January 4, 2015


Where did the time go?  Its the fourth of January and holidays have come and gone.  We will be running our 38th and last Holiday Light show tonight.  Tomorrow will begin the task of taking everything down and storing it for next year.  :-(

The good news is that our focus can change back to that 'FLR thing'.  I must say I've missed having my bottom kept in a state of glowing.  However, I did celebrate a birthday a few days ago and Cora gave me quite a birthday present!

That morning she said, "Pick out several WAD's you would like me to use and a little later I'll take care of you".  Of course WAD's refers to our 'Weapons of Ass Destruction'.  So, I got out a tray and assembled her favorite Ebony Hairbrush, one of our OTK Spanking Paddles and the full sized Spencer Paddle.

The last photo in our previous post showed Cora wearing her harness with a rather large 'tool' displayed.  Some of you didn't miss it and there were a few comments made.  And while we haven't engaged in 'pegging' all that much, its something that I find rather erotic.  The thought of Cora 'taking me' really tingles my submissive erotic buttons.

So, what the heck!  I gathered Cora's harness ('Joque' from Spare Parts), along with two of her 'tools'. After all, aren't they WAD's too? When Cora saw the assortment, she laughed out loud.  I'm sure the appearance of her pegging equipment was a surprise to her.  But she indicated that she wouldn't disappoint me.  Hey, its my birthday, after all.

After a while I was summoned to our bedroom.  She sat on our bed and took me across her left knee, one of her favorite positions.  Music was playing and soon she was keeping up with the beat with her Ebony Hairbrush and her OTK Spanking paddle.  She likes the variety.  Naturally, I was feeling the heat but rather enjoying getting spanked by her.  If I remember correct she was wearing tight leggings and I was holding on the her hips and rather enjoying the touch.  It was almost like the feeling of a tight girdle.

After three or four songs, she had me get up.  "We'll get to the other things later", she said.  And later she did just that.  "Do you want to mess around, a little", she asked.  Of course you can guess my answer.

It takes a bit of preparation to get everything set up for a proper pegging.  So we combined efforts in the mundane part of getting things ready. Cora mounted the purple tool into her harness (I'm not quite ready for the largest one, the Tantus O2 on the far right) and also prepared the red tool. This would be the first time for one of the larger tools so we decided that it would be a good idea to start with something not quite so big.

Then she decided that I needed a bit of a warm up to re-kindle the heat in the seat.  I'm sure she wanted to feel the warmth radiating from my just-spanked bottom as she thrust her hips. Not going into the graphic details let me just say that once she had me opened up with the smaller tool, she set out to penetrate me with the larger one.  Surrendering to her in this manner was very erotic experience.  I think she enjoyed the feeling of power, too.

So, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your celebration was as exciting as mine was.