December 29, 2011


I have been exchanging e-Mails with James, who hosts the 'Spankedmale' blog, one of my favorites.  We had been discussing some of the ways we had been introduced into the 'Wonderful World of Female Spankers'.

James spoke about an earlier experience he had and that there was a description of it in one of his first posts.  Since its been a while since I had read some of these early posts, I decided to go back and take another look at them.  And even though I have yet to read about the specific experience he was referring to, his sixth post really got my attention.  Again.  I did remember reading it previously.  In it he describes a visit to a Lady quite early in his spanking 'career'.  After the usual initial greetings, she had James stand beside her and proceeded with the ritual removal of the pants.  He then went on to describe:

"She pushed her dress and slip back off her lap, and I was able to see the top of her stockings, and the tabs from her girdle that held them in place."

Anyone who has read our blog knows that I am absolutely captivated by a woman wearing a girdle, stockings and that Cora loves to wear them (Lucky me!).  I guess its a product of the time I grew up in that lends itself to my attraction to a woman dressed this way.

At about the same time I was reading James' blog (well, re-reading, actually), Cora announced that she wanted to go out and about and that she would even wear one of her girdles.  Well, this coincidence was almost too good to be true.  Naturally I complied with Cora's wishes and out we went.  Cora looked her usual elegant and well, ... just HOT!

I had shared James' e-Mail with Cora and when we returned home I asked if she would like to re-create James' scenario.  "Sure", she replied.  After all she was already dressed and all she had to do was lift her skirt, take me over her knee and spank me good and hard.  Needless to say, she did, but not before I was able to snap a few quick pictures.

James, thanks for the inspiration, but oh how Cora can spank with that hairbrush!

December 22, 2011

Shopping with Dogs

We recently heard of objections to shopping with your dog.  Well, Cora and I are very proud of our dogs and in so many ways they are our best friends.  And we love to go shopping with them.  Here in West Seattle, they are not only welcome in many of the stores here but many of the store owners know them by name - all three of them.

So while this may be a little 'off topic', Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Yule is already past) from all five of us.

Cora, Ken, Gypsy, Devi, and Vixen
(Way to go, Rex!)

December 20, 2011

Pegging: A Follow Up

We certainly didn't expect to get as many comments from our previous post on 'Pegging'.  However, we did receive lots of comments (we love them) and rather than just post another comment, we decided to post a follow up.

First, thanks to Joey, SometimesSpanked and Dana who recognized the fact that pegging is an activity that we might be reluctant to share.  Again, Red's poll helped and we do try to keep our posts in the spirit of a 'Female Led Relationship'.  I guess that worked!

Second, it was a surprise to hear that not all the men who engage in this activity are 'submissive'.  As Bogey from 'Our Bottoms Burn' asked: Can you be 'Apha' and enjoy pegging?  Apparently, the answer is 'Yes'.  However, as indicated by Harry, there is a definite 'power exchange'.  This concept of a power exchange was also mentioned by Rob.  We both believe that the power exchange in a Pegging Scenario is awesome.  Thanks for the enlightening comments.  We had no idea.

It is interesting to note that I, like James, find that our Ladies like to peg us only occasionally.  I think James would agree with me that we'd really like them to 'Take' us more often. 

And speaking of the Ladies.  Two of the comments came from women.  Mistress Aimee spoke of pegging as lovely and totally erotic and not a form of 'punishment'.  We do agree and as Ms. Deirdre so eloquently said, its an erotic act of my submission to Cora and an erotic act of her dominance over me.  Dana also mentioned this same concept.

And Ms. Julie:  You never cease to amaze us.  No, Cora doesn't require me to get down on my knees and take it in the mouth.  However, Cora hadn't really thought of doing that either.  At least not until you suggested it.  And I might make a humble observation:  The younger generation of women who engage in FLR's with their men, seem to be much more likely to try new and incredibly creative ideas that their deliciously devious minds seem to keep coming up with.  This is a theme that seems to be common among many of the blogs written by the women.  We think its great and can only think of how lucky their men are, to be part of this trend.

One last thing; thanks for all the wonderful comments about Cora's pix.  Of course, she loves to hear all the complements.  We were both wondering how the photos of her strap on would be received.  We were certainly not disappointed.  By the way,  Cora loves the harness she chose.  Its a 'Joque' model from SpareParts.  Cora has found this particular harness to be very comfortable and she loves the adjustability.  Also, I think what's mounted in her harness is the 'Mistress'.  Indeed, its well named!

December 17, 2011


Human sexuality is an amazing thing and the subject of lots and lots of books, articles, movies and discussion between those of us affected by sexuality (that would be all of us).  There is a rainbow of orientations and I feel that I am no exception:  I am a submissive male.  And proud that I know that about myself.
I guess I was lucky to grow up in an environment devoid of guilt about sexuality.  So, I came to terms with my orientation early and have learned to enjoy (and exploit) it. So, it should be no surprise that I shared my submissive nature with Cora early in our relationship. My relationship with her is very rich and I believe we satisfy each other's needs in so many ways (not just the sexual needs, although we do a pretty good job there).

It was Deirdre of the 'Spanking My Husband' blog (sadly currently inactive) who came up with a piece of wisdom that really stuck with me and I like to refer to it often.  Some of the things I do with Cora might be labeled by others as 'humiliation'.  However, I really don't like that word or its inherent implication.  Instead, I like to think that when I bend over and present my bottom to Cora for a spanking, its an 'erotic act of my submission to her'.  I like that concept much better and it does better describe where my 'head' is at.

Many of you are familiar with our 'Notice of Discipline' and I have sent dozens of the original Microsoft Word file to many of you.  And its great to get the feedback on how well they have been received and even put to use. 

However, one thing I thought I would get questions about was the little item under 'Discipline Recommendation(s)': Pegging. 

Fellow blogger, Red over at 'Consensual Spanking', posted about this subject on November 30, 2011.  He got quite a bit of response and opened a poll.  The results of this poll is what made me feel much more comfortable about our own posting about this subject.  An admission that Cora has pegged me, too.

Red's poll (updated per December 17, 2011) currently shows 231 responses with 92 responders admitting that they had been pegged by their partners and 106 indicating that they had not been pegged but were interested.  That's almost 86% of responders indicating that they either had been or were open to the idea of being pegged.  Only 14 % indicated that they were not interested.  Wow!  I had no idea that Red's poll would be so overwhelmingly open to this subject.

In case you weren't aware, 'Pegging' is a term that was coined by a local columnist in the Seattle newspaper, 'The Stranger'.  And, if you don't know, 'Pegging' refers to being 'taken' by your Lady while she is wearing a 'Strap-On'.  There is an excellent description on 'Wikipedia'.  Just enter 'Pegging' into your search engine and you should easily find it.

So, I finally decided to 'come out of the closet' and admit that Pegging is a practice that Cora uses on me.  I have been reluctant to admit that we engage in it, but with the numbers from Red's poll, I decided to post about it.  Some connect this practice with homosexuality, but I can assure you, I am as heterosexual as they come.  (Not that I have anything against our homosexual brothers and sisters; in fact both Cora and I have several homosexual friends and embrace their sexuality, as well as our own).

While we don't really use Pegging as a form of 'punishment', it certainly fulfills Ms. Deirdre's definition:  I am feeling very submissive to Cora when she is 'taking me' but its a very erotic experience and feeling.  Erotic, indeed.

There is so much more that could be discussed about this and Cora and I would be willing to share some of our experiences, preferences for 'tools' and even some 'educational' material, but we thought we'd see the initial response.
What do you think?????????


The above was written at the beginning of December (with the exception of the updates to Red's poll data).  However, as most of you know, we like to include pictures that help illustrate the subject of the post.  In this case, we had nothing in our 'archives' that would be appropriate.  So we planned on taking some pictures that would show Cora in her Strap-on harness with the dildo 'mounted' accordingly.

Well, sometimes the best laid plans get delayed and this was no exception.  So finally earlier this evening after returning from a little shopping, Cora instructed me to 'stay downstairs'.  She had something planned.

So I occupied myself with some computer geek stuff and waited.  Soon I heard Cora come down the stairs and slip into the living room of our house.  As the lights on the stairs were dark I did not see her.  Soon, however, I heard her beckon me, "Come in here."

Much to my surprise, Cora had dressed up in one of her all-in-one girdles, stockings and boots.  In addition, she had donned her strap-on harness, a red dildo and trimmed everything in garland and a battery powered set of Holiday lights.  She topped it all off with a Santa hat.  I laughed out loud. 

"Lets take some pictures", she said, smiling.  So out came the camera and you can see some of the results.  I must say that Cora's creativity NEVER ceases to amaze me.  I have no idea where she comes up with these zany concoctions but I am so thankful that she does.  Getting her in front of a camera is always an adventure.  Oh, how I love her!
Cora and Her Electric, Holiday Dildo

So Happy Holidays to you all.  And for the gentlemen who read this Cora has this advice: 

"Be Good or Else!"

December 5, 2011

The Classic Over The Knee Position

In the past few days I have been sort of 'obsessing' about spanking positions.  I don't remember much about spankings during my early years and my parents didn't really use spanking as a form of correction during the years of my youth.  So my main exposure to spanking was in the school system.  My most memorable times were from my fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers, which spanned the years 1957 though 1960.  Paddling was the standard and as a student was considered the 'ultament' punishment.  Naturally I was fascinated by the prospect of being paddled in front of my classmates, especially from the female authority figures represented by my fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers.

Actually, I was a 'model' student, got good grades, did my schoolwork as requested and for the most part stayed out of trouble.  So much so that I never had the opportunity to experience the sting of the paddle being administered by one of my female teachers.  Looking back, its something that fills many hours of fantasies of re-doing several scenarios from my time in class.

The words, "Bend over and grab your ankles" was the instruction my teachers would use when they found it necessary to apply discipline to a naughty classmate, almost exclusively males.  I would watch with wide eyes as the teacher would make her paddle sing with a staccato 'pop'.  It was usually over in 5 or 6 swats but left quite an impression on me.

So it is probably no surprise that this position was something that filled many of my early fantasies.  I would visualize for years being instructed to bend over and grab my ankles prior to a powerful woman applying her paddle to my exposed backside.

However, I think that it has been since I have been with Cora that one of my favored positions is now the classic 'Over The Knee' position.  I am not sure why things have changed.  Perhaps its the maternal-ness of it.  Perhaps I missed out in my young years by not having spanked over my own mother's knee.  Perhaps its partly a result of reading stories where this position is utilized along with the plethora of OTK pictures on the net.  Don't get me wrong, Cora still has me 'bend over' for a strong application of her many paddles and I still find this position 'enjoyable', probably partly to my remininces of my grade school years.

I think that part of my attraction to the OTK position is the overall ritual of it.  First, there is the 'sentencing' portion where I have been informed that I am to be spanked for some kind of mis-behavior.  Once the time and place of the spanking has been determined, she first will place a straigh backed chair in position.  She then sits down and calls me to her right side (Cora is right handed).  She then prepares the spanking surface by un-doing my pants and having them drop to my ankles.  This is followed by any underwear that I may be wearing.

Once the initial preparations have been made follows one of the best parts of the ritual; the lifting of her skirts (assuming she is wearing skirts).  The lap that is then exposed, whether its clad in stockings, or bare, is a memorable sight even if it is all so brief.

Next is the firm nudge that send that unspoken message, "bend over, you are about to be spanked".  Once in place there is a moment of total submission.  My bottom is bared and in position to be spanked and there is some very intimate contact.  Depending on the situation, she may clamp certain 'parts' between her legs (this may vary depending on your gender, of course).

Then the spanking begins.  I truly believe the perfect implement for an OTK spanking is the hairbrush.  A full sized paddle is just too awkward to administer a 'proper' spanking and a smaller paddle may be too light.  A hairbrush weighs in with sufficient weight that its impact will definitely be noticed.  In addition, Cora has gotten really good with just her hand.  When I am spanked in this position, she often switches between her hand and her hairbrush.

Thus ends the ritual when she decides that I have been spanked sufficiently.  What is it about this ritual?  To me overall, its the 'erotic act of my submission to Cora's dominance'.  Being in this position of vulnerability has so many elements of 'erotic submission' that my head is overflowing with submissive energy.  Even if its a 'punishment' spanking, all the elements are there.  It brings me back to my grade school years, except this time, I am actually spanked.

Just prior to writing this post, I asked Cora to spank me in exactly the manner listed above.  She did and I was able to confirm my feelings about all the elements of the ritual.  The resultant tingling is also a delightful result.

December 1, 2011

It Takes Work

I spend quite a bit of time on the net.  Usually it involves reading the blogs from others who engage in Female Led Relationships, but I also subscribe to lots and lots of Yahoo Groups. 

One of those groups is 'Spanked_by_their_Wives' and is one of the more active groups and thanks to the moderator, is frequented by 'real' people.  Today one of the Wives posted something that really hit home with us.  Her post started with the acknowledgement that she was married to a 'great guy', but a recognition that a 'typical male needs to be put back in line once in a while'.  Well said.

Her post further described how their busy life was interfering with their FLR and she even took responsibility for 'letting it go too long' and had been 'remiss not to correct a few issues'.  She then described how she 're-acquainted' her husband with her hair brush.  From her comments it appears that he got the message and described how he did his 'chores' immediately after getting home from work.

Oh how this hit home.  (Pun Intended)

Our own relationship has been drifting in the same direction.  The stuff of life has been getting in the way of our FLR, something that both Cora and I consider a very important part of our relationship.

Cora and I first met over 5 years ago and are only 6 months from celebrating 5 wonderful years of living together.  Wonderful years, indeed.  As I have described in past posts, when I introduced Cora to spanking and stuff, she began by taking the 'submissive' side.  So we 'played' with things with her taking her share of spankings.  Of course, my main wiring is oriented toward me taking the submissive role and I really preferred it when Cora delivered spankings to me.  Ultimately, Cora's dominant side emerged and much to my delight, we engaged in a FLR where she is in charge and I am subject to discipline when she deems it necessary.

I certainly acknowledge that all relationships have their ups and downs and while Cora has not been as assertive about her role as I would like, we have a really, really great life together.  So, when I read the post on Spanked_by_their_Wives, I thought I'd take advantage and share it with Cora.  And we have been discussing this all day. 

Now, specifically, today Cora resolved a situation with her health insurance that had been bothering her for several days.  It had been really bothering her and she was dreading having to face it.  Coincidentally, she had designated today for me to help her go through all her documentation and try to get it resolved.  We did!

So once we had this 'life issue' behind us, we started discussing our FLR in the context of the post of the other woman.  I tried to point out to Cora that she has been 'holding back' and perhaps 'remiss' in not correcting a 'few issues'.

For example, during our photo session last Tuesday (resulting in the pix of Cora in her tight riding pants), I was having trouble with the flash in the strobe lights.  While I was trying to resolve this issue, Cora showed up all dressed up and ready to go.  She was in a great mood ready to do her part as Super-Model.  However, I was in a Grr Argh mood, with the problems I was having.  In essence I was being rude and off-putting.  Cora stepped out until I figured out how to work-around my problem.  Truly, this was behavior that should have earned me an on-the-spot spanking, or at least a 'Notice of Discipline' slip.  Instead, Cora just shrugged it off.  In discussions today, she indicated that she felt 'guilty' and did not pursue any actions towards me.

I pointed out that this should have been about my behavior and not about her taking on the 'guilt' of it.  We further discussed previous scenarios and I kept pointing out that she was taking on the responsibility for my behavior.  I think the light bulb  went on when I pointed out her way of handling things.

I really love all the aspects of our FLR, whether they encompass the 'fun spankings' Cora gives me or the times she needs to really 'lay down the law' and hold me accountable for my bad behavior.  Sure those times are no fun but I can tell that when she does hold me accountable, my focus returns and my behavior changes (at least for a while).  Its something that I not only ask for but need.  Need it bad.  Just like most of the guys in these FLR relationships (or at least according to the feedback I get from them).

I am hoping that Cora and I will take a view of our relationship from a higher altitude and re-new the dynamics that work so well for us.  In fact, I think I will re-negotiate our 'contract'.  Its about 3 years old and lots has happened during those years, such as our Notice of Discipline and Request for Discipline forms.  A new contract would probably make a good post here, on our blog, and if we get there we'll share it.

So, our thanks to the woman who posted her situation on 'Spanked_by_their_Wives'.  It opened up a very productive dialog.  In fact Cora instructed me to 'bend over' our bed, bared my bottom and proceeded to spank me with her hand, small paddle and one of her other 'Bedroom Rack' implements.  My bottom is still tingling.  I love it and love Cora even more!

November 29, 2011

The Rest of the Story

... Or How to Have Fun With the Sales Staff at the Tack Shop

In a previous post a week ago, we described our preparations for going 'out and about' and the spanking fun we had while getting dressed.  We ventured out and crossed Lake Washington on one of our very rare sunny Northwest days in November.  The view of the lake, Mt. Rainier and the Cascades was awesome, perhaps only overshadowed by glimpses of Cora wearing a tight pair of jeans.

We made our first stop, then headed for our second destination.  However, the route took us by a store I have been wanting to take Cora to for some time: a Tack shop.  I asked her if she wanted to stop and she replied, "Sure".

Now to bring you up to date, Cora was quite the HorseWoman while growing up.  She lived in the Northwest Illinois countryside and there were several stables in the area, some of which raised thoroughbred horses.  Cora became acquainted with these stables and quickly gained the trust of the owners.  Often Cora would exercise some of the horses by taking them for rides in the countryside.  As you can imagine, Cora specialized in some of the more 'troublesome' members of the stables and found that she could 'tame' them rather effectively, a trait she still possesses in dealing with our pups (oh, and I guess you could include me, also!).  She definitely has earned the title, "HorseWhisperer".  She often reminisces about that time in her life with a great deal of fondness.  She truly loved her horses.

Cora and 'Bristol Cream' (a Lippizzon) about 1971

Cora still has some of her riding equipment, such as boots, a cute hat, spurs and so on. (She is wearing some of these items in the picture shown above.)  However, one thing she lacked was a good pair of riding pants.  Now, I have seen many fetish sites that feature women wearing tight riding pants, boots and usually shown holding the traditional riding crop.  Its something that is not one of my main fetishes but I do appreciate a shapely woman wearing tight riding pants.

So, into the store we went.  Interestingly most of the sales staff and patrons were female (should that be 'matrons'?).  And while they weren't wearing riding pants, they were wearing very tight jeans.  It was definitely 'eye candy' paradise for me.  And Cora fit right in, wearing a very tight pair of jeans, too.  Oh, and don't forget she was wearing a girdle underneath and if you looked close, you could see evidence of those wonderful 'garter bumps'.

Cora checked out the racks of clothing and soon eliminated all but one or two pair of riding pants.  She gathered up her prizes and asked one of the sales staff where she could try them on.  "Over there", the sales lady pointed.  It took a while for her to squeeze into the first pair of riding pants but she finally appeared to have them checked out. 

"Wow", was my response.  Did she look good, or what.  The smile on the face of the sales lady indicated that she, too thought Cora looked great.  And oh how the garter bumps showed off! 

Feeling somewhat cheeky (after all I was in the presence of a very sexy vision and probably was shifting to the control of my second head), I made a comment in front of the sales lady, "Wow, the garter bumps really show, don't they?".  The sales lady quickly replied, "Oh, don't get naughty!"  Cora's response was one of those 'looks' that women are so good at.  I do think Cora missed an opportunity to issue one of her 'Notices of Discipline' slips but her purse was several feet away in the dressing room.  I can only imagine what the sales lady would have thought if Cora had whipped one out and filled it out in front of her.

OK, I was having some fun with the situation and my comment may have been a little inappropriate, but I just couldn't resist.  Sometimes Cora and I have fun dropping little hints about our lifestyle - nothing blatant, and we do get some knowing smiles from some of the sales people (mostly women), so I am guessing that we are not totally alone with our little 'secrets'. 

Anyway, Cora tried on another pair which she finally selected.  When the sales lady asked, "Will that be all?", I replied, "No", and pulled Cora to another area in the shop.

While I was waiting for Cora to try on her riding pants, I explored the shop and yes, you guessed it - located the riding crops.  We headed over to the rack that included dressage whips and riding crops.  Cora took a look and her first inclination was "I don't need another one".  However, I pointed to one towards the back and in the bottom of the rack.  It was one of those riding crops with the end shaped like a small palm. 

Cora's face lit up.  "Oh, I must have one of those!", she exclaimed.  "Do they have them in black?" 

"Right here", I replied and pulled one out of the rack.  So we headed back to the counter to pay for our new-found treasures.  The sales lady exclaimed, "Oh, one of our 'spankers'", upon seeing our riding crop selection.  Cora and I could only look at each other.  I am guessing that we had been exposed.  I really doubt if anyone uses one of the riding crops with the little palm on the end for their horse.  However, based upon the number of them in the rack, I am guessing they sell quite a few.  And they just can't not know.

I had hoped to get pictures of Cora in her riding pants later that day but we were quite exhausted when we finally finished all of our stops and had returned home.  However, she did agree to a photo session yesterday and some of the results appear on this post.  Don't you think that Cora can be a very effective trainer of horses (of all kinds)?

November 26, 2011

Random Punishment Selector

James, who hosts  the 'SpankedMale' blog shared a connection to the 'Random Punishment Selector'.  Its a really interesting on-line calculator that you can customize for your situation including the name of the spanker, name of the spankee, reason for punishment, severity of the punishment, number of implements to use, actual implements to be used with the ability to customize the parameters to match the implements you actually own, the position and state of dress.  In addition, there are options to set the severity factor of the various implements and even some additional punishment (such as corner time, mouth soaping, grounding, etc.).

Its really creative and once the parameters are all set, the resulting 'Punishment Certificate' with the results can be printed and handed to the guilty party.  The URL is:

Well, it seems as if James shared this little 'tool' with his wife and she has taken a real liking to it. The picture above is James' wife and is the opening picture on their blog.  As you can see she is a very attractive woman with a lap that seems to be calling to all us naughty boys.  I am guessing I may get in trouble with Cora for this comment, but its a lap that I would love to 'sample'. James has shared two incidences of his wife using the tool, the first resulting in 25 strokes of the cane.  The second time, it appears that James' wife got some 'inspiration' while reading another blog over James' shoulder.  James' wife entered another set of parameters and generated a second 'Punishment Certificate' that included three sets of punishment.  James posted how she delivered the first set with the other sets to follow.

James second set was delivered after he was caught reading one of my comments on his blog instead of helping his wife with some holiday decorating.  I guess I am partly to blame for this one, but James got 32 with his wife's bath brush.  I wonder if James' wife would have me share his punishment.  He has yet to receive some cane strokes but I am sure James will share that part of the session, too.

You can read James' portrayal on his blog and I would recommend it as James' blog is well written and fun to read.  He and his wife seem to be very 'real' and so generously share their lifestyle with the Universe.

So, Cora has expressed some interest in the Random Punishment Selector, too. 

 And yes, her lap is very attractive, too.  I have first hand (or is that first 'hairbrush') experience.

I think the pictures prove my point.  And as some of you have expressed an interest in 'trying out' her lap, I would just advise, "Be very careful what you ask for".  However, Cora loves these kinds of comments.

But I wonder if she will use the Random Punishment Selector like James' wife does.  Its one of those things that I both fear and hope she will take on.  Funny how that works.

Also, I can visulize Cora using a combination of her 'Notice of Discipline' with the 'Random Punishment Selector'.  The latter provides for varies degrees of punishment such as 'light', 'moderate' or 'very hard', with the difference being the number of swats.  It would be a natural for Cora to associate the check boxes on the Notice of Discipline form for 'Mild', 'Moderate' and 'Severe' with the appropriate level on the Random Punishment Selector.  I can just see her delivering a Notice of Discipline attached to the 'Punishment Certificate' at the same time.  Yikes!

So, I may be in even deeper that James with all these ideas.  I can't explain why I am sharing them where Cora will easily see them.  But then I guess I am just a little jealous of all the attention James is getting from his wife.

 P.S.  We are still working on the pix to illustrate our shopping trip at the Tack Shop.

November 21, 2011

Finding Her Power

There has been quite a bit of 'outside stuff' happening here, lately.  Its kinda personal so I won't go into the details.  I'll just say its been zapping our energy, especially Cora's.

Saturday, I asked Cora to get dressed as I wanted to visit a few stores across the lake in Bellevue.  So it was a surprise when she put on a girdle.  And a ivory colored one at that!  She usually prefers her black girdles but I love the way a lighter color looks on her.  Quite frankly, a lighter color really shows off her curves much better.  It was obvious that Cora was feeling especially powerful, this morning.  Naturally, I began following her around like a puppy while she engaged her dressing routine.

When it came for me to get dressed, Cora beckoned to me, "Now where are those panties?"  What!!!  Cora was going to 'make' me wear her panties?  Its been a while, so it was a very pleasant surprise.  At this point in time Cora was still in her girdle, stockings but had slipped on her heels.  Needless to say, she looked very powerful and I was very 'aroused'.

Cora held up the panties for me to step into.  So, I placed one leg at a time into the appropriate openings.  However, rather than pulling them up, she had me hobble over to the bed, with the panties still at my knees. 

"Bend Over!", she instructed.  Naturally, I complied.  I was wondering where Cora was getting all this energy, but I was not complaining.  Cora pulled her small paddle off the 'bedroom rack'.  She returned and commenced to paddle my bare bottom, panties at my knees. 

It was obvious that Cora was 'into it' as there wasn't really a warm up.  The smacks of her small paddle were echoing through the room as my bottom was feeling a rather intense sting.  She finally stopped and instructed me to finish dressing.

Later as we were putting our pups in their kennels prior to our departure, I was admiring Cora.  She had slipped on a tight pair of jeans.  Now, there is something about the way a woman looks when wearing a girdle.  And Cora in her jeans that day, was no exception.  She just looked hot.

I couldn't resist. The combination of Cora 'feeling her power' along with the curvy image of her got the better of me.  I bent over our kitchen table and Cora figured out what I was asking.  Soon I was feeling the results of about four of her selections from her 'main rack'.  However, I was still feeling like I need just a little more (greedy sub that I am!).

I grabbed the Spencer from the rack and asked Cora for 'a little more'.  Of course, she happily complied.  Soon I heard that characteristic whistle that only the Spencer paddle makes when its swung with enough vigor.  "Splat"  The paddle landed and I felt the result of the impact.  To quote the song, "It hurts so good!"

It was after only one or two swats that Cora re-positioned herself a little more to her left.  This resulted in a better view of her.  Prior to her moving, I couldn't see much of her, but now I had a wonderful view of the seat of her jeans.  I guess I don't have to say much about the way she fills out her jeans but the view just added to the 'pleasure' of the spanking. 

Finally after about 25 swats or so of the Spencer, she let me up.  Wow, I felt it all day long.

So, we ventured out and about on the 'East Side'.  We visited train shops, electronic shops and I even suggested to Cora, "Do you want to check out tight riding pants at that Tack Shop?" 

"Sure", she replied.

But then, that's another story.

November 6, 2011

Spankin', er Pushin' Too Hard

I generally don't write about anything not related to our Female Led Relationship and that may explain why we haven't posted as much lately as we used to.  I have been involved in assisting in teaching a class, Cora has been decorating and undecorating for the Holidays and our pups have turned 7, 8 and 9 years old.  (Gosh, it seems like yesterday that Devi and Gypsy were just puppies!)

So it was with a bit of glee that yesterday I heard Cora instruct me "to get upstairs and prepare for a spanking".  Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and went upstairs and peeled down.  Soon I heard her footsteps up the stairs and down the hall to our bedroom.

Now, if you have followed us for a while, you know that music plays a very important part of our lifestyle.  It was on our second date that while showing Cora my studio, she asked me to "Turn it up!"  That certainly caught my attention.  So, we have this really cool piece of electronic equipment called a 'Squeezebox'.  It allows me to assemble a play list using i-Tunes on our Mac and stream the tunes to the Squeezebox over our wireless network.  The Squeezebox is connected to our main receiver using a digital connection and the resultant music sounds great.

In addition, we have a very low power FM transmitter connected to the receiver and can broadcast the play list to any room in our house that has an FM receiver.  And of course, that includes our bedroom.

So while waiting for Cora, various songs from our 'classic rock' play list are filling the room.  Finally Cora entered and began gathering her hairbrush, ferule, small paddle and SMTR paddle from her bedroom rack, arranging them on the bed for her use.  When she grabs all four items from her rack, I know that she intends to use them all and I realize that I am in for a 'serious' spanking.

Once she had prepared her 'tools' she beckoned me over her lap.  Willingly, over I went and took a deep breath.  She began with a hand spanking.  Now, Cora has gotten quite good at administering a spanking with just her hand.  She can approach the intensity of a hairbrush with the main difference the rather sensual feel of skin on skin, instead of wood on skin.  Overall, its a very nice feeling.

I can't remember which song was playing when Cora first started her spanking of me, but soon the Seed's "Pushin' Too Hard" began to play.  Cora loves to spank along with the rhythm of the song and soon my bottom was being spanked along with the drum beat.  I think she had progressed to her hairbrush by then.

Keep in mind that Cora was spanking me 'Just Because She Wanted To', so we were both in a 'fun' mood.  So, I (being the cheeky one that I am) began to sing along with lyrics "You're Spanking Too Hard".  And there is a chorus in the song that goes, "Too Hard, Too Hard" and of course I took advantage of singing along with that part too.

Soon we were both laughing and giggling as Cora continued the spanking.  However, once the song was over, there wasn't much reason to continue.  By then she had turned my bottom a nice shade of red and instilled that nice, warm, tingly feeling that I 'enjoyed' the rest of the day.

October 25, 2011

Blogs and Bloggers

I have noticed quite a few new blogs appear that address Female Led Relationships.  I have spent a little less time 'on line' in the past few months so have gotten a 'little behind' in my reading.  However, I have found that many others whose blogs I follow, have included many new blogs.  Some are authored by women.  To all these new bloggers I extend a hearty 'Welcome'.  I hope to add a few to our 'list of blogs we follow'.

Sadly, there have been a few blogs that have disappeared.  I understand that there may be legitimate reasons but hope that some of them may re-appear when their Muse returns.  I miss many of them.

Speaking of blogs, I'd like to recommend that you check out James' blog, 'spankedmale'.  James' latests posts includes three videos of him getting spanked by his wife and a friend.  I know how excited I was the night I got spanked by two wonderful Ladies and how many men have this as a fantasy.  Anyway, James has provided videos of the event and placed them on his blog to share with you.

Also, during the summer I experienced problems posting comments on some of the other blogs.  Finally, I found that if I changed the settings on my browser regarding 'Cookies' this problem cleared up.  In my case (Internet Explorer), I went to 'Internet Options' under 'Tools' and clicked on the 'Privacy' tab and lowered the settings.  I plan to raise the settings after posting my comments to protect things as much as possible.  If you have the same problem, hopefully this suggestion will help.

Speaking of comments, I wish to thank all who have left comments.  Joeyred51 made a reference to Cora's paddle with our local University's color (Purple).  I guess they got an effective paddling last week.  Oh well, Seattle is not really that much of a sports town.  Good thing there are so many other things to do here.  Mysster also made a reference to Seattle.  Yep, we love it here.  James (yes, the same one mentioned above) and SometimesSpanked made reference to Cora's attire.  She loves to dress up and often she wears tight girdles underneath her skirts or jeans.  I have mentioned it before, but I love to follow her up the stairs.  And to receive a complement of 'stunning' from such a stunning woman as Dana Kane was an honor.  If you haven't already done so, check out her blog.  She has generously shared many of her videos.

And then there were the comments from bobmski and Hermione asking for pix of me in my butler's uniform apron.  I guess this comes under the heading of  'be careful what you ask for'.  Both Cora and I laughed out loud after reading these comments.  So, we will be working on a photo session which will hopefully fulfill these requests. 

Oh, and speaking of uniforms, this is the Halloween (Samhein) season.  This provides a unique opportunity for the Ladies of a FLR.  There are many costume shops showcasing all kinds of 'costumes'.  However, you have considered forms of 'feminization', you might look at some of the 'French Maid' costumes.  Some are available in 'larger' sizes which will probably fit your men.  Something you could have your guy wear while doing his 'chores'.  Just ask Cora.

This post has been a bit rambling.  So here is a picture from our outing last week of Cora holding her PurpleHeart paddle.  Perhaps she will be inspired to use it when we do our butler uniform photo shoot.

And one for the fans of Cora's stockings.  Here is a pic of her adjusting one of them.  After all, as was said by a woman who used to sell girdles on line, a big part of wearing girdles and stockings is adjusting them.  I heartily agree and as the lyrics from ZZ Top,  'I'm a fool for her stockings, I believe'.

October 17, 2011

Lunch at Salty's

October in Seattle often features darkening, cloudy skies often with rain and wind.  However, every so often, the clouds part and the Goddess provides one of those spectacular days that seem so few for this time of year.  Today was one of those days.

So, I told Cora that I would put the battery charger on the Corvette (it doesn't get much use, so the batteries usually need a kick before I can get it started) and take her out to lunch.  Her choice was 'Salty's'.  One of our favorite restaurants is 'Salty's'.  Its close to us and features great food and one of Seattle's most spectacular views.

Cora dressed up for the occasion and wore a nicely tight skirt along with heels.  These are the heels that match the car.  I think the pictures will show what I mean.

Once we arrived, we took a short break and took in the view.  Yes, that's a blue sky and the famous Space Needle in the background.  Yikes, its been almost 50 years since the 1962 World's Fair! 

That's Cora climbing the stairs to the restaurant.  Oh, how I love to follow her up the stairs!

The view from inside the restaurant is just as good as it is from the outside.

So, what does all this have to do with our Female Led Relationship?  Well, not much.  But when we got home, I asked Cora to grab here Purpleheart Paddle and head for our deck for a picture or two. 

After all, don't you think a Woman should be color coordinated?

A little later I couldn't resist.  I have an apron that looks a little like a butler's uniform but its open in the back.  I put it on (and nothing else) and proceeded to make Cora's evening cocktail.  She remarked that she enjoyed her bare bottomed bartender.  Once the drink had been served I grabbed one of her hairbrushes and followed her to the couch.  I had her sit in the middle, handed her the hairbrush and placed myself over her lap.  Keep in mind that my bottom was already bared.

She proceeded to start with a very nice hand spanking followed by a firm spanking from her hairbrush.  Its been a while since Cora has delivered a firm spanking and even longer since she has left blisters.  Well, I am sitting rather uncomfortably while writing this as she did leave me with a blistered and hot bottom. 

I think these are my favorite kinds of spankings.  And I love her very much.

October 6, 2011

The Need for Spanking - The Results

First, I want to thank those who left comments on our previous post.  With a lack of posting for over a month we were afraid that no one would be watching our blog.  Instead, there were 5 who commented within a day.  Thanks James, Dana, JoeyRed, Tom and one anonymous commenter.

Well, usually things don't work out like we expect.  And yesterday morning was no exception.  When Cora came downstairs yesterday morning, she sort of laughed at the strategically located chair with the hairbrush conspicuously placed on the chair back.  Then she announced, "I want my coffee!".

Now, we do live in Seattle and fit right in with the population of coffee drinkers.  And we take our coffee rather seriously.  And when I mention coffee, I should clarify: its really espresso. 

I discovered espresso in the mid 1970's and purchased my first espresso maker in 1977.  Over the years I have worn out several machines and have learned lots of the tricks to make a pretty good espresso along with the variations such as Lattes etc. 

So I abandoned my hopes of Cora taking me over lap and applying the hairbrush and instead became 'Mr. Barista' and began to make her morning espresso concoction.  She likes an unusual combination of equal parts espresso and coffee creamer topped off by whipped cream (the kind that comes from a can).  As I served her, she mentioned that she would take care of me later.

Later in the morning, Cora returned to the kitchen and dragged me over to the table, grabbed her leather paddle, bent me over and delivered about a dozed rather firm swats.  I thought that was it for the day.  NOT!

That afternoon, Cora layed out her 'Bedroom Rack' and beckoned me into the bedroom.  Soon she had me if her favorite position with me bent over her left leg and then placed her right leg over my legs.  Its that position where I wasn't going anywhere.

Cora likes to use a variety of implements when she delivers a spanking.  And this was no different.  She started with her hand, then shifted to her hairbrush, small paddle, the SMTR paddle, and Ferule.  Now, since it has been a while since I had been spanked, my bottom was more sensitive than it usually is when she is spanking me on a regular basis.  So, needless to say she had me lit on fire.  Indeed, after she was done I felt like a well spanked lad.

I thought that that was the end of it.  NOT!  When we retired for the night, Cora asked me to show her my bottom as she indicated she wanted to 'inspect the results'.  Of course, I complied and crawled up onto my knees and turned around so that she could see the results of her previous handiwork.  However, instead of feeling just the cool air of the evening, she landed about a dozen spanks with her hand.  I turned around and viewed a very evil grin on Cora.  I do love her and love her playfulness.

October 5, 2011

The Need for Spanking

Its been a while.  Perhaps you have noticed that we haven't posted much lately.  Well, that's mostly a result of not much happening in our Female Led Relationship.  I guess you could say that for us, life has gotten too 'normal'.

Most of the men in FLR's have made it known that there is a deep-seated 'need' to be spanked by their Ladies.  I am no exception.  And when that need goes unfulfilled, the need sometimes builds.  Sure, sometimes Cora will give me a impromptu slap on my bottom and she has even taken a paddle off her rack for a few well placed swats. 

However,  I feel very overdue for a much more 'formal' bare-bottom blistering from Cora's Hairbrush.  There is something very intimate about being taken across her knee for a session with her hairbrush.  I can't really describe it other than to say that right now I definitely feel the need.

So I am going to set up something.  I have placed one of our straight backed chairs in front of our dining area table and have placed one of her hairbrushes conspicuously on it.  (The picture below was literally taken minutes ago).

My plan is when she comes down from the bedroom this morning, she will 'catch' me doing something naughty.  My hope is that she will get the idea and sit herself down and haul me over her lap for a good dose of the hairbrush.  And I know it will be good for her too!

I'll let you know what happens.