September 30, 2012

Real People

As has been said here before, we really thrive on the comments our readers leave.  This was especially true of the comments left on our last two post, including the extensive and sensitive comments left by Ms. Deirdre, Respecting Mistress and Alan.

Just this morning I found another comment that really touched us that was left by Dana Kane.  In part she said,
"Many of my playmates comment that they love your blog because the two of you are Real People. Thank you for being yourselves."
Real People!  Seeing those words really underlines one of the main reasons we write this blog.  We try to present ourselves as perhaps the couple next door who just happens to practice a Female Led Relationship lifestyle (and all the benefits to both of us it provides). 

So sometimes we have dinner at a local restaurant, attend staff meetings (well, maybe not anymore), take our girls for a walk along a local beach or preparing Cora for a 'I look like my dog' photo contest, we do lots of things that 'ordinary people do.  We just do it in the context of our FLR.

So thanks Ms. Dana.  Your comments really inspired us.  As do the comments from everyone.

September 19, 2012

A Stricter Cora? YES

Well, yesterday turned out to be something amazing.  Very amazing.

First I want to thank those of you who left comments regarding our previous post.  Its obvious that these came from the heart and I'll address some of them later.

As I outlined previously, our blog works as a part of our communication tools (but not the only communication tool).  Something I may not have shared is that before I publish a post, I have Cora read through it.  I don't post anything without her approval and this applies to the pictures, too.  After all most of you would probably agree that pictures of here are the best part of the blog.  But she has total editorial control of them.

So naturally I got Cora's attention between having her read Ms. Deirdre's posts and then my own.  Now, we approach life with a sense of humor and try to squeeze as much fun out of life as we can get away with.  Keep that in mind as I share yesterday's events with you.

Needless to say, I got spanked as a result of the yesterday's post.  But not just once.  Not just twice.  Not even three times.  I got spanked FOUR times and each and every one was good and hard.  Talk about 'be careful what you ask for!"  Of course I am not complaining.  On the contrary.  Indeed, I think it was between the second and third spanking that Cora said, "You sure have created a Monster."  I replied, "Dear, I don't think of that way.  Its more the Strict Cora has been released and is now coming out to play."

And play, she certainly did.  My first encounter with Cora's spanking inspiration came in our bedroom.  This was after publishing yesterday's post while we were preparing to go 'out and about'.  "Over the Bed!", she instructed.  "So you don't think I spank you enough!"  Naturally I complied and as I wasn't dressed yet, my bare bottom was at her disposal.  And dispose of it she did.

Cora pulled four of her favorite items from her 'Bedroom Rack', including her Ferule, small paddle, SMTR paddle and one of our Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes.  She went through each one and even used some of them more than once.

Its interesting that this spanking probably induced more pain into my bottom that the others.  Perhaps its because I haven't been spanked much lately.  However, I think that even though she set my bottom on fire, she did hold back a bit.  But, sitting in the driver's seat later certainly reminded me that I had been spanked.

Our first stop was a Pet Shop.  Cora had a coupon for dog food and it turned out it was on sale, too.  We decided to buy two bags but these are rather large and two required the use of a cart.  I fetched the cart and loaded up two bags.  Meanwhile, Cora was checking out the dog treat section and was bent over providing me with a rather delicious view of her Derriere.  Now, I happen to think that Cora's Derriere is one of her best 'assets', especially when she is wearing one of her girdles, and there are plenty of pix that have been posted here that prove my point. 

Well, the temptation was just too great.  I headed towards Cora with the cart with the intent of nudging the seat of her jeans just a little.  What I didn't realize is that the pile of dog food had hidden the bottom part of the cart from my view.  The result was that not only did the cart nudge her Derriere but the bottom part of the cart also came into contact with her ankle.  Naturally, Cora took great exception to my action and informed me that in no uncertain terms that she would "take care of me later".  I almost expected Cora to employ Ms. Deirdre's technique of ear pulling and spank me right there.

It turns out that my last check (yes, I still use old fashioned checks) was used to pay for the dog food.  That required a return home as I needed to write another one later.  Pulling up to our house, Cora rolled down her window in anticipation of me making a short trip into the house to get more checks.  I asked her to come inside with me.

After obtaining another book of checks, I pulled the Spencer Paddle from the rack in our kitchen area and handed it to Cora.  I think twenty-five should take care of it.  "I'll be the one who decides that" she replied.  Of course, who am I to dispute her decision.  So I bent over our table ready to 'pay' for my misbehaviour at the pet store. 

The Spencer Paddle has a characteristic whistle that you can hear just before it impacts its target.  That is if its swung hard enough.  Well I heard the whistle, then 'WHAM'.  I could tell that Cora was definitely stepping up to her new, stricter persona.  And even though I was not bare bottomed, the paddle was definitely doing its job.  Later Cora admitted that she was paddling me harder as she wanted me to feel it even though dressed. 

And feel it, I did.  After the application of 30 swats I certainly felt well paddled.  I imagined it must be like getting a paddling in school from the Female Principal, regretfully, something that never happened to me.

Taking a deep breath I got up and Cora replaced the Spencer Paddle back on Her Rack.  I could tell by the sly smile on her face that she felt pretty good about paddling me good and hard.  Her stricter side coming out!

We returned to the car and finished our shopping excursion, enjoying each other's company and talking about some of the events of the day including the blog post and the two spankings.  Once home, I checked my bottom in one of our mirrors and found that Cora had turned my 'sit-spot' a bright cherry red.  And she had done an amazing job of concentrating her paddle swats in one area.  I was still feeling the effects.

Later in the evening while watching TV, Cora noticed that there was something funny with one of our small fans.  A discussion about the merits of the fan ensued and we found ourselves on opposite sides of why the fan was malfunctioning.  Apparently Cora decided to exercise her new-found strength and suddenly announced, "Get over my lap; you are going to get a spanking!"  This caught me by surprise as I had already been spanked twice before. 

However, who am I do disagree, so over I went.  I wasn't wearing much so it didn't take a large effort for her to bare my bottom.  We were positioned on our couch where of her Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes hangs conveniently close to where Cora was sitting.  She grabbed it and put it to work.

She did alternate between her hand and the hairbrush.  By the way, Cora's hand spankings are getting very effective and have an impact close to that of her hairbrushes.  So I just took a deep breath and tried to relax and endure her third spanking (its a technique that I have found works quite well when I am getting a rather extensive spanking).  Across from our couch are some display cabinets that have glass fronts.  I could see the image of Cora reflected in the glass.  What I saw was Cora raising her hairbrush high over her head.  She was really delivering a hard spanking with her hairbrush.  And it seemed to go on for a long, long time.

By now, I can't remember why I was spanked the fourth time but it was much like the third one.  "Over my lap" followed by another round with her hairbrush.  Not as long as the third one but long enough.

Afterwards I asked how she felt and if she felt sexually aroused.  "I feel 'giddy'; its sort of a spiritual arousal", she replied.  I told her that I definitely felt aroused and asked her if she was OK with that.  "Of course", she replied then followed up that it made her feel proud when I became aroused from her spankings.  However, later that night, I found that her wetness couldn't hide the fact that she, too was aroused.  I very much enjoyed pleasuring her.

This morning we are both basking in the afterglow of the previous day.  Indeed there is a definite 'glow' still radiating from my bottom.  I shared the wonderful comments that some of you left on yesterday's post, with Cora as I was serving her morning coffee.  One of the themes in the comments was whether we should be discussing the nature of our Female Led Relationship privately or openly.  Well, there are some things that we do keep private and may or may not share them at a later time.

However, we find that sharing aspects of our relationship such as was covered in yesterday's and today's posts seems to enhance our relationship.  And we hope it opens dialog between couples that read our blog.  Cora gets the first read of almost everything that is posted with total veto power, should she decide to exercise it.  And I find that often I can provide a much clearer message in my writing than in verbal expression.  Plus I have the ability to edit what I write so that its just what I want to say.  Often that becomes a real luxury.

So thanks, Ms. Deidre, Ron, Respecting Mistress and Alan.  We hope the dialog will continue as the subject of the 'Strictness' seems to be something happening to several of us at the same time.  And as our various relationships experience their normal ebbs and flows, I am sure that its something that will be ongoing.
In the meantime, its delightful to see the Glow in Cora's smile!

September 18, 2012

A Stricter Cora?

Ms. Deirdre of the 'Spanking My Husband' blog just posted something that I found very thought provoking:  Turning Into A Stricter Wife. (Note: Ms. Deirdre has just posted a follow up to this post).

In her post she indicated that both she and her husband, Evan have been very happy in their marriage but that Ms. Deirdre didn't feel as 'Deirdre-Led' as she would have liked over the past few years.  I won't quote her entire post but the bottom line is that she opened up a dialog with her husband.

Communication:  What a Concept!

What she found is that Evan wanted her to be more 'strict' with him and take the leadership role more in their relationship.  Oh, how I identified with them.  Naturally, I shared her post with Cora and mentioned that I thought our relationship is in a similar state. 

A couple of posts ago (August 14, to be exact) I mentioned that I expected Cora was going to deliver a rather intense paddling for my misbehaviour.  Well, that didn't happen.  She did give me an OTK spanking a couple of days ago for something I did but while it did turn my bottom red, it wasn't as intense as I have been feeling the need for. 

So while I feel the relationship between Cora and I keeps getting better than ever, I also feel that its not as 'Cora-Led' as I would like.  I would love her stricter side to come out and believe me, I know there are times I irritate her.  I guess I have to admit, in some cases I may have provoked her to see what she would really do. 

I know that if Cora stepped up her role as my disciplinarian we would both benefit.  Sure, I would suffer a sore bottom more often but I know its something that I need in my life.  I am very attracted to the Dominant Woman in Cora, however she seems to be repressing her inner Domme, at this time.  And I know that she always feels better after delivering a good spanking.  Both as a reduction of stress and perhaps a bit of sexual energy, too.  I know I experience both of these affects.

It is interesting that just this morning I have shared several e-Mails with another husband who has been wanting his wife to become more strict.  I am guessing there are lots of us who are in the same position. 

So how do we accomplish getting our Ladies to be more strict?  Well, in my case, this blog is a major communication tool.  Cora will be reading it and I am sure it will generate lots of dialog between us.  And I have already had her read Ms. Deidre's post. 

September 13, 2012

An Open Request to the 'Tumblr' World

Yes, its been a while since we have posted.  Not much spanking going on.  Instead, we have been working on our yard.  Lots of projects to finish before the onset of the rains.  So, since I have been working hard, Cora has not found reasons to administer her 'famous' discipline.  I am sure there will be more to come and things to share in the future.

In the meantime, we have noticed something rather new in the world of the Internet:  Tumblr.  It appears that Tumblr is mostly a picture sharing system and those who have opened sites seem to pass pictures back and forth.  Lots!

Cora and I have been rather proud of the photos we share with you, here on our blog.  In fact most of the photos that appear are ones that have been taken by us. 

Now we are not naive about posting pictures on the Internet.  We know that once something is posted it belongs to the 'Universe'.  So, its no surprise to see our pictures appear in all kinds of places.  In fact, its rather flattering to see our pictures next to some of the more famous dominant women, some of who are true professionals.

Recently, we have been adding 'watermarks' to our pictures.  Not so much to prevent people from posting them, but so that we get the credit for the picture.  We would like you to know the source of our picture if you see it used elsewhere.  And we keep the watermark outside of the main subject area instead of large letters in the middle of the picture, which we find to be irritating.

So its rather disappointing when someone crops out our watermark.  Here is an example of the original picture that has appeared on Tumbler:
This picture goes back to 2009 and was taken with my first serious digital camera and is still one of my favorite pictures of Cora.  We have enhanced the picture to bring out the highlights.  Our watermark is in the lower left corner and I don't believe it detracts from the overall image of Cora holding her hairbrush.

Below is an image I found on a Tumblr site:
As you can see, its been cropped and the watermark no longer appears.  And terrible change in color balance speaks for itself.

Like I mentioned before, we have no expectation of what happens to our pictures once we post them.  But I would ask those who find them interesting enough to re-post to PLEASE leave the watermark in the picture.