July 22, 2011

Cora's New Girdle, and a Spanking

Its been a while since our last post.  No excuses but not much has been happening in our lives that relate to our FLR.  We have been occupied by yard work, planting a new garden and organizing our movie and CD collection.  Pretty boring.

However, today we had several appointments and spent several hours 'out and about'.  Before leaving, Cora decided to try a new girdle.  Actually its what is known as an 'All-In-One' as it includes a bra.  However, this All-In-One is different than the ones she usually wears as it doesn't have long legs.  Thus the garters that hold up her stockings aren't covered up by the cuff of her Panty Girdle.

She wore this All-In-One under a pair of tight jeans.  And the Garter Bumps showed off nicely.  Very nicely.  There is just something sexy about a woman showing off Garter Bumps and its something that you don't see much any more.

Cora likes to dress up when we go out and very often wears girdles, stockings and heels.  It makes her feel sexy and powerful.  I could not resist and when we returned home, grabbed the camera and shot a few pix of her on our sunlit deck.  The lighting nicely showed off her Garter Bumps.

After we came inside, I couldn't resist.  She took off her jeans and blouse and the sight of her in her All-In-One was too much.  I asked her to take me over her knee and spank me.  Of course 'you-know-what' went 'you-know-where'.  It was very sensual.  For both of us.  Needless to say, Cora also felt in the 'mood' too and began spanking me with her hand.

If you follow this blog, you know that music plays a major part of our lifestyle.  Well, the Door's 'LA Woman' was playing.  Cora immediately got into sync with the music.  If you are familiar with this song, there is a part where the temp slows (Mr. Mojo Rising, ....).  The tempo gradually picks up and I found myself feeling Cora's hairbrush's stings building along with the tempo of the song.  When the tempo returned to the faster pace, Cora was paddling me quite hard along with it.  Ouch!  (But it felt soooo good!)

Needless to say, the lovemaking that followed was awesome.  I love this Woman so much and I especially love it when she gathers up her power and expresses it in her sexuality.