May 14, 2019

Its Been a While

Yes, we've been 'dormant' for over two years.  Its been a rather frustrating time and I'm not going to go into details.  Just know that we're still here and for the most part doing fine.

I still enjoy reading and the subject matter includes things relating to our FLR lifestyle.  Yesterday I decided to purchase a couple of items from Scarlett Hill Enterprises.  They publish e-Zines that deal with Women-Spanking-Men subject matter.  We've written about them in the past and my connection goes back to when they were publishing with paper.

So, it was amazing when I opened up the latest 'Spank-Happy Wives' (issue number 8) and found two photos of Cora and I!  The photos were of Cora and I at our wedding and were being used to illustrate one of the letters that had been submitted to Barbara, one of the editors at S.H.E.

The above two photos appeared with the following caption:

"We couldn't ask for or come up with any better illustrations to enhance this letter then these heart & seat warming snaps from the ceremony that united our dear friends Lady Cora and her couldn't be spank-happier spouse in the bonds of marriage & world of blogging about it before the demands of doing so rendered dormant."

Needless to say, we are very flattered by the kind words from S.H.E.  I later corresponded with Barbara and she graciously granted permission to use anything from them in our blog.

We're not sure how often we'll post in the future but we couldn't resist sharing the results of the kindness of the publishers at S.H.E.