July 30, 2012

Fun and Games at the Grocery Store

Well, its been a while since we have posted.  Not going to make excuses but summertime things have been happening.  We even represented a club we belong to in a local parade.  Cora (now the Parade Queen she has always wanted to be) rode the back deck of our '93 Corvette and attracted lots of attention rockin' out wearing a short, tight skirt.  It was really a fun time but took quite a bit of time and effort getting things ready.

Saturday, we went shopping at our local grocery store.  As most of you know, Cora and I love to have fun while doing these kinds of 'mundane' things and that day was no exception.

So, while in one of the aisles, Cora was concentrating on an item and I was waiting to push the cart to her location.  There was another woman also in the aisle and I politely passed by her, trying not to interfere with her.  On my right were some pet items.  Included on the shelf were some of those 'squeaker' toys.  And I couldn't resist.

I grabbed one of them and gave it a couple of squeezes.  The result was two rather loud squeaks.  Louder that even I expected.  Both Cora and the other woman let out a shriek and jumped. 

Now I had no intent to startle anyone but that's what happened.  From the look on Cora's face, I know I was in a bit of trouble.  "I'll take care of him later", she said to the other woman, who fired back a look of knowing appreciation.  I think she knew I would be spanked.

And spanked I was.  Not immediately but this morning.  (Cora often seems to like to put off her 'duties' until she is totally prepared to administer a dose of her discipline to me.)  I had served her morning coffee as the 'Bare Bottomed Barista' and as Ms. Julie commented on the previous post, "Leaving a bare bottom out in the open in front of a domme woman? Well that's like honey to bees, and they both sting!"  So true, Ms. Julie, so true.

A few minutes later, Cora beckoned me to where she was sitting and took me over her lap.  She had already grabbed her handy hairbrush and then began my punishment.  It was much like the spankings Cora has given me while in that position, so I won't go into the details.

Partway through my spanking, I asked her, "Is this for what happened at the grocery store last Saturday?"  Cora responded, "Yes and for other things too!"  We both laughed and Cora continued spanking me.

Afterwards, I checked myself out in our full length mirror.  I can assure you that Cora had spanked me quite thoroughly.  But then you already knew that.

July 8, 2012

Bare Bottomed Barista - Revisited

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle and while the rest of the continent has been baking with the affects of global warming, there hasn't been much warming here - both weather and my bottom.

Well that changed, today.  The weather is expected to top 80 (that's too hot for a native of the PNW) and I am sitting rather uncomfortably, due to Cora warming my own bottom.

Last February we described how I prepare coffee drinks for Cora in the morning.  This is a daily ritual and today was no exception.  However due to it already being warm, I put on my 'barista' apron with nothing underneath.  The result is my bottom cheeks are quite on display. 

While in the process of making Cora's coffee, she came up behind me and said, "I can't resist that!" and gave me a couple of swats on my exposed bare bottom.  Nothing too hard and it was just her palm.  However it did leave me with a slight 'glow' and definitely wanting more.

So, after Cora had consumed most of her coffee, I decided to plop myself over her lap.  Keep in mind I was still wearing just my apron and my bare bottom was nicely position for Cora to do as she wanted. 

Naturally, she spanked me.  First with just her hand, then she reached for her hairbrush (now conveniently placed so that she can reach it without getting up) and proceeded to 'lay it on'.  The result:  Something similar to last February's 'Bare Bottomed Barista' adventure.

Forecast for Today:  Warm and getting warmer!

A Post Script:

Well after getting my bottom nicely reddened by Cora earlier this morning, she sent me to the grocery store for a couple of items.  Turns out she had repeated herself about the brand of the Barbeque sauce I was to include in my shopping.  In fact it was me who turned her onto this brand which we have been using for quite some time.

Well, she took issue to my reply and soon I found myself bent over our kitchen table.  Cora then grabbed her Spencer Paddle off the rack and gave me about two dozen very hard swats.  Then off I went with a re-spanked bottom that by now was really feeling the affects of Cora's Spencer paddle.

Funny thing, the guy who was at the checkstand was named 'Spencer'.