January 18, 2016

Can a Woman Have Too Many Hairbrushes

There is just something about a woman spanking a naughty boy with her hairbrush.  It seems like the ultimate symbol of feminine authority.  The internet if full of both photos and stories centering on a woman's hairbrush.  And both Cora and I are big fans of this effective implement.

Thus it was something we wanted to include in our wedding ceremony and thankfully we found a special woman to perform the festivities and included handing over the hairbrush to Cora as part of the ceremony.

Oh, and this was immediately followed by Cora administering my first spanking from her using the same hairbrush. Indeed, it was a special day!  And its hard to believe today is our third anniversary.

Cora Administering Her First Spanking as Married Head of Household

So, its probably no surprise that Cora has quite a collection of hairbrushes.  Also, it seems that an Ebony Hairbrush stands out as the ultimate of Hairbrushes.  I found a source for them from the UK on the internet (e-Bay, specifically).  The first one I purchased for Cora had a concave back.  I had expected the back to be flat and was surprised when it arrived.  The second Ebony Hairbrush was actually purchased to observe the differences between a hairbrush with a concave back vs. one that is flat backed.  Much to the surprise of both of us the concave backed hairbrush is much preferred by both of us.  The effect of the concave back is much like a hand spanking where she cups her hand.  The result is much stingier and the resulting sound is much sharper.  It all contributes to a much more intense spanking.  For both of us.

Cora Showing Off Her Concave-Backed Ebony Hairbrush
Cora Demononstrating the difference between a Concave-Backed and Flat-Backed Ebony Hairbrush

Well, I became rather obsessed and ended up purchasing several more of these beauties.  They are all a little different, varying from 9-3/4 to 10-3/8 inch in length, 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inch in width and 4.70 to 5.90 ounces in weight.  Now, one of the features of the Ebony wood is that its heavier than most.  Compare the hairbrush passed to Cora in our wedding: 10-5/8 inch long, 2-11/16 inch in width and weighs in at 4.06 ounce.  So even though that hairbrush is longer and wider, its considerably lighter.  I am guessing that you have figured out that an Ebony Hairbrush spanking is a step up in intensity.  Also those of you ladies familiar with using a hairbrush know that you don't really have to put much force into spanking your naughty guy.  Just a bit of wrist action as it about to impact your naughty boy's bottom is all that's necessary to maximize the striking force.  Its almost like the hairbrush is doing all the spanking and Cora has noticed this effect is even more pronounced when using an Ebony Hairbrush.
Cora, Ready for Some Spanking Action with Her Concave-Backed Ebony Beauty
I had corresponded with the vendor in the UK which had been my source for these Ebony Hairbrushes.  We've never been afraid to share our FLR lifestyle and I had made it no secret that we had not made these purchases with the intent in using them for hair-care.  In fact I had made reference to this vendor to others and he shared that several of my referrals had resulted in other sales for him.  One day I received an e-Mail from the vendor which said:

 "I have come across a rather interesting hairbrush. It is potentially too brutal for your arsenal but I thought of you and it made me smile because it has the largest bristles I have ever seen!"

Oh my!  Too brutal for our arsenal!  I couldn't let that one pass and made the purchase.  I knew I may be putting my poor behind in jeopardy but I couldn't resist the challenge.  Well, it turned out while this Ebony Heavyweight was about the same size in length and width (10-1/8 by 2-7/17 inches) it weighed in at a whopping 6.18 ounce.  And whopping it could do.  Indeed it did live up to the vendor's claim of being very brutal.  I can attest that a session over Cora's lap with that one is a spanking to remember.  Fortunately for me, Cora actually favors one of the other Ebony's in her collection although it is the second heaviest.  One of the features she favors is the fact that its one of the concave-backed hairbrushes while the behemoth is flat-backed.

So here are a couple of photos of Cora's collection of Ebony Beauties:

And if that isn't enough here is her entire collection:

So, anyone like to volunteer for some quantitative analysis?


January 15, 2016

We're Back!

OK, no apologies but we know its been a while since our last post.  But now that we've made it through our Holiday Show, we're ready to start posting again.  We had a very successful season and for the first time even hosted a show for Halloween.  We had great fun mingling with the crowds that attended our show and for the first time received fan mail and a gift or two.  We even had a couple of traffic jams in front of our house and attendance was much greater than previous years.

No promises on how often we'll post in the future but we do enjoy sharing our FLR lifestyle and hope that we will make an impact (!) on other couples who are either embracing or considering a Female Led Relationship.  And we love to hear from our readers, so feel free to leave a comment.

So, just to let you know, Cora has continued to assert her authority and even though things have been very busy and distracting, I have made a number of trips over her lap.

And yes, Cora still likes me in panties, especially when over her lap.  (More on panties at a later time).

We've got another post in the works that concerns our favorite WAD (Weapon of Ass Destruction) and ultimate symbol of female authority: The Hairbrush.