April 29, 2011

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward - Revisited

I got spanked last night.  Paddled actually.  "So what else is new", you're thinking.  Well, its been a while since I have been on the end of a real 'disciplinary' spanking.  But it happened last night.

Cora and I are sort of addicted to the news channels.  (No, not that one).  Well last night, one of our favorites was pre-empted for a special on the Royal Wedding.  (BTW, congratulations to our UK readers!)  This is also the time we usually adjourn to our kitchen where Cora prepares one of her Culinary Wonders of the World.  So, Cora tuned in another program on our little under-the-counter TV to watch while we prepared our evening meal.

The program was one of those 'interview' programs and usually is quite good.  However, last night one of the guests is someone who I consider to be mostly full of hot air.  Lots of hot air.  And while (it turns out) Cora is also not especially fond of this guest, she was more focused on preparing the perfect salmon.

To make a long story short, I decided to leave the kitchen and do something else.  Bad Idea!  I guess my body language was more 'storming out of the kitchen' in nature.  Of course, Cora noticed.  And reacted.

"Get Back In Here", she said.  After a bit of a discussion (well it was really a scolding), I was taken by the arm and bent over the kitchen table.  Cora then grabbed one of her paddles and began demonstrating her ability to 'lay it on'.  She then paused and grabbed the waistband of the pants I was wearing and soon was bent over the table, bare bottomed.  "You are lucky you are not getting what Serving B got from B a while back" she stated.  Cora then proceeded to apply some very intense strokes with one of her paddles.  I am not even sure which one it was.

What Cora applied in intensity, she made up for in brevity.  Thankfully, her paddling was rather short.  But it still left quite a sting in my backside.  And I have to admit, I deserved it.  Reflecting back, I know I had it coming and am thankful that Cora handled it in the way she did. I am also very proud of her.  It was rather perfect.  After the spanking, all was forgiven and we went back to 'normal'.  Although I must admit, I felt very contrite.  Cora even remarked, "Oh that felt so good to me" immediately after paddling me.

Later that night, Cora came to bed and instructed me to 'pleasure' her.  It wasn't a request.  Now, I think most of the men in FLR's will agree that there is nothing better than when your Lady initiates sexual activity.  And last night was no exception for me.  We finished the night like teenagers at a drive in. Then both fell into very deep and satisfying sleep.

Looking back, I can tell that both of us were under lots of stress.  A couple of days ago we purchased a new car (well, not exactly new, but new to us).  And we probably get wrapped up in all the events of the day.  Bottom line is that the safety valve popped.  The good news is that the guidelines of our FLR worked and worked quite well.

In reading many of the blogs written by the men engaged in FLR's, along with some of the Yahoo groups I follow, I know that many of us feel a build up of the need to be spanked.  At times it may seem to reach extreme levels.  Last night was one of those times and not just for me.  Both Cora and I felt a great release of stress and I am convinced that Cora's later arousal was partly due to her enjoyment of applying the paddle to her naughty boy.

Oh, how I love Her!

So, both of us recognize that we need to better communicate when we need to engage in some spanking activities when the stress levels warrant it.  (I wonder if Cora knows I have stashed three pair of her panties?)

April 21, 2011

The Big Paddle

Yesterday, Cora wanted me to take her shopping.  One of the places she wanted to visit was one of those 'crafty' stores.  You, know full of artificial flowers, beading supplies, all kinds of paper and paper things, photograph frames, etc.

Well, I have recently been working on some birch plywood 'Spencer' paddles and thought about using shellac on one instead of the clear acrylic that I have been using.  I think the term, "getting a shellacing" came from shellac being used on paddles in the past.

So while staying out of Cora's way, I did some looking around.  No luck on the shellac.  Finally, one of the store employees asked if I needed help finding something.  I guess she must have noticed my 'lost puppy' look and took pity.  I asked about shellac and told her that I had thoroughly looked in the painter's supply area.  She suggested that I look in another area of the store where there were some wood supplies.  I told her that I knew where that was and thanked her.

Soon, Cora found me.  I mentioned my quest for shellac and she told me she would be happy to follow me to where the wood supplies were located.

Now, I had already perused this area and noticed that there were other wood objects located there.  Like bird houses, and other things along with different sizes of raw wood.  Well, we looked for shellac with no success.

However, Cora immediately noticed something that caught her attention.  On one of the hooks were three HUGE paddles.  That's right paddles.  Of course she had to pick one up.  "Hmm, this has a nice balance", she said.  Now, keep in mind that this paddle is 24 inches long, 5-1/2 inches wide and 5/8 inch thick.  Its made out of pine and weighs a pound and a quarter. 

Balance, indeed!

Well, next I heard her say, "Bend over.  I want to try it out".  It was not a request. 

Bend over I did.  Right in the middle of the aisle.  Cora then applied a swat to my awaiting bottom.  "Thwack".  I could tell this was a serious paddle and hoped that no one heard Cora's well applied swat.  "I think I will buy this", she then announced.  After all it was priced at $6.99!  We made sure it was the best of the three paddles that were on the hook.  Imagine, three of these behemoths for sale in the store.  Now, the perponderance of the customers in the store were women and  I can only imagine that many of these female customers must also be purchasing them.  This certainly supports my claim that FLR is on the rise and more and more male bottoms are getting paddled by their Ladies.

As we walked around the aisle, we encountered the same woman who had suggested I look for shellac where the wood items were located.  "Did you find what you were looking for?", she asked.  Cora immediately spoke up and said, "Well no, but I did find this".  Cora then reached into our basked and pulled out the large paddle then said,  "I think I can make good use of it!".  Cora then complemented her on the stores inventory indicating that, "you have lots of useful items in this store".  The employee blushed noticeably but had a knowing grin, too.

On the trip home, Cora couldn't keep her hands off her new 'tool'.  I thought she was going to make me pull over right then to let her try it out.  When we did get home, of course she did take it for a 'test drive'.  She let me keep my pants up as a bit of protection as she wanted to apply some hard swats.

And hard swats they were.  No doubt this paddle gets your attention.  Its much more 'thuddy' than our other paddles.  Cora then decided she wanted to compare her new Pine Paddle with the old standby, Spencer Paddle.  She proceeded to apply the Spencer Paddle with the same enthusiam as she did with the Pine Paddle.  The 'whoosh' of the Spencer is quite unique and you can only hear it when its applied quite hard.  And hear it I did.  About a dozen times.  I could tell Cora was having some 'fun'.

I remember when I built the 'Rack' for Cora, initially thinking that room for ten implements would be plenty.  Now, with the addition of the two Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes (there isn't room for them in our bedroom rack where there are already three other hairbrushes awaiting their turn) and the Pine Paddle, Cora's 'Rack' is getting a bit crowded.  And as you can tell, the Pine Paddle certainly overwhelms everything else.

As for Cora, I think I must have created a 'monster'.  But a very good monster.  I know that I am one heck of a lucky man to have a Lady like Her in my life.  One that totally fulfills my wants and needs to be part of a Female Led Relationship.  It just keeps getting better and better!  And while I may be having difficulty sitting, at least I will have a smile on my face!

April 11, 2011


Every once in a while we get to celebrate one of those blogging milestones.  Early this morning, probably just before 3:00AM Pacific time, we received our 500,000th page load!  For us its a very exciting moment and we wish to express our thanks to all of you who read and comment on this blog.

We celebrated our year anniversary of the start of this blog last month but were unable to get the counter figured out until April 24.  So that means that we have received over 1/2 million 'hits' in less than a year.  Something that we never expected in a half million years.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you.

Ken and Cora

April 7, 2011

A Meeting With A Special Couple

Well, its been quite a week.  Its taken some time to 'come down' from some of the events.  So now its time for a post about it.

Over the months this blog has been in operation, we have met with many people and couples who we consider close friends and kindred spirits in the FLR world.  However, most are long, long distances away and its not likely that we will have the honor of meeting in person. 

However, recently we met up with another couple who are close by.  After several exchanges of e-Mail, we decided to meet for dinner a while ago and found that we really 'clicked' with this couple, which we will refer to as 'Rose' and her husband.  So, last Saturday evening we invited them to our home. 

That evening was full of Magick of all kinds.  We started with sharing a glass of wine and Cora had prepared one of her famous Hors D'oeuvres spread.  A little later we adjourned to our theater room and enjoyed part of the latest Blu-Ray of the concert from the band Heart (just happens to be from Seattle!).

Of course the evening was filled with discussion of FLR related items too.  Its hard to ignore 'Cora's Rack' with all the wonderful tools on display.  And that night, Cora placed our newly acquired pair of Nu-West/Leda Hairbrushes on her 'Rack' in addition to all Her other Tools.

So it was no surprise that Rose and Cora conspired to administer a 'double lap' Hairbrush spanking to both me and Rose's husband.  Two chairs were strategically set up and soon my bottom was bared and over I went.  Both Ladies were wearing 'real' nylon stockings.  You know, the ones held up by garters.  And both were wearing high heels.  Going over those four nylon clad thighs was ... well, you know!  And once I was over the two laps, I had a view of four high heels that was spectacular.

Soon, I felt the impact of both Hairbrushes on my unprotected bottom.  Wow, it was intense.  The spanks from two Hairbrushes rained down and lit up my bottom.  Both of these Ladies were applying strokes of about equal intensity and I soon lost track of who was on the right and who was on the left side.

Soon, Rose's husband took my place.  I was amazed as I watch him take his turn over these two laps and I got to see his bottom change from pale white to bright red.  It was amazing to watch these two Ladies apply their discipline to him as this is a point of view I am not usually able to watch.  Wow.

Later, Cora demonstrated to Rose her techniques with the Spencer Paddle.  I was bent over the back of a chair and Cora started her demonstration.  Needless to say, getting a paddling with a Spencer Paddle is quite an experience.  Plus, I am sure that Cora probably wanted to 'show off' her technique and was applying strokes somewhat harder that she sometimes does when we are by ourselves.  In no time I found myself in that wonderful place we call 'the zone'.  Soon Rose had her turn with the paddle and not only did I get my fantasy of getting a 'double lap' spanking but was paddled by two beautiful Ladies.

I wish I had some pictures from the events of Saturday night but I think picture taking would have been a distraction.  So, I have used some of our 'stock' pictures of my wonderful Lady, Cora.  And I love her so much for feeling comfortable enough to participate with another couple.