice 'rim shot' on the third beat of four.  I am sure you can picture Cora with her hairbrush cadence:  One - Two - BAM!  Thankfully, there is a 'rest' on the fourth beat. 

Cora continued to keep pace with her hairbrush.  She even filled in the rest with an additional swat quite a few times.  By now I was really feeling it and perhaps in that place that I sometimes go if I have been spanked hard enough: subspace.

When the song concluded, so did Cora.  Later I looked back and found that in addition to the three minutes and 36 seconds of 'Ozone Baby', 'When the Levy Breaks' is listed at 7 minutes 8 seconds.  And that doesn't even include the last part of the song that was playing at the beginning!  So I am guessing that I was spanked for almost 15 minutes.  And Cora didn't take much of any break and kept up the intensity for almost the entire time.  Wow!

After the session we both felt much better.  Alot better!  I think we both felt both at fault and a bit angry with each other.  I real mixture of both being wronged and wrong.  Early this morning I had been wondering to myself if my own sense of being wronged might be eradicated by me getting spanked.  Well, it did.  Getting spanked by Cora again worked wonders.  For both of us.

I have been corresponding with a gentleman about getting his wife to spank him.  He asked a question that made me laugh: 

"Tell me if you don't mind, approximately how long did it take until you felt that Lady Cora was really meeting your need to be spanked". 

My response made him laugh, too:  "She hasn't gotten there, yet".

Well after getting really hard spankings from her last Sunday and again yesterday (Thursday), maybe she has.

May 21, 2012

Ring of Fire - FLR Style

Yesterday, some of us were treated to a total solar eclipse.  The resultant 'ring of fire' was visible in some of the Southwest areas of North America but here in Seattle not only were we outside the band of totality but we were blessed with our usual cloudy skies.

However, we sort of made our own 'ring of fire'.  Well Cora was the one who actually 'made' it.

Earlier in the day we had been shopping at a new market.  This store is not a typical grocery store but is know for its eccentric kinds of foods.  We found some oriental style pre-prepared chicken parts and decided to try them out.  We have one of those neat rice cookers and often 'Go East' with our dinner meal.

The chicken parts came in a bag and we had purchased a sweet one for Cora and a spicy one for me.  I was curious as to the content of each bag and how many meals we cold count on.  So I reached for our little food scale to weigh the contents.

As I was emptying one of the bags into a bowl in preparation for weighing Cora asked, "What are you doing".  I tried to explain my analysis to the issue but she then said, "Why would you want to do that?"

I will try to make a long (and probably boring) story short but it seems as though Cora didn't really want me in the way.  So I exited the kitchen.

Now, over the years I have developed a pretty good 'passive aggresive' attitude.  The key word here is 'attitude'.  Obviously Cora was not pleased.  She beckoned me back into the kitchen and extended her hand toward me.  It was almost like an invitation to a handshake but Cora had no intention of shaking my hand.

Instead she literally 'towed' me into our living room.  It turns out that one of her hairbrushes and the Spencer paddle were already in that room.  I was supposed to receive a spanking from an incident that had occurred the previous week, but as sometimes happens the spanking just never happened.

This time, it certainly was going to happen.  Cora grabbed her hairbrush and sat in the middle of our couch.  She even moved a pillow into the position my head was soon to be resting.  (Cora is so considerate; she wanted my head to be comfortable while she was making another part of my anatomy anything but comfortable!)

Without her asking, I dropped the pants I was wearing and layed down in the time honored OTK position, my bare bottom awaiting her hairbrush.  I didn't have long to wait and rather than using her hand to start things off, I felt the signature slap of her hairbrush.  And she was not holding back. 

Determined to take anything she could dish out, I gritted my teeth as her beginning swats began to sink in.  Yeow!  She was really laying it on.  She continued to spank me on and on.  This was not going to be a quickie spanking.

As we have shared in previous posts, we like to have music playing throughout our house.  Sunday nights the local NPR station plays blues music the entire evening.  At some point during the spanking I noticed that the song playing was 'Hip Shakin' Momma'.  The irony was not lost of either of us and Cora's cadence sped up to synchronize as she was playing the role of 'Hip Spankin' Momma'!

Needless to say I was on fire.  And I am sure Cora was seeing my backside radiate its own ring of fire.  Thankfully the next song on their playlist had a slower tempo and Cora slowed down to match.

I don't know how long Cora was applying that hairbrush but it must have been at least through two songs and perhaps more.  Probably anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.  Suddenly, it stopped and Cora mentioned that her arm had tired.  I think this may have been the first time that has happened.  Apparently I was saved from the possibility of being on the receiving end of the Spencer Paddle.  And the way Cora was spanking with her hairbrush, I can only imagine what she would have done with the paddle.

We finally got up and Cora inspected her 'handiwork'.  We then retired to the kitchen to resume dinner preparations.  We talked about how the spanking had deflated our stress and how good it felt for both of us.  This morning I am still feeling the sting of my spanking but besides being sore, its a very nice reminder.

Then Cora did something unexpected.  She turned around and bent down, presenting her (rather lovely) Derriere to me.  It didn't take but an instant to figure out what she was doing.  So I responded by kneeling down and planting a kiss on her backside.  This was a perfect conclusion to her discipline session and really provided perfect 'closure'.

A while back Ms. Deirdre of the (sadly) now inactive blog, 'Spanking My Husband', came up with a phrase that I have used many times.  It fits so perfectly here that I can't resist stating it again.  The act of Cora presenting her Derriere was her expressing an erotic act of her dominance over me.  And when I actually knelt down and kissed her, I was expressing myself through an erotic act of my submission to her.

It was symbolic of the roles we chose to live our lives through this relationship.  Its why our relationship just gets better and better and why we are so much in love with each other.

May 4, 2012

Out Of The Blue

I am sure that many of you are also members of 'FetLife'.  If you join some of the groups that they feature, you get an e-Mail notification whenever a new topic is started within the group.  Yesterday, I received one such notification in the group 'F/M Spanking' that was called 'Out of the Blue'.

Upon checking it out (the title captured my curiosity for some reason) I found a short piece that spoke of the author serving his Lady coffee only to have her grab him and pull him over her knee for a nice OTK spanking.  He further asked if, "Any of you guys have a woman as sweet as this?"

Naturally, I had to post a reply as I do have a woman as sweet. 

Later in the day, I was at the kitchen sink.  I don't remember what I was doing but suddenly I felt a tug on my pants as Cora bared my bottom.  She then delivered a volley of hand spanks.  It was rather delicious (as her handspankings can be) and I leaned forward, providing her with a better target, hopefully encouraging her to continue. 

But all too soon, she stopped.  Never-the-less, it was a really nice spanking from my own very sweet Lady.  Out of the Blue!  Apparently for no other reason than my bottom must have appeared inviting.

Later that evening, I was chatting with a friend on the computer. Cora called for me to come into the kitchen. Naturally I complied, curious as to what she wanted. Much to my surprise she rather forcefully guided me to our table and bent me over it. Again I felt a tug on my pants and soon I was again bare bottomed. 

Cora then grabbed her leather paddle from the rack and began to apply it rather liberally to my upturned backside.  She paddled away for a couple of minutes or so then let me up.  Needless to say, I was experiencing a nice glow as a result of her spanking. 

I asked,  "What was that for?"  She replied that I had neglected to take the towels that she had layed on the banister on the stairway that goes down to our laundry room.  "You make several trips down there and left the towels on the banister", she explained. 

OK, I now know her intentions about the towels.  I don't think she ever explained her expectations before.  I will remember in the future.

Or did she just set me up because she wanted to spank me again?  Either way she is indeed a very Sweet Lady.   I hope she spanks me 'Out of the Blue' again soon.  Spontaneous spankings are the best.  And as was said at the end of the FetLife post, "I'm so lucky to have her in my life".  It goes for me, too!