February 24, 2012

Two Years -- & Counting

Today marks a milestone for Cora and I - The two year anniversary of our blog. 

Yep, it was two years ago, today that we stuck our toe into the blogger's ocean.  I thought I'd go back and see what I wrote two years ago to kick things off.  Here it is:

     'I am a 62 year old male, newly retired
     and partnered with a wonderful Lady.
     We live in Seattle, WA. Together, we
     have ventured into a 'Female Led
     Relationship'. I am hoping to describe
     our relationship from my own point
     of view and see where this goes
     from there.'

'See where this goes from there'!   It made me laugh at that phrase.  It certainly has gone from there.  Indeed, it has been quite a journey.  But in retrospection, I think the two best things that have come out of our little endeavor has been getting to know some wonderful people in the 'community', and an even stronger relationship with my beloved Cora.  The blog has provided an important conduit for communication between us.

And last night, Cora communicated with me - through an assortment of her paddles.  I so love the way that she no longer hesitates to bend me over the table whenever she things I have crossed some lines of behavior.

So, no pictures of last night's impromptu spanking but I'd thought I post a few pix of my favorite lap in tribute to the reason this blog exists: Cora.

February 18, 2012


OK, I think its time to move on from the 'Warning' post.  I am involved in teaching some electronics classes this weekend so what's going on is probably not very topical in the FLR world.

But since the last two posts didn't even include one picture of Cora (a new record), I thought I would just post a nice picture of her.  After all, isn't that why you read our blog?

So here she is with one of our English Springer Spaniels, Vixen (otherwise knows as Champion Ramblewood's Paper Moon).

February 17, 2012


We have all been familiar with the issue with WdSpoone and his very well respected blog, "Ma'am, Yes Ma'am".  Fortunately he was able to overcome the issue and his blog has been relocated and back in operation.

Today I received an e-Mail that disturbed me.  Here is what it said:

Dear , hereby we notify you that your IP address has been identified as distributing copyrighted content. Please see the attachment to this message for illicit Internet traffic details.
Failure to respond to this message within 14 days will result in copyright infringement accusation and standard legal procedures.

The message showed as coming from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and gave their phone number.

Since I have been involved with music and have performed in several bands over the years, I am very familiar with the RIAA.  So, I check their own website to see if the phone number was legitimate.  To my shock, it was.

Now, most of you know that the only thing you will find on our blog are pictures taken by us or pictures that we have posted with permission.  The only exceptions have been some items that are 'public domain'.  So I took this notification quite seriously.

So, I called the RIAA number.  Their recorded greeting indicated that they have been to target of an Internet Spoof (their words) and the message should be disregarded.  I left a message anyway.

The attachment that was included was an 'EXE' file and I am guessing that if opened it would attack your computer. 

Maybe I am over reacting but I felt especially troubled by this threat.  Fellow Bloggers, beware!

February 16, 2012

Bare Bottomed Barista

... and perhaps that should be Bare, Red Bottomed Barista.

Dana Kane is a very well disciplinarian and her website is probably on the saved area of most of those who read this blog.  Her blog is referenced on our blog as one of the blogs we follow.  In addition, she has been producing a very good set of F/M spanking videos.

Cora and I have had the honor to occasionally correspond with Ms. Kane.  Among other things she has been most gracious in sharing information on how she has produced her videos and how to get them posted on the net.  We probably wouldn't have been able to figure out how to get ours posted without her help.  Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she is truly a generous and awesome woman.

Ms. Kane occasionally travels to various locations in the USA.  Her blog includes travel information.  So it was no surprise when we found that one of her destinations would be Seattle.  We agreed to meet at some location, perhaps for coffee.


Hey, we live is Seattle.  You know, the headquarters of several world-wide coffee companies.  Seattle has a rich tradition of coffee lovers, partly due to the Scandinavian population in our area.  My own grandparents came from Norway in the early 1900's, met here and married.  I can still remember the importance of coffee in their household.

So, it should be no surprise that we celebrate the coffee traditions, too.  But my own preference is for espresso.  I purchased my first espresso machine in 1977, considerably prior to the coffee craze.  Over the years, I have upgraded and currently own a really nice machine that shares many components with the 'professional' espresso machines.  We grind our own beans on an as needed basis and even purchase our beans direct from a roaster so that we have the freshest beans possible.

Over the years, I have developed my coffee making techniques and have been told that I make a pretty good coffee drink.  I have even had offers of sexual favors for my coffee.  Really!

So, I had a little fun with Ms. Kane.  In letting us know that she had to postpone her trip to Seattle, she asked, "I hope you'll still be in the mood for coffee".  I decided to tease her a little and responded that we are always in the mood for coffee.  Her response was, "Teasing me with the promise of the best coffee in Seattle is just cruel...ha!"

So, I couldn't resist raising the stakes to the next level.  This morning, I decided that I would make one of my 'famous' Mocha's for Cora.  Cora usually has a different concoction but my Mocha's are especially 'pretty'.

So I began making the Mocha.  I decided to 'show off' a little and wore my 'butler apron' while performing my barista duties.  I know most of you would rather see pictures of Cora, but a while back some of you did request to see my 'Butler's Apron'.  I guess that comes under the heading, "be careful what you ask for".
Yep, that's my red bottom still showing the affects of the spanking the previous day from Cora.

So here is the result of this morning's coffee making magick.  Its a Mocha fit for a Goddess, like Cora and Dana.
Dana, This One's For You!

February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day - A Follow Up

I got spanked this morning!

Yesterday's post received several wonderful comments.  One came from Dave, who wondered if Cora would give me a Valentine's Day spanking.  Well, she didn't, but it got me thinking (now, that can be dangerous!).

Over a week ago, Cora issued one of her 'Notices of Discipline' to me.  I had set myself up to get 'caught' on the computer and Cora issued her Notice indicating that I was to be spanked later in the day.  (Don't worry, Cora and I don't keep anything from each other and 'getting caught' is more of a 'game' we play with each other than me doing something against Cora's wishes).

As sometimes happens, the appointed time for my discipline came and went.  Then another day, and another. Isn't it amazing how daily life events get in the way of the more important things?  So, with a little inspiration from Dave I came up with a plan.  I would use the alternative to the Notice of Discipline, the 'Request for Discipline' form.

My plan included the usual making of Cora's morning coffee.  Afterwards, I would hand her the new Request form paper clipped to the original Notice of Discipline.  At the same time I brought in the 5 minute hourglass, her hairbrush and her new Purpleheart 'Bottom Burner' (from Cane-iac).  I had filled out the Request form indicating five minutes of spanking with hand and hairbrush followed by several swats from the Bottom Burner, the number to be determined by Cora.
Cora's New 'Bottom Burner' from Cane-Iac

Sometimes Cora needs a little push and inspiration.  Her first reaction was, "You want me to spank you now?"  I could sense her reluctance, but I was prepared.

I had placed a copy of one of our Disciplinary Wive's Club DVD's in our player.  Cora was sitting on our living room couch and was facing our video display.  This is the same set-up we used in our recent video.  I then set the hourglass, hairbrush and Bottom Burner on a small table in front of Cora.

I had used the DWC video in July of last year and really got my bottom burned as a result.  Watching the video then had really inspired Cora while I was over her lap.  I was feeling the need for another good, hard spanking so put the same video on the player.  It features Ms. Dana Specht lecturing about scolding followed by a demonstration of how she uses her scolding technique while spanking her naughty guy.

So I pressed 'Play' and fast forwarded to the part where Ms. Dana begins her spanking 'demonstration'.  I then placed myself over Cora's lap.  It was still early in the morning, so I was still wearing a robe.  Just a robe.  Cora lifted the robe baring my bottom.  She then proceeded to give me a warm-up spanking with her hand.  She hadn't yet started the timer.

Soon Cora started to get 'into her groove'.  She reached to the table, turned the hour glass over and grabbed her hairbrush.  The first volley from her hairbrush really stung and I concentrated on breathing.  She continued to spank me raising the intensity probably wanting to keep pace with Ms. Specht.  I concentrated on making sure I took deep breaths.

My original plan was for Cora to combine a hand spanking with a hairbrush spanking for the duration of the hourglass.  Well, Cora had other ideas (and after all, who is in charge?).
Cora Using a Non-Verbal Command in Preparation to Using Her New Bottom Burner

After a few concentrated groups of strokes from her hairbrush, I could feel her lean back to the table.  "Oh, oh", I thought, "she is going for the Bottom Burner, already".  Then I felt the first one from it - "Wham".  That little paddle is well named!  "Wham", another then another.  I lost track of what was happening but Cora was changing back and forth between the Bottom Burner and her hairbrush.  In between she would give me a few swats with her hand.

By this time I was 'floating' into that area where the spanking was starting to not hurt.  Well, not hurt as much.  Cora continued to spank me, keeping cadence with Ms. Specht on the video.  And she was switching between the Bottom Burner, hairbrush and her hand.  She even used both the hairbrush and Bottom Burner at the same time.  Ouch!

Cora then laughed out loud and said, "Oh no, the sand has run out on the hourglass".  I had to laugh, too.  We had sort of lost track.  Cora handled this situation by turning the hourglass over again and resumed my spanking.  So, for another five minutes Cora proceeded to deliver a really hard and intense spanking.  Finally the sand ran out (again) at about the same time Ms. Specht was finishing up with her demonstration on the video.  Cora and I dwelled while savoring the afterglow, and finally Cora put her 'tools' back on the table and had me get up. 

We have really enjoyed making videos of our little sessions and plan to make more in the future.  However, there is nothing like a 'formal' spanking without the distraction of having to keep track of white balance, exposure, lighting, camera position and so on.  In this case I just concentrated on Cora and my spanking experience.

So thanks to JoeyRed, 'M' and Hermione for your comments yesterday.  But a special thanks to Dave for your inspiration.  Its been several hours since Cora completed her blistering of my bottom and I am still feeling quite a bit of 'fire' down there.  But there is that wonderful afterglow that results from getting the spanking you need from someone you love.  And who loves you enough to satisfy your needs.

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Cora

Rarely do I write something directed at one person but today is an exception:

I want to wish my Lady the Happiest of Valentine's Day!

I am one lucky guy and I want the entire planet to know how much I love You!!

February 12, 2012

Video Fun

First, we wish to thank all of you who left comments about our latest video.  I thought I'd express our gratitude in a new post as I never know if anyone goes back to read a 'Comment in response to a Comment'.  The response to the video has been very exciting and we are looking forward to adding more.

Meanwhile, in the process of learning the video editor, I pulled some 'footage' I shot of Cora a while back.  She and I had some fun composing a video from it.  Its just a short one and isn't really related to the FLR relationship but instead shows off Cora's 'glamour modeling' talents.  And, hey, Cora's red dress is so appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's day (don't you think?).

So we hope you can allow us to indulge sharing it with you.  This one is on YouTube.

February 10, 2012

Screen Test

Last weekend Cora and I decided to 'experiment' with our new video camera and the accessories we have to go with it.  This new camera (a Canon M-40) is really easy to use.

We set up in our living room area and even used our main TV to 'monitor' what the camera was seeing.  The natural light worked really great and I even had to reduce the exposure just a tad.  Cora sat on our couch and we planned to try some OTK shots.  We shot a total of five 'takes'.  Needless to say, at the end of the fifth take, I was sporting a rather red bottom.  In addition, watching herself spanking me, Cora found that it looked better if she spanked harder.  The 'end' result was that I was left with quite a glow from my stinging bottom.  Oh well, small sacrifice for 'Hollywood North'!

Besides the new camera, I have been learning a new video editor (Apple's Final Cut Express).  And after I had manipulated the video, Cora and I found that we really liked the results.  Cora especially liked the fourth 'take'.

So even though we had no plans to publish it, here it is.  And if you wish to see it in full HD, don't forget to click on the 'HD button' that appears below the video towards the right side.  And if you want to see it in 'full screen', just drop over to 'SpankingTube' which is were the original has been uploaded.

February 4, 2012

New Toys and a Spanking

I have mentioned Dana Kane's blog several times.  She writes a really good blog, has done some amazing videos and has assisted us in some 'behind the scene' technical help.

One of Ms. Kane's videos featured a OTK rug beater that is offered by 'Cane-Iac'.  When I showed this video to Cora she said, "Get one!"  So I hopped onto the Cane-Iac site and located the OTK rug beater.  Sadly, they were out of stock on this item.  Apparently, Ms. Kane's video had quite an 'impact' on their supply.  (Note:  since then they have restocked and Cora now has one.  More on that later).

So, I decided to 'surf' through the site and found some really cool items.  One was a 5 minute hour glass.  I guess technically you would call it a 1/12 Hour Glass.  :-) 

Funny thing, it was only a few days prior to this that we had visited an antique 'mall' near us.  They had a 3 minute egg timer style hour glass but it was very small.  I mentioned to Cora that I thought it would be cool to find an hour glass to go along with some of our 'play'.

That was a couple of weeks ago.  Fast forward to this morning.  Now, I know that many of the male readers probably do a bit of 'web-surfing'.  There is a plethora of FLR things available and I have to admit that I love 'looking around', too.  I don't keep any secrets from Cora and she encourages my time on the computer.   After all, she has gotten many ideas as a result.

I always get up before Cora.  I usually let the pups out, feed them, turn on the espresso machine and then turn on the computer.  This morning, Cora came down earlier than normal and I could tell her mood was 'playful'.

"What are you doing!", she called out.  "Um, er, nothing.  Just getting the espresso machine going". 

"Sure!", she exclaimed and headed to my laptop.  She inspected what was on the computer screen and announced, "You are getting a spanking, later!".

What else could I respond except, "Yes, Ma'am".  I then proceeded to make one of my special espresso concoctions: an Almond Joy - espresso combination.  One of the coffee creamer companies has just produced an Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer.  I microwave 2 ounces of this and add it to a double shot of espresso.  On top of that I add whipped cream from a can.  She absolutely loves this.  This morning she requested a second.

So, with a good coffee-sugar buzz, Cora was not only in a good mood but her energy level was doing quite well.

We adjourned to the bedroom to prepare for the day.  Cora likes to make our bed 'just so' and had completed her task.  She then layed out two pillows near the foot of the bed.  "Over", she instructed. I positioned myself along the foot of the bed presenting my bare bottom for whatever she had in mind.  This was the very first time she had positioned me in this manner.  I was wondering what she had in mind.

Cora then proceeded to attend to a few other things while I lay there waiting.  "I will be right back", I announced and headed to the kitchen.  I then retrieved our new 'hour' glass and returned to the bedroom.  "Good idea!", Cora exclaimed.  I then returned to my original position over the pillows.  Cora then grabbed a couple of items from her bedroom 'Rack', turned over the hour glass and proceeded to administer the spanking that she had promised earlier.

Cora's 'Bedroom Rack'

So, for five minutes I was being spanked by most of the implements on her rack. In fact partway through, she went into her dresser and retrieved a second hairbrush and proceed to spank me two-handed.  Wow!  That was an amazing sensation and really got my attention.  She concluded her session by pulling out her purpleheart 'purse paddle' and gave me several strokes from it.  It has been quite some time since she has used her purse paddle and I had forgotten how intense that little paddle (8 inches long) could be.  Finally, the sand ran out of the hour glass.  However Cora kept going for at least another half minute or so.

When it was over, I was left with a very nice glow.  That must have been 6 or 7 hours ago and I still have one of those really nice 'afterglows'.  I think I will be reminded of my spanking for quite some time.

It was a really nice spanking from Cora and I am glad I got 'caught'.  Oh, and that implement on the far left of Cora's bedroom 'Rack' is another implement that we purchased from Cane-Iac.  Its a purpleheart 'Bottom Burner' and is very well named.  Cora loves purpleheart and decided she wanted me to get one for her.  Who am I not to comply?  Anyway, the 'Bottom Burner' will probable be the source of another post, along with several other items we have obtained from them.  They provide some really nice items and are very reasonably priced.  I have added them to the list of resources on the blog.