July 4, 2015

Just Released - Spank-Happy Wives #4

And it features us.  Again!

The Cover of Scarlett Hill Enterprises' Latest e-Zine

Just a few days ago I received an e-Mail from our very good friend, Barbara of Scarlet Hill Enterprises.  She attached a copy of their latest e-Zine, Spank-Happy Wives #4.  And much to our delight Cora and I were featured twice!

It was back in February that No Nonsense Ladies #58 was issued with a feature on us.  What a thrill to be the focus of one of my favorite publishers.  Well, it was just as much of a thrill (and an honor) to find a photo of us on page three along with a photo from Aunt Kay's Disciplinary Wives' Club and also a photo from Deidre and Evan's blog.  We've made reference to the DWC many times and I have quoted Ms. Deidre often, too.

Us on Page 3.  Yes, that's really me!

Then on page 12 we found a full page dedicated to us.  Woo Hoo!!  Barbara, we can't thank you enough making our little blog a part of your publication.

As Seen in Spank-Happy Wives #4, Page 12

Oh, and as usual, the e-Zine is filled with lots and lots of great stories featuring wives who hold their naughty husbands accountable by spanking them.  I have consumed a little over half of the 48 pages and have found the stories riveting.  Naturally, we highly recommend this and Scarlett Hill Enterprise's many other publications.  I have mentioned that my first exposure to these fine publications was when they were being sold in print format back in the early 1990's, and they are every bit as good now as then.

One of Cora's Favorites: Her OTK Spanking Paddle

So, yes its been a while since our last post.  We're still here and I still get spanked.  In fact just a few minutes ago I placed my blue pantie clad bottom over Cora's lap as she was sitting on our couch.  She took the hint and grabbed her OTK Spanking Paddle and went to work.  I still feel the tingle and I'm sure she turned my bottom a nice shade of red, appropriate for today's holiday.

A scene similar to about an hour ago except the panties were blue

So, where was her Ebony Hairbrushes?  Well all five of them (yes, all five!) were staged together on her Spanking Chair, but out of reach.  Why all five staged together?  Well, we have been wanting to do a feature on them.  Something like, "Can a woman have too many hairbrushes?".

As Rachael says, "Watch this Space".