March 27, 2011

Inside the Mind of Cora

Besides having fun spanking me, Cora does have other interests. One of those interests is collecting dolls. She has a nice collection and I have made a display case that nicely shows them off with glass shelves, glass doors and lights installed that showcases them quite nicely (even if I say so, myself).

Yesterday, while we were out and about, Cora asked if we could visit the local antique mall. And besides finding collectible hairbrushes, we often find dolls for Cora to add to her collection. Often we find ones in 'mint' condition and at reasonable prices.

Well, yesterday was no exception. Cora spotted a Snow White doll from the Madame Alexander collection. She was thinking to herself how a set of the Seven Dwarfs would enhance it. Then, upon checking another shelf, there they were! In this case the Seven Dwarfs were paired with another Snow White from the Barbie collection. Oh and Ken (no relation) was portrayed in the role of 'Prince Charming'. (Like I said, no relation).

When we got home, Cora immediately set up a display of the Seven Dwarfs with the Madame Alexander Snow White. What to do with the Barbie and Ken pair. Well, Cora (on her own ... really!) set them up as shown in the picture shown above.

I love the way her mind works. But now I wish that the 'Prince Charming' Ken wasn't the only 'Ken' being spanked!

March 21, 2011

Nu-West/Leda: Hairbrushes and an Announcement

Can a Disciplinarian Woman have Too Many Hairbrushes??

In our post of March 15 we spoke of the limited availability of the classic Nu-West/Leda hairbrush and also that we were going to order two of them.  Well, they arrived in Saturday's mail.  And wow, these are serious hairbrushes, indeed!  Cora decided to take one for a 'test drive' and they deliver quite an impact.
These two Hairbrushes are slightly different from our original one.  They are slightly longer and over 1/2 oz. heavier.  And that extra weight and length really account for one heck of a stinging smack.  Ouch!  I wonder what a serious spanking will be like from one.  And even though I still have that fantasy of a double lap spanking, it will certainly be a sizzling experience.

The pictures show Cora proudly showing you her new found 'tools'.  I think she let out a bit of a 'yelp' in the process of testing it on her own palm.  She really likes the balance and overall feel.  Of course the feel from my point of view is considerably different!  Oh, and upon my last check, it appears these Hairbrushes are still available.
Nu-West/Leda News

I sent Ed Lee a note upon receiving the Hairbrushes thanking him for making them available.  In one of his replies he provided a couple pieces of information.  Next month he will be releasing a Rework of an Original Female/Male Spanking Comic first produced by Nu-West/Leda in the 1980's:

'A Visit to Aunt Rita’s'.
If you remember some of the 'Spanking Comics' from the 1980's you will remember some nicely done stories that were not only well done but rather hot, too.  My collection includes one or two of these publications from this era and will be looking forward to adding the new ones.  They will feature fantasy artwork by a new artist.  And Ed indicates in addition to being available direct from Nu-West/Leda, they can also be obtained from Barnes and Nobel or Amazon.  I guess we have really become mainstream!  And it sounds like the coffee table book on Leda Ladies will become available soon, too.

And finally, he also provided a pic of one of my favorite Leda Ladies, Vanna.  Here she is ready to take a naughty boy over her lap, having pulled up her skirt to reveal those oh, so sexy, nylon clad legs.

March 19, 2011

Cora's Personality

I recently received an e-Mail from our good friends at the 'Our Bottoms Burn' blog.  Bogey (the male half of the couple) remarked that many of the pix of Cora depict her scolding and couldn't we post some pix of her smiling.  If you read their blog you know that they aren't exactly in a FLR but the certainly enjoy the spanking scene.

Its interesting that I had thought of the same thing before receiving his e-Mail.  Now in our defense, there is something rather titillating about being scolded during a spanking and Cora has a knack displaying her scolding persona during a photo shoot.  I know that many of you who follow this blog know what I mean.  Its amazing to watch her acting abilities in action.

However, 99.9% of the time, Cora is a happy and satisfied Lady and portrays a disarming smile.  So here are a few photos of Cora's smiling side, the one I usually see.  But she can still get my attention with that Hairbrush she is holding!

But all things considered, I know I am a very lucky man to have this lovely Lady in my life.  Lucky, indeed!  And my thanks to Bogey for pointing out something that I will pay attention to in the future.

March 17, 2011

Defending our FLR

One of the blogs I follow is, "Husband in Check" in which Dana describes his own Female Led Relationship with his Lady.  Dana is one of the fellow bloggers I correspond with on occasion.  A couple of days ago, he published a particularly interesting post.  He described a scenario where his Lady and the wife of another couple had set up a proposed shopping trip to an Antique Mall.  It turned out that the wife was 'required' to 'ask permission' before she could go.  Of course, Dana's wife didn't need to ask permission but the husband questioned Dana as to whether his Wife needed to request permission, too.

Rather than completely repeat Dana's well written post, I would suggest you check out his blog.  There is a direct link under the 'Blogs I Follow' area.  But the bottom line is that Dana did not back down when confronted by the husband regarding Dana's Lady being 'in charge' and not having to ask permission for anything.  Later, in an exchange of comments, Dana stated that this turned out to be a 'WOW' moment and his Lady "told me that she couldn't love me anymore than she did at that moment".  Dana further explained that it took him a second or two to respond but that he would have been very disappointed in himself if he had not done so.  I applaud Dana in his being true to himself!

So, Dana, Well Done!  And its nice to know that there are so many other couples like us (and quite a few men who would like to be in our position).  And while some couples keep their relationship style a deep secret, its good to see some of us become comfortable enough to 'come out of the closet'.

Female Led Relationships may be unusual but we are certainly not abnormal.  And the kind comments from our previous post demonstrate how we all benefit by sharing with each other.

I hope Dana's Wife rewarded his actions with a 'good boy' spanking.  I so love it when Cora does rewards me.  And I am proud to say I got one just yesterday and there is still a bit of a tingle remaining.

March 15, 2011

The FLR Community

One of the unexpected benefits of opening this blog over a year ago was connecting with so many others who practice a Female Led Relationship and all that goes with it.  I have been blessed with comments from so many of you and have even struck up friendships as a result.

One of those friendships has been with Serving B and his Magnificent Lady, B.  I am sure most of you are familiar with their blog.  We have communicated back and forth and we have even had a phone call or two.  Well, like so many of you, they have had fun with some of our 'Discipline Forms', both the Notice and Request.

Well, it seems that the clever Mistress B utilized the form to inform Serving B of her intentions to record one of their sessions 'For My Boys Out There'.  She went on to say that she wanted us to see that 'I mean Business When We Have a Session'. B and Serving B graciously shared a copy of the form which is shown above. The result was those wonderful videos that they posted on their blog.  If you haven't already seen them I would suggest you check out their blog.  The videos are wonderful!  You have to scroll back to their post of February 17 and the series continues through February 22.  And of note is that these videos were taken under candle light!  Their videos were an inspiration and our first one was included in our previous post.

And recently we had contact with another FLR couple.  However, in this case they live very close to us.  So last Sunday we met for dinner.  The conversation was wonderful and it was obvious that we experienced an immediate connection.  So we invited them over after dinner.  Of course, we had fun sharing 'Cora's Rack'.  We also shared a 'sneak preview' of a video we had just made a couple of days ago.  I am sure we will be spending time with this couple and who knows, I may get my wish of a 'Double Lap' spanking.  After all the two (hopefully matching) NuWest/Leda hairbrushes are probably only a few days from arriving.

I have attached a few 'Video Snapshots' of the video we took a couple of days ago.  I am not sure if we will post the actual video, (we both think that we can produce something better) but thought we'd share some of the pix from the shoot.  I think you will agree that Cora's 'Starlet Personna' really comes through.

So here she is scolding me.

A hand spanking.

And here she is with her 'famous' hairbrush.

March 6, 2011

The Ubiquitous Hairbrush - Revisited (and our first Video!)

Our previous post about hairbrush resulted in lots of comments.  Its obvious that this particular 'tool' is VERY popular.  For both the Ladies who spank and the men who receive the spankings.

So it should be no surprise that when Cora and I recently visited a local 'Antique Mall', we kept our eye out for traditional hairbrushes; you know, the ones that can be used by our Ladies for purposes other than brushing their hair.

Well, we found the really cool hairbrush.  It looks like its made out of some kind of plastic.  We have no idea how old it is but probably from the 1950's.  Its smaller in size and weight from our favorite Nu-West/Leda hairbrush, however a 'test drive' showed it to be quite effective in disciplining a naughty bottom.

Naturally, we purchased it.  During the check out I remarked to the saleslady, "Every Woman should have a hairbrush, don't you think?".  I don't know if she got the connection, but she did reply with approval.

So now Cora has added another hairbrush to her growing collection.  And here is our first video of Cora showing off her newly found treasure:

And our Thanks to B and Serving B, who inspired us to do our own video after seeing theirs.

Nu-West/Leda Hairbrushes

Funny thing.  I visited the Nu-West/Leda site on Friday.  There was an amazing announcement:  They have found several boxes of their hairbrushes.  Apparently they were hidden away somewhere in their warehouse and only recently found.

So, here is your chance.  Our opinion is that they are absolutely the best hairbrush we have ever seen (or in my case, felt). They are small enough to be perfect for those over-the-knee discipline sessions but heavy enough to blister a naughty boy's bottom. If you visit the Nu-West/Leda site you should have no problem finding how to get one. Tell 'em Ken and Cora sent you.

And while Cora is having fun with her new hairbrush, her Nu-West/Leda hairbrush will be her Number 1.  After all, its the hairbrush Cora is holding in our opening picture.