February 14, 2016

Hot Off the Press!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day.  I got Cora some of her favorite daffodils and I received a nice Valentine from her: Heart Shaped, pale at first but very red later, thanks to several of the paddles on her rack including her reddish PurpleHeart paddle.
One of Cora's Favorite Paddles: Her PurpleHeart

One of my many pastimes is I enjoy is reading.  Some of my favorite authors include Michael Crichton, Dan Brown.  I also read lots of technical items such as documentation I use in designing and configuring our Holiday Light Show.

However, I probably spend even more time reading erotic stories, especially stories that involved women spanking men.  I've even had two of my own stories published on the Library of Spanking Fiction.  There is a link to the LSF on the right side of this blog.

Well, a few days ago I received an e-Mail from Lucy Appleby announcing her new e-Book, 'Disciplined by His Landlady'.  Ms. Appleby is otherwise known as Flopsybunny on the Library of Spanking Fiction and is one of the founders.  She has written hundreds of stories many of which are oriented toward F/M subject matter which I have spent many enjoyable hours reading.  She asked me if I'd share the release of this book with our readers, so here it is:

and a link if you are like me and like this kind of story:

I've read part of this e-Book and am looking forward to reading more.  Stories about female teachers, female principals, female bosses, have always held an interest for me and a female landlord fits right in to the kinds of things I like.  Oh and I don't want to leave out the main authoritative woman in my life, Cora.  Ms. Appleby's book sounds like it will be very interesting  and I'm looking forward to further reading.

Another recent publication is Scarlett Hill Enterprises, No Nonsense Ladies #59.  I've posted information about SHE in previous posts, especially about NNL #58 in which Cora and I were featured.  I've read a few pages of NNL #59 and it, too has been a fun read.  The publications from SHE really hit my sweet spot (perhaps in more ways than one).

Please note that we don't receive any compensation for our endorsements but I wanted to share the kinds of things I think are relevant to our blog and FLR community.