August 31, 2014

Certificate of Authority

Yes, its been a while since our last post (July 20 to be specific).  No excuses but its been unusually hot here during August and I think the heat drained the libido of both Cora and myself.  Yesterday was the first real rain and it looks like the summer inferno may have burned itself out.  It may be time for an inferno of a different kind to be lit, preferable by my lovely Ms. Cora!

In our last post, I mentioned that 'I'd let you know' what happened after my little stunt at the parade staging area.  I'll address the results further down in this post.

Like many of you, I am a member of 'FetLife'.  Its a fun forum and I have posted a number of pictures in my profile.  One of the pictures shows 'Cora's Rack' and includes the 'Certificate of Authority' which is displayed just above her rack.  I received an inquiry asking what it read and if he could get a closer look.  So I posted a copy of our 'Certificate of Authority'.
Certificate of Authority
Ours is filled in with our names and date.

Amazingly, I got lots and lots of responses.  Lots!  And a flurry of requests for both the Certificate and our (apparently famous) Notice of Discipline.  Two of the responses came from two women who identified themselves as 'Domme'.  The gist of their comments was that they did not need 'Permission' to spank but rather would just issue a 'Bend Over, Now!' command and spank away.

I must admit that there is a large element of 'Topping from the Bottom' included in our Certificate of Authority.  Large, indeed.  In addition, Ms. O, who often comments here, pointed out my own bratty behavior when I issued my Request for Discipline at the staging area of our parade, which pointed out I was wearing her panties.  Ms. O really took me to the woodshed with her comments including that Lady Cora should really tan my arse.  Check out her comments if you want to read further.

I have to agree; Ms. O was certainly correct.  I was topping from the bottom.  However its a dynamic that works for us and Lady Cora doesn't find it offensive or inappropriate.  Its one of those things that happens to get things started for us.  Sometimes I need to set the spark to light Lady Cora's fire.  Another example is when I purchased and printed the books from Ms. Francy.  Handing Lady Cora those books was certainly an act of topping from the bottom but the results speak for themselves as I've described in quite a few previous posts.

I think the important thing is to identify what works for a specific relationship.  The two women who commented on FetLife certainly are 'Take Charge' women and need no permission to discipline the naughty men in their life.  Indeed those naughty men are fortunate to know these two women and I'm guessing he is one happy guy.

But I am one happy guy too.  Even if it means I need to 'inspire' Cora to get things started.  Oh and below are the results of the spanking I got from her as a result of wearing her panties over a month ago.  The spanking took place the day after and I must say she really can redden my bottom now.  Compared to previous spankings, I think you will find me with a much deeper shade of red.
Spanked by Lady Cora!